Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks


Lana Jewelry Blake Necklace - 364.90

This is a little embarrassing.  S. and I discussed a top-five list from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview, and as I poured over the catalog, I just.  Couldn't.  Stop.  Which isn't really news, since this is the sale, all year long, that I truly look forward to. 

Fall is all about the details: texture, pattern and rich, saturated colors.  And as usual, Nordstrom doesn't hold out for the Anniversary sale–everything is spot on.  Well played, Nordies.  Well played (again). 

So. . . this list is well over 10.  We're especially loving short booties, fancy pants, textured accessories and more affordable splurge items for the kiddos.  Make the jump to take a peek at our picks! 

The Jewelry Splurge
I'm sorry.  I just had to start with this yummy Lana Jewelry petite Blake lariat disc necklace.  It is not currently available.  I don't know if it's already sold out through the pre-sale, if it's coming back, or what, but I am hooked on it.  So sexy.  So delicate.  Although it's a pretty big splurge at $365 (from $550), it's definitely a piece worthy of an anniversary, birthday or stowed for the holidays.  Love.  Love.  Love.

Fancy Pants
As you may know, I am quite fond of the fancy pant, and the Nordies sale has them in spades.  In short, fancy pants are instant-interest and just as functional as plain doldrums denim.  Here are three dynamite options.  From left:

– Paige Black Label Edgerton Plaid Moto Pants ($179.90 from $299)

– Rich & Skinny Legacy jeans in houndstooth ($99 from $165)

– Free People skinny cords in Sangria ($44.90 from $68) 

I adore them all.  I plan on grabbing one or the other of the plaid or houndstooth.  The moto details-meets-hunting-lodge feel of the Paige pants make my heart flutter, but I love the price point of the Rich & Skinny denim.  Pair them with anything from slouchy tees a chunky sweater or a sequined tank, flats, short boots or killer heels and cropped jackets.  I quite like the bright pop of tangerine with the plaid and I'm tempted by the Trouve tape yarn sweater ($58.90) they've styled with the Rich & Skinny black hounsdtooth denim (though I'd wear it with the cords), too.   The cords are a total no-brainer, obvs.

Paige Black Label Edgerton Plaid Moto Pants - 179.90  Trouve Tape Yarn Sweater and Rich Skinny Houndstooth Jeans - 58.90 and 99.90  Free People Skinny Cords - 44.90

SHOES, Mamas!  Shoes!
And now for shoes.  Mamas, do I loooove the Nordstrom shoe department, and come sale time, they always have fab mark downs.  I think nearly my entire shoe wardrobe (or my favs at least) are populated by Anniversary Sale finds.  Boots have gone from knee-high to ankle-short and detailed this year, and we're loving the freshness of it.  From left:

– Give me some tassels, and I'll shoe you some spring in my step, even when I'm running on 5 hours of sleep.  For your consideration: I present these de-lish ALDO Fastrost booties ($86.90) 

– Again, I'm torn.  Love the tassels, love the ALDO price point, but I'm thinking I may have a Cost Per Wear (CPW) argument for the Donald J. Pilner Danee boots ($229.90) as they can be worn flipped up or down

– These DV by Dolce Vita flats may not look like much, but the cut of this loafer is a breath of fresh air after all these ballet flats and this photo doesn't do justice to the contrasting sole 

ALDO Fastrost Boot - 86.90  Donald J Pilner Danee Boot - 229.90  DV by Dolce Vita Flat - 52.90

Decadence Under $40.  Yes, Really.
And if you have $40 or less to spend, try these indulgent but more frugal picks (from left):

– The Dior Vernis Les Violets Hypnotiques Nail Lacquer trio (Poison, Orchid–my fav–and Shadow – $23.90) are to die for

– This Frenchi Jacquard jacket ($37.90) has a distinctly Chanel feel, at roughly 99.99% off

The Halogen Chalis Houndstooth Scarf ($37.90) will infuse your fall wardrobe with the season's polished but outdoorsy style and act as a nursing cover and/or shawl (yes, they're back)

– Hanky Panky stretch lace panties, mamas!  $14 or 4 for $52 down from $23 each.  ANMJ reader Jamie SWEARS by the retro high waist thong:

"It is sexy, has no VPL, but also has a high waist that slims without being a shaper.  I like the traditional Hanky Panky, but it, like most undies, sits right under my problem pooch and seems to draw attention to the least sexy part of my mom body.  The high waist masks the problem area without looking like some horrible piece of grandma underwear that you're embarrased to admit you actually paid money for.  Plus, my husband likes it."

Nice!  Thanks, Jamie.  Great find!

Dior Vernis Les Violets Hypnotiques Nail Lacquer Poison Orchid Shadow - 23.90  Frenchi Jacquaard Jacket - 37.90  Haloogen Chalis Houndstooth Scarf - 37.90  _6795157

Pretty Much Affordable Splurges for the Babes . . .
– If I had three daughters instead of three boys (or, who am I kidding, maybe if I had just one daughter), I would snatch up these cah-razy, flippin' adorable Frye Melissa Button shorties for my baby gal faster than a stage mom can grit "smile" through her teeth.  But at $69.90, I'm still thinking I'd like to have more than one babe to pass those on to (CPW baby style, ladies).  I'm also hoping they're on sale in the women's shoe department. 

– I love kids Joes Jeans, but I hate the price.  Except from July 20 through August 4th.  They're $31.90. 

– And Splendid?  For babes?  Softness and washability meets high, comfy baby style.  Can't be beat, except that what you see here is a $70 jumper, unless you get it at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for $39.90.  Perfecto for showers and fall/winter babies.       

Girls Fry Melissa Button Boot - 69.90  Kids Joes Jeans - 31.90  Splendid Thermal Rompers - 39.90

See why ANMJ loves Nordies so very, very much?  They are good to us, Mamas.  Very good to us.

– M.