Nordstrom Dresses You Need In Your Closet: Anniversary Sale Edition


I love a good dress. There’s nothing better than putting on one easy piece and feeling like a million bucks. Or even better – putting on one easy piece that requires no further styling than that. Throw on your go-to shoes (sometimes that means a fashion sneak) and walk out of the door feeling like a total goddess because well, you’re wearing a dress.

Whether dresses are the cornerstone of your wardrobe, or they just make you so happy when the occasion’s right, this year’s Anni Sale had some shockingly good finds. While there’s always a time and place for those fun little under $50 dresses, now is when I’ll buy my forever pieces; the seriously drool-worthy ones. 

p.s. I never save those drool-worthy, forever pieces for a special occasion. Do yourself a favor and don’t let them hang in your closet for too long.

(*Oh, hey! Looking for 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale info? Click right here, Mama! )

Maxi (or Midi) Dresses and Skirts

If you are looking for a beautiful, sweeping, epic frock – something that allows you to just casually sweep into a room, stealing everyone’s breath – but one that is also – YES – practical and relevant to a more casual lifestyle…there are a few options.  (This is always the most exciting part of the sale.  Wearing a truly pretty dress – or skirt – has serious transformative power.  It’s akin to….getting completely different hair. )

Try Philip Lim’s Skirt

First of all, it’s tweedy.  But in the lightest, most flattering, still drapey way.  Designer fabrics man, they boggle my mind.  And it’s slitted and tucked and very-subtly ruffled allowing legs to peek out.  It looks more like a sweeping maxi skirt on my 5’2″ self (oh, the drama), but would likely look even better as a midi skirt (you’d notice the fab details more).

Outfit 1: Top | Skirt – 0| Shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: Top | Skirt – 0| Shoes – TTS
Outfit 3: Top | Skirt – 0| Shoes – TTS

Wrap Yourself in DVF

This one is stunning. And would look just as cute over a turtleneck this Fall as it does on it’s own right now.

Dress – XXS | Shoes – TTS

Swish Around In this Vince Dress

This one is so light and airy…and the silk swishes around your legs as you walk in the most feminine way.  Such a pretty, romantic dress.

Dress – XS | Shoes – TTS

The Midi That Feels So Grace Kelly

This one also comes in stripe….but I’m loving the pale lavender.  There’s nothing earth-shattering about this dress, it’s just an easy one to throw on and go.  Of note:  the skirt is actually pretty sheer, showing the half-slip liner.  You can’t really tell in the photos, but it definitely shows through in real life.  Looks intentional, however, and I didn’t mind.

Dress – XS | Shoes – TTS

The Entrance-Making Topshop Midi

The kind of jaw-dropping dress that would be especially fun on date night.  Black shoes look good, but for a change-up, I’d wear with a heeled tan boot to really reinforce those Fall tones.

Dress – 6 | Shoe 1 | Shoe 2

Cozy Dresses

Honestly, I wasn’t too sure about the swingy hem at first, but once I added the belt bag..I was sold. This one’s crazy comfy (like you could travel in it comfy).

Dress – XS | Shoes – TTS

A little 90’s grunge…made modern. The little fitted jacket/blazer over top just works, too.

Blazer (sold out) | Dress (Petite) – XS


dress | blazer | shoes

Flirty Little Day-To-Night Dresses

Have you guys heard of the brand Sea? I’ll be packing this little number for Berlin. I’m getting very excited for all the fall and winter possibilities here…

Dress – 2 | Shoes – TTS

I loved this dress, but I wasn’t sold on the styling at first. Let’s just chalk that up to my eleventh hour in the dressing room because looking back I love how these looks turned out..a total testament to a great dress.

Outfit 1: dress – 4 |  shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: dress – 4 | cardigan – XS | jeans – 24 |  shoes – TTS
Outfit 3: dress – 4 | sweater – S | bag | boots – TTS

This little Madewell dress is so perfectly Parisian. It’s one of those almost-fancy pieces that always reads casual. Perfect with sneaks, too. Et voila:

Outfit 1: dress – 2 | shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: dress – 2 | sweater – S | sneakers – TTS
Outfit 3: dress – 2 | sweater – S |  boots – TTS

Kiiind of dying over this cuteness. Scotti went for a a mod, mini look with thigh hight boots that I LOVE and Julieta pulled off another favorite of mine: dress over jeans. Bravo, chicks.

Outfit 1: Jacket – XS | dress  – S | shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: Dress  – S | shoes – TTS
Outfit 3 (on Julieta): Dress | Shoes – go up 1/2 size | Jeans – 25

Little Black Dresses

This dress is SUCH a stunner..please don’t be fooled by the dreadful Nordstrom photo. The waist sits not-awkwardly at all and it’s not see-through. Possibly my new fave LBD.

Dress – 0 | Shoes – TTS

I knew I loved this sexy little black midi but when I saw it Julieta and Scotti? YES. You’re going to love the price of this one.

Outfit 1: Dress – XS
Outfit 2: Dress 
Outfit 3: Dress – S | Boots – TTS

Just minimal enough that it’s sexy. Scotti would like me to point out that this looks amazing alone (agreed) and over leggings. Easily paired with a jacket too!

Outfit 1: Dress – S | Shoes – TTS
Outfit 2: Dress – S | Jacket – XS | Shoes – TTS

Summer Dresses

You guys LOVED this one. Enough coverage to wear alone or it could easily lead a double life as a cover-up on vacay or at the pool. Not to mention it feels amazing.

Dress – XS

SO. Yeah… not too sure about the look of this one but the function is all there. Think of this material as the ultimate errands to lunch to playground feel..which I just couldn’t pass up.

Dress – XS

Shop The Nordstrom Dresses You Need In Your Closet: Anniversary Sale Edition


Now go get fancy.



  1. I wish more people would embrace the whole notion of dress equals one piece dressing because I do so get tired of being told that I’m dressed up….. Wearing a knit dress from Target. I mean. It’s just a dress!

    We recently (a week ago! Eek!) moved to England and I’m looking forward to the fact that it’s much more common to wear dresses here. Less commentary!

  2. Hi Shana! Having trouble finding a jacket to wear over dresses. Love the one you’re wearing over the Caslon plaid dress. Could you share details please? Thx!

  3. Shana that James Perse dress looks fantastic on you! I just ordered…but I’m a lot curvier and have a 6 month post partum belly. Do you think it would work for other body shapes??

  4. I think this dress works BETTER on curvier women. I am roughly Shana’s size (1-2 inches taller and probably 5 lbs heavier) but very small chested, and though this dress is GORGEOUS, the size that felt most comfortable to me (2) just gaped in the chest. The size 1 fit great everywhere, but just felt too tight to me.

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