Public Service Announcement: Nordstrom Has Toys [the sound of a million mouse clicks]


Hey Mamas!  We were so excited to find out that Nordstrom now carries TOYS! That free shipping/free return thing that I love so much? It makes it super easy for me to shop for Greenlea . . . too easy. I might be in trouble. Shana & I came up with about a billion gift ideas that we tried to whittle down unsuccessfully.  Instead, enjoy our overwhelming menagerie of toys!

*We’re trying a new thing with this post . . . instead of the usual links that follow our collages, this collage is totally clickable.  Just hover your mouse over an item that you like and you’ll be able to click right to the site to purchase.  For those of you in a reader or in your email you may need to click over to the full site.  Let us know how you like the new format!

Scotti’s Favs

Greenlea is obsessed with her baby gym.  She can stare at that thing for hours.  Me?  I’m kinda over seeing it in my living room . . . this Finn + Emma Wooden Gym is so much more aesthetically pleasing.  I love the wood and soft colors and the fact that it takes up soo much less space.

The wall sign (#9) first caught my eye because it would look awesome in Greenlea’s nursery and then I read it and had to have it.  It says, “As your Mom & Dad we are smitten, taken, crazy about, enchanted for, swimming in a sea of love, prouder than proud, delighted and tickled to death, for you dear *Greenlea.*” Is that not exactly how you feel about your babies?? LOVE. 

I really like the fact that these toys are adorable without being too “cutesy.”  The Mason Jar Light would make an awesome night light (it’s battery-operated so it won’t take up one of your outlets).  The elephant play mat would be perfect for our hard floors.  I can’t wait to try the Wubbanub because everyone raves about it (and Greenlea loves Sophie the Giraffe as much as everyone said she would).  The Nat & Jules Giraffe hat and bloomers would be an awesome photo op and OMG are those GOLD baby Uggs??  Like I said . . . I might be in trouble. 


I think I have a thing for animals . . . ok, I know I do, but how cute is it to dress up your baby in animal outfits??  Reindeer antlers, a rabbit hat, a sweater with a dog on it!?  Tell me it’s not just me!

That tricycle would be so fun when G gets a little older and it would work for a future baby brother or sister as well (no, I’m not pregnant, just justifying purchases here!).  The baby moccasins are real leather and come in a ton of awesome colors . . . one reviewer said she liked that her toddler could put them on himself, which is always a plus. 

I love reading to G and I can already picture her smiling at the puppets in the activity book (they have a video of how it works– it’s bigger and softer than it looks in the picture).  I can also picture her playing with the blocks and the wire toy and even walking behind the Alligator push toy . . . wah!  She’s growing up too fast!

 Shana’s Favs

I bought the boys some light-up christmas trees a few years ago – tiny little things – but they LOVED them.  A light-up letter (their own letter) would probably blow their minds.  (As would a drum set, nuff said.)

Many of these picks are our favorites:  Harold never gets old (R is almost 7 and still captivated by the promise of that purple crayon), the Zoob building toys are in daily use around here, Slinky 4eva, and volume-control headphones are a must for travel.

I also love that Hanna Anderssen is making organic cotton Star Wars pajamas – words I never thought would go together.

And that adorable dog?  LIFE SIZE.  For the kiddos who desperately want a dog, but dad says no. *cough*Mike*cough*



How I love pulling things together for my imaginary daughter!  My imaginary daughter would totally rock out on a glitter guitar wearing a tiara.  She’d build cities of blocks, think grumpy cat is cute (he IS!!!) and wear graphic tees and matching Uggs just like her Mama.  I also added the dollhouse my seven-year-old-self once dreamed about.  (Hunh – there seems to be a very fine line between my imaginary daughter and memories of my own childhood…psychoanalyze away….)

Shana, feel free to send those gifts to your imaginary daughter to my home address . . . I’ll tell Greenlea she has an imaginary cousin she has to share them with! 😉



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  As always, all product choices, thoughts, and opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the retailers who help support our families.


  1. Love the guitar! We have friends (boy and girl) and their uncle got them a drum, set and guitar ladt year. Mom wasnt thrilled but I thought it was awesome! Love all the baby picks… but we’re out of that stagge (hopefully for now not forever, but hubs has different ideas). Shana have you ever checked our JR Cremps? Its a catalog (with a store at MofA). For any and all things boy (including a spread on all things war!)

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