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IMG_0401 Amanda, our November mom, understands the power of perfect proportions and flow.  While many recommend that if you wear something wide on the bottom (EX: wide leg trousers on Amanda) then you need to wear something slim on top.  While that is a safe approach, I actually think it’s more interesting (and stylish) to wear a piece on top that echos the flow of the pant.  How to get this look right?  Let’s use Amanda as an example:

 Her trouser jeans are nice and wide, and hemmed to the perfect length.  Because of the great lines and tailoring, they look pretty dressy.
 Amanda’s shirt hits right below her hip bones, and the slight A-line of the shirt echos exactly the flow of the trouser jeans.
To keep the outfit looking cohesive, the dark print of the shirt is in the same color tone as the jeans.  Matching your color tones or intensities is a great way to make sure your outfit goes together without looking too match-y match-y.  (NOTE:  This rule can certainly be broken, but it’s a good rule of thumb.  And one I taught to my husband after I caught him leaving for work wearing pale green and dark red….don’t even get me started.)

I also love how Amanda added a little white flower clip to her hair.  That finishing touch gives the outfit an extra dose of personality.  Little touches like the flower are a great way to show off your personal style. 

So, how to recreate? Pair your favorite trouser jeans (preferably with a darker wash) with any of the below picks: 

Torytunic  Poppies

When looking for the perfect tunic, don’t mess around – go to the tunic queen, Tory Birch.  The Stephanie Tunic in Brown Tile can be found on for $295.

I like a little pop of color with this tunic…in the form of Sparkling Poppy Hair Clips from Poppy Chic Designs, $6.25.

Atl 6016_black_l_thumb

A more affordable tunic option is the Beaded Retro Print Tunic from Ann Taylor Loft, $59.

Pair this with the lush Floral Ponytail Holder with Rose Center from Betsey Johnson, $40.

Blueberry Pinkrose

If your style is a little less mod, a little more romantic, try the Blurry Bergenia Tunic, $78 and the Grandiflora Barrette in rose, $15, both from

xo, S

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