Our NSale Try-Ons Have Started! (Here’s A Sneak Peek At Shana’s)


This is *not* my only try-on article for the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This is not, ya know, my usual Big One. I’m still working on that one — it’ll be coming out tonight. Fingers crossed it’ll be out in a few hours, but worst case, we’ll drop it right before Ambassador shopping starts at midnight, so check back.

The biggest difference between when I first started this nonsense all those years ago in a Nordstrom dressing room and now…is our team. We’ve somehow grown into an actual company, with full-time employees and everything, and I can’t say enough good things about them. And one of the (many) benefits is that we’re now able to pull together — in short order — this sneak peek of some of our NSale favorites so far.

OK. I’m turning this over to them, guys. Stay tuned for more.

(And don’t forget to head over to our Guide to the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s has all of our content nicely organized, and everything you need to know about the sale. Or if you’re interested in our absolute top picks, head over to our NSale cheat sheet.)



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023 Sneak Peek: Shana’s Try-On & Top Picks

First of all, let’s clear up Shana’s jeans before it becomes confusing: In some of the photos, Shana’s wearing her old Veronica Beard Taylor flares from last year’s NSale (think: “hemmed” with scissors & a lighter wash). In others…she’s wearing this year’s Veronica Beard Taylor flare jeans — happily, also in the NSale! For ease, we’re linking both up to this year’s pair (last year’s is long gone).

Her sneakers are her beloved Adidas Gazelle Bold sneakers (not in the sale), but she did grab Linzi’s Veronica Beard clogs for a couple photos too. Linz has owned hers for years (they’re much comfier than they look), and we couldn’t be more thrilled that they’re in this year’s sale, as well. (S is going for the dark denim color for those double-denim moments.)

Ok! Let’s get into it!

1. Top 5 NSale Finds

If you’re looking for a quick-and-dirty roundup of faves, this Top 5 List is your best bet. Here’s the fastest sneak peek of S’s winners. Buckle up.

A. FRAME Corset Top + Rag & Bone Denim Skirt

This FRAME corset top is the sleeper hit of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. + that rag & bone denim skirt does not disappoint.

Top (S) | Skirt (26)

This sleeveless FRAME top is the sleeper hit of the sale. It’s mostly cotton with a tiiiny bit of stretch and really cool corset details (without being constricting). S loved it. And the rag & bone skirt we all had high hopes for does NOT disappoint. Runs big, tho (S sized down).

B. Vince Bouclé Wool-&-Cashmere Cardigan Coat

Shana kiiinda hates cardigans, so this Vince wool-&-cashmere coatigan being in her top 5 is a big deal.

Coat (XS) | Jeans (26)

Shana kiiiind of hates cardigans (albeit there are some exceptions), so this Vince coatigan being in the Top 5 is a big deal. Technically, this masterpiece is a “cardigan coat” due to its thick and tweedy wool-&-cashmere makeup, so it definitely works as more of an outer layer.

C. Nordstrom Signature Wool-&-Cashmere Long Coat

Nordstrom Signature's long coat has a touch of an effortless menswear vibe.

Coat (XS) | Jeans (26)

We thought that Nordstrom Signature’s long coat was going to be a winner pretty much as soon as the preview dropped…and it totally lives up to the (team-wide) expectations. Another wool-and-cashmere piece with a touch of an effortless menswear vibe.

D. Frank & Eileen Funnel Capelet + Cotton Drawstring Skirt

The long cotton skirt & capelet are from Frank & Eileen's epic triple-fleece line, & we LOVE the color in person.

Capelet (OS) | Skirt (L)

Did anyone else benefit from the liiiiitle glitch in Nordstrom’s system? For the first few minutes of the Preview period, the Nordstrom website was allowing NSale products to be purchased. Most of us did NOT clue in before Nordstrom shut it down, but Scotti and Linzi managed to sneak in an order. So as soon as Linzi’s box showed up…guess who opened it?

The terry skirt and funnel-neck caplet are from Frank & Eileen’s absolutely epic triple-fleece line, and we LOVE the color in person. (Nordstrom makes it look much more pink than it is.)

E. Frank & Eileen Capelet Hoodie + Crop Wide-Leg Sweatpants

The Frank & Eileen capelet hoodie & wide-leg sweatpants make the best travel outfit.

Hoodie (XS) | Sweatpants (S)

This set is also from Frank & Eileen’s triple-fleece line, and this is the set that both S and Linzi swear by for travel (and everything else too). The wide-leg sweatpants are really chic in person, and they never stretch out or look baggy, plus that hoodie is very cozy. This color seems to be exclusive to the NSale too.

2. The Best Pants In The NSale

K, we actually narrowed this list down to the Top 2 Pants. That’s how you know it’s real.

A. Veronica Beard High-Waist Cotton Flare Pants

Veronica Beards' cotton high-waisted flare pants are perfect for the office — lightweight & not to serious.

Pants (27) | Top (s)

If you’re sick of jeans, or you need lightweight black pants that aren’t too serious: these Veronica Beard pants. There’s a slight flare, knotted fabric belt (removable, of course), high waist and lots of drape. Never thought black pants could be this…playful?

B. Vince Wide-Leg Pants

These wide-leg pants from Vince are the perfect crossover between sturdy trousers & soft, stretchy goodness.

Pants (6) | Top (S)

These wide-leg pants by Vince are the perfect crossover between sturdy trousers and soft, stretchy goodness. Apparently that exists now. (Office-wear dreams have come true, everyone.)

3. Perfect Fall Sweaters

We’re tough sweater critics here, and we like to keep it that way. S is our ringleader, of course, so you know she’s the one to trust.

A. Rag & Bone Whipstitch Detail Mock-Neck Sweater

Rag & bone's mock-neck sweater gives off total cool-girl vibes. Look at that whipstich rib & contrast hem.

Sweater (S) | Skirt (26)

This rag & bone sweater gives off total cool-girl vibes, especially when you tuck your hair in like that like Shana did (haha, I’m serious). Model off-duty who? But really, look at that whipstitch rib and contrast hem, and tell me that’s not the coolest sweater (turtleneck*!) you’ve seen.

B. Reiss Rib Polo Sweater

This Reiss ribbed polo sweater has preppy school vibes w/ an extravagant twist.

Sweater (S) | Jeans

This Reiss polo sweater has preppy school vibes with an extravagant twist, yeah? Reiss is having some fun with details, you guys. We’re into it. (Btw, that is not a collar. That is a placket. A half placket, to be exact. Fun.)

C. Reiss Cashmere Cardigan

This cashmere cardigan from Reiss is another cardigan that Shana actually likes.

Sweater | Jeans (29) | Shoes

This Reiss cardigan is in fact another cardi that Shana does not hate!! (Maybe the NSale is changing her…) Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s 100% cashmere. That could be it too. Anyway, we love it for its simplicity and added contrast stripes (and cashmere, obviously).

D. Nordstrom Signature Long-Sleeve Top

Nordstrom's cashmere-blend long-sleeve top is basic in the best way: wear often & get that cost-per-wear down.

Top (9% cashmere, S) | Jeans (26)

This Nordstrom Signature top is basic in the best way. It’s the kind of basic that you turn to the most often, thus driving that cost-per-wear down to the ground. It’s one of our favorite activities. Such a good buy.

E. Nordstrom Signature Cashmere Sweater

This cashmere crewneck sweater from Nordstrom is timeless & versatile. A fall/winter must-have.

Sweater (S) | Jeans

Well, well, if it isn’t another cashmere pick. A good crewneck sweater is timeless and super-versatile, and this burgundy shade will never not be a fall/winter must-have.

F. Vince Wool-&-Cashmere Sweater

Vince's wool-&-cashmere sweater is lightweight & in the prettiest blue.

Sweater | Jeans

Overall sweater theme decided: cashmere. And rightfully so. This Vince sweater in the “Bay” color is just so pretty when you’re in the mood to ditch neutrals.

4. Really Chic Coats

A category we sprint to: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Coats. There are always some really fab options that we just HAVE to try on. So…we (Shana) did.

A. Vince Bouclé Wool-&-Cashmere Cardigan-Coat

This wool-&-cashmere coatigan from Vince is a sweater we're running to in this year's NSale.

Coat | Sweater | Jeans

This Vince coatigan is The Cardigan-Coat That Could. We’re in love with the simple cut, longer length and overall laid-back vibe. Oh, and the coziness. Can’t forget the coziness.

B. Nordstrom Signature Wool-&-Cashmere Coat

This long wool-&-cashmere coat from Nordstrom is roomy, effortless & a delicious shade of oxblood.

Coat | Jeans

Nordstrom’s wool-and-cashmere coat — roomy, effortless, and a delicious shade of oxblood that we gravitate toward as soon as the leaves start to crunch. Fabulous + compliments shades of denim beautifully. This coat will go fast.

C. Reiss Wool-Blend Coat

Reiss' long wool coat is feminine yet structured enough & easily dresses down.

Coat | Top | Skirt

This long Reiss coat style & silhouette are classic Shana (especially knotted at the waist with some cool sneaks). It’s feminine yet structured enough & easily dresses down. How does she get away with adding sneakers always? Even with a gorgeous coat like this, it looks so balanced and intentional. Outfit-making goals.

D. Vince Wool-&-Alpaca-Blend Jacket

A double-breasted, wool-&-alpaca Vince jacket that wears like a blazer? Sign me up.

Coat (XS) | Jeans

Oh, dang, both colors of this Vince jacket are kind of divine, right? Love where it cuts off right at the middle thigh (for shorties) or waist-height (for taller babes). No awkward lengths here!

E. EILEEN FISHER Organic Cotton & Nylon Jacket

EILEEN FISHER's organic cotton & nylon jacket would be perfect for transitional weather.

Coat (XS) | Plus-Size Coat | Jeans

This cotton and nylon jacket would be a perfect transitional weather go-to. Thx, Eileen.

5. Top-Notch Office Attire & Blazers

For when jeans don’t cut it, but a blazer….does. We’re definitely into these new longline and/or oversized blazer silhouettes.

A. Vince Double-Breasted Crepe Suit Blazer

This double-breasted suit blazer from Vince is pretty — so light, drapey & polished.

Blazer | Plus Size | Jeans

Oh, mannn, this double-breasted Vince blazer is pretty. So freaking light, drapey and seriously polished. Looks so good with jeans.

B. The New Suit: FRAME Cinched-Sleeve Blazer & Mini Boot Trousers

A women's suit always wins. Enter: FRAME's cinched-sleeve blazer & epic trousers.

Blazer | Trousers

There she goes again making outfits 10x cooler by simply wearing sneakers. Gah. Regardless…those cinched sleeves are such an incredible detail with the otherwise structured blazer shape. This suit definitely reads more relaxed, but add some heels and the tone totally changes to fancy office.

B1. FRAME Silk Cami + Veronica Beard Trousers

The silk camisole & blazer from FRAME make workwear that much cooler.

Blazer | Jeans | Silk Top | Plaid Trousers

It’s crazy how the vibe changes so drastically with the addition of casual jeans or plaid trousers. Pick your (undoubtedly beautiful and undoubtedly Veronica Beard) poison. And sport it with this luscious silk cami from FRAME. Easy.

C. Rag & Bone Cotton-Blend Blazer

Rag & bone's cotton blazer is a lifesaver for when you wanna feel a tad more slouchy.

Blazer | Jeans

A cotton-blend blazer is a lifesaver for when you just wanna feel a tad more slouchy but need the sophisticated style for confidence. Yup, this rag & bone blazer does that.

C1. Rag & Bone Blazer + Trousers

Pair that rag & bone blazer with the matching trousers for a really chic office outfit.

Blazer | Trousers | Top | Shoes

Remember what I said about slouch two seconds ago? Throw that out the window. We’re going full-on elevated (but making it cool…re: cool FRAME tank and suede Veronica Beard clogs).

D. Reiss Wool-Blend Blazer

A classic, double-breasted black blazer from Reiss in a nice wool-blend. We love it for its versatility.

Blazer | Jeans

A classic, double-breasted black blazer from Reiss in a nice wool-blend. We love it for its versatility (and layer of warmth). Btw, check out the sizing when you order… Sizes 0 to 4 run small, sizes 6 to 8 are true to size, and sizes 10 to 12 run large.

D1. Reiss Leopard Top + Veronica Beard Jeans

This leopard-print blouse from Reiss is way more chic than expected.

Blazer | Jeans | Top

For some print fun: this leopard top from Reiss! Elegant (left) or sexy (right) — you can’t go wrong. Loving the neck bow tie for a bit of drama. Reeeally silky too. Pssst, don’t forget to peek at those sneaky-cool Veronica Beard jeans. I mean, wow.

E. FRAME Crop Blazer

This cropped blazer from FRAME looks good w/ different washes of demin.

Blazer | Jeans

FRAME's cropped blazer can make a denim midi skirt feel a little more put-together.

Blazer | Top | Skirt | Jeans

We are soooo into this cropped FRAME blazer. And so happy that it looks good with multiple washes of denim, being a dark navy blue. I can’t decide which outfit is my fave.

F. L’Agence Knit Blazer

The L'agence knit blazer is sweatery soft, work-ready & a total double-taker.

Blazer | Jeans

S is into green lately, and she’s kind of killing it. Look closely…this L’Agence blazer is KNIT, people! Knit. Sweatery soft, work-ready, and a total double-taker.

6. Interesting Dresses

We’ve got a variety here for ya! Nordstrom impressed us on the dress front. Spoiler: cool details ahead.

A. Reiss Ribbed Sweater Dress

The buttons on this ribbed sweater dress from Reiss are an outstanding touch.

Dress (S)

There’s that cool placket again! Those side buttons are also an outstanding touch. Sheesh, Reiss. You’re wowing us with this sweater dress.

B. Vince Mock-Neck Dress

This mock-neck dress from Vince is easy, sleek & sustainably made.


If you’re all about ease…this bad boy by Vince. The mock neck is really sleek (throw on a blazer for work. and you’ll never overheat or suffer from scrunched-up-sweater-arms). Loafers would look cute too. Sustainably made with TENCEL Lyocell.

C. FRAME Puff-Sleeve Cotton Dress

FRAME's puff-sleeve mini dress has great details. Dress down w/ sneakers or up w/ heeled booties.

Dress (S)

Omg, this FRAME mini dress. Yes. Yep. Talk about details (you gotta love puff sleeves). Love it dressed down with sneakers, but the model is wearing it with some heeled booties, and it sooo works.

D. FRAME Faux Wrap Dress

This faux-wrap dress from FRAME is 100% organic cotton & has the best side ruching.

Dress (D)

OH, this faux wrap dress (also from FRAME) is good too. Side ruching is our bff that never, ever fails to flatter. 100% organic cotton.

E. Reiss Leopard Long-Sleeve Shirtdress

This leopard shirtdress from Reiss has a buttery-soft silk & the most forgiving print.


This Reiss shirtdress is the type of clothing you can look at and immediately feel it. You just know that buttery silk is a dream draped on. Drooling. (Also, that’s the most forgiving print…like ever.)

When you’re done here, be sure to head on over to our full guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, where we’re updating & publishing new NSale content daily.

Happy NSale shopping!!


Team TME


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