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The Depot at Gibson Mills. This place. I loved it. It’s a huge warehouse with big windows that let in such beautiful light. It has rooms and rooms full of antiques and vintage treasures and a little cafe with THE best cuban sandwich I’ve ever had. This place. Heaven for this old artistic soul. I was on a high the entire time. Not only that, but my kids must have all gotten together and decided that this was the day that they would not drive me crazy and be perfect little angels (maybe to try and discredit any claim I try to make to their dad about them being hooligans). I didn’t hear one whine, there were no tantrums or fighting and the baby slept almost the entire time we were there.

Weird. I mean, wow. That…never happens.

It was such a great day. I almost don’t want to go back, because I don’t want to jinx it. ha ha.

Let’s talk about my outfit now, because…important stuff. I threw on a button front romper that I’ve had for a while now. Nothing else was clean, so I really had no other option. heh. It proved to be a winner though. It was easy, comfortable, didn’t require me to match a top to some bottoms (some days I have a hard time, ya know. lol) and it made nursing the wee…eerrr…huge baby boy pretty easy.

I’d say it was an all around win kind of a day. I’m a fan of those kinds of days.  (Just don’t ask me what the next day was like. Shhhhhhh. No. lalalaaaa.)

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romper: old Hinge romper from Nordy  – the closest thing I could find to my own is this Hinge Floral Print Romper. Very cute and would look awesome with those Sam Edeleman’s I’m always pushing on here. I am also just about to order this Side Stitch Utility Romper – looks amazing. However, I’d definitely consider sizing up. The reviewers say it fits smaller on bottom and doesn’t really work, but ya’ll…I always try. You just never know what could work for you. I like the way it looks. It’s one I could wear all Summer long.

necklace: the Carrie personalized name necklace (yep, the one from good old SATC) – absolute favorite necklace to throw on any given day.
sandals: Vince Camuto Hopper sandal – my color seems to be sold out everywhere, but I did find their Remme Cutout Lace (low) wedge Sandals. These are awesome. They had me at the versatile color and the tiny wedge. Ah. My budget is sweating right now. If you want more of sandalsandal, I also ran into their Jacinta Sandal. It has a little sparkle to it, too.

stroller: Snap n’ Go – I was hesitant about buying this, because $90…and I could think of about 10 other things I could do with that money, but oh…my…goodness. I am so happy that I ended up getting it. It has been my life saver since having baby #3. I could grab the infant carseat out of the van, clip it to the snap n’ go and then hold my two year old’s hand and then my eldest could hold the side…or walk ahead a bit. It has been AWESOME. I highly recommend for any mama.


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Mmmm. That cuban sandwich, ya’ll. I’m willing to wrangle the kiddos once more just for that.





    • I saw that one!…and almost added it, but then realized it wouldn’t be nursing-friendly. However, there’s plenty of you that aren’t nursing…so that’s awesome. Thanks, Abbie!

  1. We’ve had the Snap’n’go from kid#1, it’s the best! Not having to wake up the baby to get him out of the car seat and into the stroller and then back into the car seat ten minutes later – priceless. Once they grow out of the infant car seat, it’s a different world though…

    • YES! It’s amazing. Connor is just now getting to the point where he is almoooost too big for his infant seat, so we’ll be switching him the convertible soon. I think we’ll then just switch to a simple umbrella stroller (for quick errands and school drop-off). Man, juggling kids. It’s a game! Cheers, Irina.

    • My snap n go has served me well through 3 kids. It has been my #1 baby item. I’m always sad when my baby outgrows the infant car seat and I have to give it up. My youngest is just about there now. I’ll do the umbrella stroller after that but it just doesn’t have the same convenience as the snap n go!

  2. I’m so sad! I saw this post the other day and immediately fell in love with the Hinge romper you posted and alas – it’s disappeared from every Nordstrom 🙁 If you find another – let me know!!! <3

  3. I know this is a little late but I am LOVING the rompers from athleta right now. The fabric is amazingly light/cool/wrinkle free with some stretch and the v-back design makes pulling it down to go to the bathroom, or even pulling an arm/boob out to nurse no problem at all. I prefer it over having to do/undo a bunch of buttons! I MAY have them in every color. Super easy to dress up or down. HIGHLY recommend giving them a try (and they are on sale)!

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