Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Trend dept. #dressingroomselfies (and this pregnant lady says, maternity from here on out)




Think happy thoughts, Cams. I am in that awkward, puffy stage that is the first trimester. OH WELL. I had a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to cover, so I marched right into that dressing room with a gazillion picks from the sale…and I found some good stuff, ya’ll.

Let’s get to it!

Oh, and yeh…by the way, I’m pregnant. 🙂

Dress it Up



dress: Eliza J Seam Detail Crepe A-line Dress – very flattering, but may need to go up a size in this one. I know I would have liked it better if I didn’t have the first tri bump going on.





dress: Maggy London ‘Shadow Branch’ Print Scuba Midi Dress – AMAZING dress. Love. It felt so good on – thicker material, stretchy and gorgeous pattern. I’d even wear this while pregnant…you can see my little bump bumpin’ a bit here.





dress: Leith Crepe Trapeze Dress – not as short as it looks on the model, which was surprising to me…being 5’10.





top: Chelsea28 Pleated Hem Sweater – a different style of sweater. I liked it! You can’t see, but it has a split-back with the chiffon layered underneath. Very pretty. It’s fun with a pencil skirt, too.

skirt: Halogen Piped Print Pencil Skirt – This skirt was…okay on it’s own, but with this top…YEP.





jacket: Topshop Leather Biker Jacket – really well-made jacket. I loved it…and you’ll see that I paired it with a couple of outfits below. You can’t beat that price either…not for a real leather jacket.

top: Lush Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic  – I wore it tucked in, but I’d also wear it with a pair of jeans, untucked. Awesome top.

skirt: Caslon Side Ruched Stretch Knit Midi Skirt – not technically part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but still on sale



Romp Around



jumpsuit: ASTR Floral High Neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit – so. cool. GOODNESS. This would have come home with me, if it wasn’t for this bump thing that will keep on growing for the next 9 months ;). It is long, but if you wear a wedge with it, you’ll be golden…and of course, you can always have the legs hemmed. I actually would wear this with flats, too.





romper: Chelsea28 Lace Romper – yep, a winner. It wasn’t booty short (which some rompers tend to be) and it was comfortable. I see this being perfect for going out or to a party (wait, what are those?).



Casual, Everyday Tops



top: Leith Button Front Stripe Shirt – this one came home with me. I got it in a medium (for the growing bump-age). Its comfy and made me feel relaxed. I actually liked the sleeves unrolled and unbuttoned – a little unkept, but I thought it looked cool.

jeans: rag & bone/JEAN ‘The Dre’ Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans – great pair of jeans. I have never tried on Rag & Bone before (no idea why), but I can now say I am a fan. They don’t feel thin (which some jeans do…and they fade/wear through pretty quickly), which I really like for Fall/Winter.





top: Free People Thermal Top – this is a good one…especially for Fall. I definitely suggest you go up a couple of sizes. The details on the sleeves are just so pretty and help to make a casual outfit a bit more interesting.

jeans: J Brand Love Story Flare Jeans – only my favorite jeans. Seriously These are good. They have a serious flare to them, dark wash and aahhhhh. They are awesome.





top: Hinge Lace Mix Top – I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have a top like this to throw on with a pair of jeans. It’s feminine, a bit of boho and requires you to only put it on..and outfit made.

jeans: J Brand Love Story Flare Jeans – ummm. Yeh. Here they are again. lovelovelove.



Cozy Sweaters



sweater: Treasure & Bond Layered Shirttail Sweater – AH! Get this. Perfect Fall sweater/top all in one. I have this one in my cart right now…not sure why I didn’t get it last night.

jeans: rag & bone/JEAN ‘The Dre’ Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans – like I said above, great pair of jeans. I see many long-sleeve tees and sweaters with these.





cardigan: Love by Design Blanket Cardigan – nothing better than a big, cozy sweater for the cold season. Yep, this one came home with me, too. I went up a size for a bit more room in the arms (small was a bit tight with a shirt on under).

tee: BP. Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee – this one comes in a variety of colors. Great, basic, easy long-sleeve tee for Fall. I’d buy it in a few colors! (I may even get it for this pregnancy…just a couple sizes up)

jeans: J Brand ‘811’ Mid Rise Skinny Jeans – a cool pair of black jeans and it’s always nice to have a pair, but I wasn’t a huge fan, if I’m being honest. I like jeans to be feel a bit thicker…and these were on the thin side. A big part of it, for me, was probably that I’m not fitting in jeans very well right now, so…I’d give them a try if you’re looking for a black jean.





sweater: Leith Shaker Stitch V-Back Sweater – loved this one. a lot. Chunky, cozy and would look great with a pretty bra or bralette underneath

jeans: Citizens of Humanity ‘Arielle’ Mid Rise Skinny Jean – this was my second favorite pair of jeans…they felt great on and had a good length to them

…and you see that hat in the background? It totally would have gone with this outfit (and the one below, actually). No idea why I didn’t throw it on to show ya. Sorry for depriving you of that. I’m so mean.





sweater: BP. Stripe V-Neck Pullover – classic striped sweater. I’d try order it a size up, if you like a bit slouchier.

jeans: Citizens of Humanity ‘Arielle’ Mid Rise Skinny Jean – same pair from the outfit above. winner.





sweater: BP. Stripe Slup Knit Pullover – at first I thought, no. The stripes looked like too much, but then…I put it on and it’s  cute! Easy to throw on with jeans and go.

jeans: J Brand Love Story Flare Jeans – never. taking. off. I had to take them off, but I didn’t want to.



Layer Up



jacket: Topshop Leather Biker Jacket – the same jacket I shared a bit above. Very cool jacket.

tee: BP. Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee – another I shared above. Great basic for Fall/Winter.

jeans: J Brand Love Story Flare Jeans – it became a problem…





jacket: Topshop Biker Jacket – and again, because it’s so good.

top: Sun & Shadow Embroidered Lace Tunic – I love a good layered look and this tunic is definitely good for that.

jeans: J Brand Love Story Flare Jean – oh, man. I may have cried when I had to take them off and hang them back up.




jacket: rag & bone/JEAN ‘M15’ Military Jacket – mmmm hmmmm, baby. This is the military jacket for Fall.

tee: BP. Long Sleeve Tee – I wore it with a lot, because you can’t go wrong with a simple, white tee

jeans: Citizens of Humanity ‘Arielle’ Mid Rise Skinny Jeans – here we are again with these jeans, because when you find a good pair of jeans…you wear them with all the things.

phew. I felt like I had run a marathon after that. I even had to get a milkshake when I was finished to reward myself…and Chipotle before I started. haha, I’m so HARDCORE, I take #dressingroomselfies. Rarrrrrrr.

You may have noticed that I used a lot of the same items to come up with different outfits. No need to buy All The Things – some great basics, a couple of trendy items, a cozy sweater or two and a FANTASTIC pair of jeans will do the trick. This epic Nordstrom Sale is the perfect opportunity to stock up for fall.



ps. We’re serious about this Nordstrom Sale – see all #dressingroomselfies (more are coming soon!) and S’s top picks here.

pps.  Next up is S – she’ll be posting her #dressingroomselfies this weekend, so stay tuned….


  1. Came on the site specifically for this kind of an article – thank you!! Used links to purchase several items. Can’t wait for UPS!

  2. ahh! this is my favorite #dressingroomselfies post yet…and i can prove it because of how many million tabs are now open on my browser. some of it is likely wishful thinking for a lady in her second trimester (high-five on the pregnancy!), but you nailed some really great, solid fall buys. now, if only you could include a blanket “apology to husband for the horrifying credit card bill” letter. 🙂

  3. Okay, just so we’re clear, your awkward first trimester puffiness is my skinniest day ever. You look amazing. Having said that, thanks for the romper shots–they are tricky for those of us with tummies (when we’re NOT pregnant-lol!), and where the waist seam hits makes or breaks them for me. I had my eye on the green lace one, but since my regular belly is much poochier than your pregnant one, now I know to skip it. Soooo… Thanks?

  4. Congrats on the new baby!!! Selfishly, I’m super happy about your new babe because I’m 18 weeks along in my first pregnancy and am desperate for TME to do more maternity posts!!

  5. Congratulations! Being in my second trimester, I can’t wait for some maternity dressing room selfies!
    P.S. Three is a lot of fun!

  6. I wanted to love the Love Story flares but they are too short for me (eeks!) and have too low of a rise. The real problem is that the flare is PERFECT but those things make my pair hard to wear. Even with the*all the fit issues I get compliments every time I wear them. Alas, I LOVE all the stripe tops here, makes me *almost* ready for the fall… maybe not, beach day on Monday again 😉

  7. I’m newly pregnant with my 2nd and your height too! This is perfect. I can see how long these tops really are. I’m thinking the BP striped sweater will be perfect for maternity over leggings or skinny jeans. Congrats!

  8. I’m 5’10” also and it is so helpful to see how things fit a tall body! I’d really love it if you could state what sizes you are wearing in the various pictures – it would help when ordering on line. I’m not as thin as you but think I could kinda go up one size from whatever you are in… it’d be great to have that reference point. Thanks!

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