Nordstrom Has The Ultimate Back to School Clothing Sale (2018 Anniversary Sale)


Tweens and Teens!  Nordstrom has the Ultimate back to school clothing sale (2018 Anniversary Sale) and it’s open access as of today!

Our friends Audrey and Jackson shopped tween and teen to help us round-up the best of the best from the N Anniversary Sale  We all learned a few things along the way and had a blast shopping for back to school when it’s just way to soon to think about crazy things like summer ever ending when it just began!  But if we’re going to eventually have to go back to school, we may as well get ready while everything is on super sale!

(*Oh, hey! Looking for 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale info? Click right here, Mama! )

A few things we learned:  The tween girls section is as robust as women’s fashion.  There’s plenty to choose from in many different styles, colors and sizes.  This really was a narrow-it-down process for Audrey because there were so many great items to choose from!  She did an excellent job of choosing things that are great for school, and weekends, and that she can also be a little more  dressed in for dinners out and fun theatre nights and parties!  And just about everything she chose works well in a mix and match way.  And most of it, admittedly, I wish came in my size too!  She chose soft, comfortable fun, super stylish pieces.

Sweater // Jeans // Shoes

These jeans are super soft and fit really well.  The top is sweater in the front, shirt in the back, with a great cut and line it swings just so!  It’s perfect for school.  And if you paired it with black leggings and a little bag bling, would also be a great out or event outfit!

Sweatshirt // Leggings

These leggings have just enough detailing to be interesting, and the wash is fun too!  They are super soft and fit really well.  And the sweatshirt is super cozy!  She paired them with her own favorite boots which aren’t part of the sale, but are her favorites, so we went with them, (these are same brand, similar in fun styling.)  She’s able to wear women’s sizes at this point, which opens up an whole new bag of fun as all of you who have kids who’ve also graduated from kid to adult shoe sizes already know.  It’s a big step forward for all of us!  An easier one to take though when their clothing is reasonably priced while on sale!

Jacket // Dress // Leggings

The jacket is fully reversible and looks fantastic with both the sporty black bomber side out or the super soft fuzzy grey side out!  LOVE reversible jackets!!!  The dress is crazy soft and layers really well over leggings or jeans as a tunic as well!  It’s a super piece that would look great alone with high tops while it’s still a bit warm outside and then layers as needed as the weather cools!

Top // Jeans // Shoes

Who doesn’t need polka dots, perfect ruffles, and a swing flap back?  And obviously super soft fringed hem red jeans are the way to go with this!  To dress it up even a bit more it would also look great with this skirt!

Tank // Jacket // Leggings // Sneaks

Just us here, but THIS was the team favorite outfit!  Adidas has stepped game to a whole new level with these amazing jackets and Zella Girl has the best workout/lifestlye gear ever…and in gold!

The mesh detailing in the back of this tank is just perfect…it’s a little bit of detail but not too much of anything it doesn’t need to be!  And the tank is also super soft and comfortable!

Jacket // Top // Leggings // Shoes

The jacket hanging on the hook is the black bomber reversed, the leggings are the same as the olive ones above, but in black, and the top is same brand and fabric as the awesome dress tunic above.  The pink is a super light, just enough pink, with the sporty stripes on the shoulders and fun sleeves and it’s also amazingly soft!

Top // Jeans // Shoes

Check-out the ties on the sleeves of this sweatshirt!  A-mazing!!!  I’m wondering right now if I can work my way into a borrow of this one for sure!  Great color, super soft, and those sleeves I die for!

More Lesson Learned in Teen Shopping with a (Young) Man:

The boys department, while chock full of clothes for little guys, has a very edited selection for tweens and teens.  That said, there are a few basics to be found, and find them Jackson did!  He has a few (ok fine, many) rules in his clothing selections.  Jackson goes for feel first, and then fit.  If there were such a thing as super soft, no seams, no detailing, yup, that’s right where he wants to be!  Luckily, there are plenty of those options in teen basics!

And then we went downstairs.  To men’s.  He’s genuinely at that transitional point where while there are a few basics he still grabs from teen, but the better selection for him really is in the men’s department.  His feet got to men’s sizes many steps ago, and now he walks those feet right into the men’s department and finds all sorts of great pieces!


Top // Pants // Sneakers (similar)

It’s an important step learning to love the tuck! And a far easier lesson learned when your shirt is so stinking soft!  Comes in tons of colors, so do the pants (which are from men’s).

Shirt // Jeans // Sneakers (similar)

THIS is the outfit Jackson declared was his absolute favorite!  We don’t blame him one bit!  It’s awesome and he looks great in it. The detailing on the shirt is subtle but cool.  And the only surprising thing here is that yes those are jeans, and yes this is a guy who normally hates jeans because they aren’t soft enough.  And now there’s a pair he’s all into!  Another win from the men’s department!

 Shirt // Pants // Sneakers (similar)

Soft jogger cargos, pull on, easy, comfy, done.  They come in multiple colors.  And a super soft well fitting sweatshirt with just enough overstitching detail to keep it interesting is the perfect fall layer piece!

Shirt // Pants // Sneakers (similar)

When joggers meet khakis, young men are happy.  And there’s the favorite soft shirt that comes in many colors and layers so well!  The outfit is easy going perfection.  The swing?  That’s a work in progress.





Thank you Audrey and Jackson for bringing us up to speed on getting ready for back to school, and fall and all good things to come!  xoxo A



  1. Love this. My 10-yr-old has tastes similar to Jackson. He refuses to wear jeans and if it’s not soft, I don’t bring it home (so tired of Old Navy sports pants). This is great for me to see where we’ll be one day.

  2. There are some really awesome outfits, and deals, here! That polka dot top with red jeans and the red tie sleeve sweatshirt…???! Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to shop for my 11 and 12 year old kids. The have the perfect combination of cool enough for the kids and still young looking enough for me. This is a really great round up! Thanks!!!

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