Not Your ’90s Tie-Dye: 12 On-Trend Pieces We Love


As a teenager of the ’90s who grew up near a hippie college town, tie-dye is super-nostalgic for me. There was this rad vintage denim store in Fayetteville, Arkansas I used to go to on weekends, to peruse the perfectly broken-in Levi’s, and they always had a brilliantly colorful array of tie-dyed rainbow tees, as well. You may or may not have grown up with Deadheads and Phishheads as some of your besties, but I bet you can picture the bright rainbow and neon tie-dyes of that era. They were everywhere…Dude. Haha. #FLASHBACK #hackysacks

On-Trend: Cute Tie-Dye To Brighten Up Your Athleisure

I’m happy to report I didn’t see any of the in-your-face rainbow tie-dyes of yore when I was rounding up new tie-dye, as I’m calling it. Whew. Thank goodness. What I found instead were lots of beautiful swirls of pretty pastels, earth tones, blues and blacks…aka wearable colors. I’m also totally down for all the subtly space-dyed pieces like #2 below. YES.

I find the easiest way to work some tie-dye into a wardrobe is through athleisure. A pair of leggings, a tee, a hoodie — they’re all easy to throw on with jeans or your fav casual pieces. As someone who isn’t really a dress person, I find tie-dyed dresses on the whole just too much. So I skipped them. Instead, I rounded up cute workout wear and easy pieces for everyday that have great patterns and pretty colors to bring a little (or a lot) more tie-dye back into our lives.

Today's space dye & tie-dye is super on-trend: pretty pastels, earth tones, blues & blacks...kinda perfect for styling athleisure...cute w/ a pop of color.

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01/ Free People henley top: Love the neckline here for a feminine look. Indigo is a fav of mine for tie-dye.

02/ Spiritual Gangster tee: This might be my favorite tee of the bunch…the colors!

03/ Strut Black & White tee: OK, and this is my second favorite tee. Love the cut, and a black and white tie-dye is always easy to wear with anything.

04/ LNA hoodie: Speaking of great black and white tie-dye…this is fab skeleton-like in the best way. I’d wear it over my workout clothes and under my moto jacket.

05/ Treasure & Bond hoodie: Really cool colors at a great price point. Love that rust mixed with the black for something different.

06/ Monrow sunburst hoodie: This is so gorgeous. I had to order it and check it out. The colors here are the best combo I’ve seen, and the print is just so pretty.

07/ Good American bra: This looks like a super-comfy bra, and a nice subtle tie-dye if you just want to dip a toe in the trend.

08/ Tory Sport blue bra: Love the sky blue of this one. Would be cute under a white open-back tank.

09/ Free People bra: Love everything about this bra…the black and white, the long-line fit, the peekaboo back. Free People Movement line has really great pieces.

10/ Strut-This copper leggings: These are just a unique color and really lovely. Love the high waist, too.

11/ Cotton Citizen sweats: Um, YES. I wish these were shorter because they’d be mine.

12/ Tory Sport leggings: So these are like the right amount of subtly crazy, and I love the colors. If you’re gonna go crazy with a pattern like this, do it in workout gear, I say.

Shop Pretty, Wearable Tie-Dye

Love it or not, tie-dye is a trend that’s here for a bit, so I wanted to sift through to find some me-approved wearables. What do you think of the new tie-dye? After this roundup especially, I’m down for it. I currently have a black and gray tie-dyed sweatshirt but want to add one of the pretty pastel pieces for spring. Have you incorporated any tie-dye recently or found a good way to work it into your existing closet? Do share!

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