Nordstrom Haul: I Tried 15 Under $100 Pieces From Open Edit


This Nordstrom Open Edit haul is one of the more amusing posts I’ve EVER done — it’s filled with all sorts of delightful (and surprising) hits and fails.

Now, I want to be clear… these pieces I’m reviewing here are pretty much the OPPOSITE of my typical slow-fashion, high-quality, keep in your closet forever, fairly conservative wardrobe picks (no fav Birkenstocks or most-worn Frank & Eileen tops in THIS mix!)

Here’s a little preview of this fashion adventure, but keep scrolling for selfies and full reviews of all the budget-friendly Open Edit pieces…

Budget-Friendly Open Edit Haul: Add Some Spark To Your Holiday

Nordstrom Open Edit Haul Women's Red Suit

blazer (s) | pants (m)| ridiculous smug smile & stance (not shoppable)

I will admit that I absolutely felt like I was playing dress up in someone else’s closet with this try-on sesh. BUT…there’s something to be said for how completely bad-ass I felt in some of these outfits — and the budget-friendly prices for pieces I would likely wear to a holiday event or two and then pass along to someone else.

I mean… I’m obviously TOTALLY feeling some kind of way with this expression on my face in this red suit, right? Ridiculous, but also SO fun!

Like true Linzi style, though, I’m brutally honest in my reviews below on whether or not I would ACTUALLY wear these pieces… so read on for ALL the details.

Why a Nordstrom Open Edit Haul?

This post idea started in a Mom Edit Team meeting. I got a ton of feedback from you guys that my Anthropologie Try-On post was helpful (I’m so glad!!!), and so I loved the idea of doing something similar, but with another clothing brand.

I had ideas of covering some of my go-to brands and styles, but Shana pointed out that what likely made the Anthropologie post helpful (and more interesting) is that I was trying on pieces that lots of us had questions about, but wouldn’t necessarily order or try on our own. Pieces that were exciting and some that were totally out of my comfort zone in terms of style… but ended up working.

Several of us have tried Open Edit pieces from Nordstrom here and there and have been intrigued by their fashion-forward style, that is also VERY budget-friendly, so it made sense to me to do a Nordstrom Open Edit Haul as my next try-on. Especially… during the holiday season when many of us branch out a bit with our fashion choices.

Nordstrom Open Edit Haul: Take-Aways

  • Quality: Nothing I tried felt especially super high quality… everything felt like it was appropriately priced at under $100.
  • Sleeves: Unlike a lot of budget-friendly brands, the sleeves (especially on the jackets and sweaters) were nice and long and it didn’t feel like they were trying to skimp on fabric…go Open Edit!
  • Fit: I was thrilled that the sizing and fit was NOT junior-esque. I wore my typical “grown-up normal” size in most pieces and everything fit my hips better than expected for a budget-friendly fashion-forward brand.
  • Holiday Outfits: Open Edit felt absolutely PERFECT for the holidays if you don’t want to invest a ton of $ for a playful addition to your wardrobe.

Nordstrom Open Edit Haul: 15 Pieces Reviewed

For reference, I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs and typically wear a size small in tops, size medium in pants/skirts, and fluctuate in my sizing for dresses depending on if they’re straight or a-line cut –I have larger hips/butt with a smaller waist/chest.

1. Zip Front Faux Fur Jacket

Nordstrom Open Edit Holiday Outfit Top Pick

jacket (s) | jumpsuit (s)

Nordstrom Open Edit Faux Fur Top Pick

jacket (s) | cami (s) | denim (6)

Pros: I LOVE the color, LOVE the slightly over sized (but crop) fit, love that it’s SUPER soft, and love that this jacket looked great over multiple outfits. This is the type of piece that you can throw on over jeans and a tee and all of a sudden you’re completely ready for a party. I have a longer faux fur that I wear in the winter for special occasions, but this short guy is a keeper….sometimes the longer one feels like too much. Also, check out the long sleeves…my hands were so happy curling up underneath.

Cons: Not many. I did cheat on this one a bit (with the title of this post) and it’s a bit over $100. Other than that…the zipper is fine, but doesn’t feel high-end I guess…that’s kind of a stretch, though, to find a con.

Fit Notes: Wearing a small and the fit is perfect. I like it a little bit drapey.

Would I Actually Wear It? Absolutely!

2. Belted Wide Leg Twill Pants

Silky Cami and Stylish Black Pants

pants (m) | cami (s) | heels

Pros: Totally different than anything I have — the style feels fresh and modern. Fun for party season, but also would be a great work pant. I like that the coordinating belt can be cinched tighter, for those of us who have smaller waists and larger hips. More comfortable than I thought they would be…they have a decent amount of stretch to them and the fabric feels nice on the skin. One of the surprise wins from this Open Edit Haul.

Cons: The belt is a little cumbersome to work and not super high quality.

Fit Notes: Wearing a size medium and happy with the fit. I’m 5’2, so they will be shorter on many of you, but I think they will look equally as cute at a shorter length (like the model).

Would I Actually Wear It? Yep. For sure.

3. Strapless Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Open Edit Haul Black Jumpsuit

jumpsuit (s) | heels

Pros: More comfortable than I thought it would be. The fabric is more substantial than I thought it would be too… I felt pretty held in and secure. The corset ribbing in the top of the jumpsuit felt and looked good. A totally fun party outfit to break out this time of year. This style is sexier than I typically do, but I think I would maybe wear this with the wide legs and playful 70’s vibe that I tend to like (especially for parties). So I’m surprisingly considering keeping it.

Cons: I can’t imagine this jumpsuit would work well for folks with larger chests, and it definitely requires a strapless bra or going without a bra.

Fit Notes: Wearing a size small and it fits well. The top fits perfectly and the bottom is stretchy so worked for me even though I’m typically a medium on bottom.

Would I Actually Wear It? Maybe, surprisingly. It’s definitely fun for something different and the price is great for a piece I would only wear VERY occasionally.

4. Long Sleeve Faux Wrap Jersey Dress

Open Edit Haul Black Wrap Dress

dress (s) | similar boots

Pros: I don’t usually feel comfortable in bodycon dresses, but this fitted dress has enough rouching and drape that I was at least more-comfortable-than usual in it. You can’t really see it in this photo, but it also has a cool collar you can see here.

Cons: For my personal style, the slit is too high for me in the front especially in combination with the low cut top.

Fit Notes: Wearing a small and I thought I was happy with the fit, but when I looked at the model…I’m wondering if the slit would be more on the side (and I would be more comfortable) if I went with a larger size (and it wasn’t so stretched on the hips). Keep in mind I’m small chested (32B), so this dress would definitely look very different on those of you with larger chests.

Would I Actually Wear It? Nope. Not my style.

5 & 6. Hourglass Blazer with Barrel Leg Ankle Pants

Open Edit Red Holiday Outfit
Nordstrom Women's Red Suit

blazer (s) | pants (m)

Pros: I obviously was feeling like a total bad-ass in this outfit. Ha! What the heck is that smug face I’m making in the top photo!!! This is a SUPER fun blazer and pant combo. The color is WOW (less orange than the retailer photo, but not quite as red as my photos are showing). And the barrel styling of the pants with the hourglass fit blazer are both kind of amazing.

Cons: I mean… am I really EVER going to have some place to wear this??? And it does look more bad ass with the a crop or bra top underneath worn open, but am I really EVER going to wear THAT combination out in public??? Remember…I’m the comfy shoes-cardigan lady usually.

Fit Notes: Wearing a small in the blazer and medium in the pants and both fit fine. The pants were a little loose in the waist, but fit well in the hips, so I wouldn’t size down.

Would I Actually Wear It? Likely never. Or…I don’t know…maybe to a random holiday party that I didn’t know anyone at??? For fun? Or if I want to go as sexy bad-ass devil lawyer next year for Halloween? Actually…that’s tempting.

7. Satin Column Maxi Skirt

Nordstrom Open Edit Maxi Slip Skirt

skirt (m) | sweater (s) | boots

Pros: This skirt was stretchy, comfortable, and a style I would have never tried if I wasn’t doing this big Open Edit haul. I typically don’t like slip skirts because so many aren’t made for women with hips, but this fit really well.

Cons: I usually gravitate toward dresses because it’s a one-and-done no thought required thing. With skirts…I often can’t get the proportions right with the tops, so although I thought about keeping this skirt because I don’t have anything like it…I don’t know if it would actually get that much use in my day-to-day.

Fit Notes: Wearing a size medium and very happy with the fit.

Would I Actually Wear It? Maybe.

8. Long Sleeve Double Breasted Blazer Dress

Nordstrom Open Edit Haul Blazer Dress

blazer dress (s) | similar boots

Pros: Hmmmmm… I guess Shana said she was looking for a double breasted blazer dress and this IS a double breasted blazer dress. Can’t think of any other pros.

Cons: Ummm….everything??? Fit wasn’t right and in general just…not.good! This one is difficult to review because the style is SO not me…but still…

Fit Notes: Wearing a size small and it gapes too much at the top and pulls too much on the hips. Also, keep in mind, I’m 5’2 and this dress is SHORT. So would be uber short on you tall galls with the long legs.

Would I Actually Wear It? Nope. No way.

9. Single Breasted Sequin Blazer

Nordstrom Sequin Holiday Blazer

sequin blazer (s) | denim (6)

Pros: Versatile sparkly addition to your holiday wardrobe. You can see how the model wears it over a mini skirt as well as black pants here. Lighter weight than I expected.

Cons: REALLY big. Too oversized for me.

Fit Notes: Wearing a size small and it’s still VERY big. I know the style is supposed to be oversized, but it was just too overwhelming for me on my 5’2 frame.

Would I Actually Wear It? Nope.

10. Metallic Cardigan

Nordstrom Sparkly Cardigan
Nordstrom Glitter Cardigan

caridgan (s) | cami (s) | denim (6)

Pros: There are times when I want just a little bit of conservative holiday sparkle. This cardigan would do the trick.

Cons: It’s a little boring for an evening holiday party (although it would likely work great for a daytime work event or if you just want to add a BIT of conservative festiveness to any outfit). Definitely less boring if you wear a bralette or a crop top underneath and just do one button (like the top photo and how the model wears it), but I wouldn’t ACTUALLY wear it like that, so…

Fit Notes: Wearing a size small and happy with the fit. Nice long sleeves like most Open-Edit pieces.

Would I Actually Wear It? Absolutely, but should I??? I don’t think it’s super great on me. I think I can do better. The vibe of this Anthro cardigan is more interesting I think (but it’s not as budget-friendly).

11. Relaxed Waist Wide-Leg Trousers

Nordstrom Open Edit Haul Black Trousers

trousers (s) | tank (xs) | boots

Pros: Comfortable, stretchy, and a good basic black pants option with a modern trouser style.

Cons: I loved the stretchy waist band for comfort (and it also accentuated my waist), but if you tuck shirts in make sure you look at the back of the pant waistband here. I don’t love the look of the elastic. I prefer Madewell’s trousers, that aren’t stretchy, but have great drape and a nice-looking waist.

Fit Notes: Accidentally ordered a small instead of my usual medium. They fit in the waist, but pulled a tiny bit in the hips. I probably need a medium, but if you’re between sizes, I would definitely consider sizing down (especially if you have smaller hips) because the waist is very stretchy and I think overall the pants run big.

Would I Actually Wear It? Probably not because of the look of the back of the waist band.

12. Rib Half Zip Sweater

Nordstrom Open Edit Practical Sweater

sweater (s) | denim (6) | sneaks

Pros: Very soft and I love the oversized fit and oversized collar style. Multiple colors too.

Cons: Zipper looks and feels inexpensive.

Fit Notes: Wearing a size small and it fits a little oversized, which I like. Nice long sleeves (like most of Open Edit’s pieces).

Would I Actually Wear It? Yep.

13. Ruched Square Neck Top

Nordstrom Open Edit Haul Red Top

top (s) | denim (6)

Pros: I LOVE the wide neckline of this top. Reminds me of Reformation’s tops that are just a little “extra” when it comes to wide-set/low necklines without feeling in-your-face sexy.

Cons: Felt TERRIBLE on. Swimsuit spandex material that was way too squeezy and looked pretty inexpensive. I mean…I couldn’t even be bothered to try this top with shoes apparently. Built in bra-like support underneath (I personally never like built-in support). But overall..maybe black would be better and look higher quality than the red if you really want to try it?

Fit Notes: Wearing a size small and it was uncomfortable and very squeezy everywhere. I would size up if you have a larger chest for sure.

Would I Actually Wear It? Nope. REALLY didn’t like the material. But will ABSOLUTELY check back regularly to see if they make this top in a different material.

14. Cowl Neck Camisole

Silky Cami Budget-Friendly

cami (s) | denim (6)

Pros: REALLY pretty colors and I love the wide-set straps on this cami. Adjustable straps. I thought I’m too much of a 100% silk cami snob to like this, but it’s an Open Edit Haul win (especially if you don’t want to spend the $ on 100% silk).

Cons: When I bent over it showed pretty much my whole bra, but…do I care? I could easily fix it with a tiny bit of fabric tape if I wanted. Reviews complain that it’s too short — I didn’t feel like it was especially short (for this type of cami), but I’m 5’2.

Fit Notes: I’m typically a small, but this small felt a little snug under the arms. When I loosened the straps and made it lower cut on top, it fit better. If I went with a a bigger size, though, I could probably wear the straps a bit tighter and then it would also likely give more drape in the cowl neck which would be pretty.

Would I Actually Wear It? Yep, for sure.

15. Cotton-Blend Rib Funnel Neck Sweater

Budget-Friendly Sweater

sweater (s) | denim (6) | boots

Pros: Soft, a pretty color, good basic sweater.

Cons: I wish it was more oversized…felt a little meh as is. Nothing bad, but nothing truly special either.

Fit Notes: Wearing a size S…would maybe size up for a more oversized fit.

Would I Actually Wear It? If it was draped across my chair (readily available) as I was getting dressed, sure. But not special enough for me to get excited about.

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And that’s it, guys! This was really SUCH a fun try-on to do. Any other brands that you guys are curious about that would be helpful to review?



    • My take is they’re fine. Neither pair blew me away, but I would wear either without complaining. I liked the carpenter style jeans better than the other ones, but they run big, so was hard for me to really tell. They’re cute, though, and I liked the details. I’m wearing a 6 and felt like I could maybe size down to a 4 and I typically wear a size 29 in MOTHER denim! I really like that Wit & Wisdom is stretchy and comfortable…I also tend to like Kut From The Kloth for budget-friendly stretchy options, and they have some cute wide-legs right now.

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