Your Complete Guide To Nursing-Friendly Sweaters (or a bunch of really cute ones, for everybody else)


Every time I see a gorgeous long turtleneck/mockneck sweater, I stare at it. I’ll even add it to my shopping cart…but then I admit it’s not something I want to spend money in right now because I’m breastfeeding. I was especially tempted by the gorgeous sweater that Cam found here. There’s obviously the occasional piece that I will risk being uncomfortable in, but that’s not something I like to do on an everyday basis. Pulling up a chunky sweater to nurse not only makes me sweat but also makes my very picky baby uncomfortable. He’s given me a lot of trouble with our breastfeeding journey, and let’s just say that in order for him to nurse on the right,  he needs to be positioned as if he was going to nurse from the left and then I turn my torso and move him a little to feed him with my right. (If it sounds complicated IT IS.) When he was younger, I would have to carry him and rock him while nursing, so with a lot of fabric pulled up to my neck….mmm no thanks.

Luckily for you and me, there’s so many gorgeous nursing-friendly sweaters. I’ve categorized them and found my favorites for each category and guess what?  Most are part of Black Friday Sales.

Convertible cowl nursing friendly sweaters

This type of sweater is not only functional but stylish. I wear a lot of off the shoulder things but I know not many are comfortable with them. The convertible cowl allows to wear as off the shoulder if you want to, or just show a shoulder but if you want to cover up more it can become a cowl.

Slightly cropped nursing friendly sweaters

I have a thing for sightly cropped tops. A slight crop will be a couple or more inches below your waist and sometimes will hit right on your hips. I only wear high-waist jeans and they look so good with them. They are perfect for petites and if you’re taller the solution I’ve seen works the most is to size up. The best thing about them? They allow me to wear turtle, mock or crew neck sweaters. I usually wear a bodysuit underneath so when I pull it up to feed Ben or lift my arms, I won’t be concerned about showing my stomach. Another option is a nursing top if you like them peeking out form under your top.

Poncho sweaters nursing friendly sweaters

A poncho is a great way to add interest to any outfit while still being able to wear a very nursing friendly top underneath and have an instant nursing cover.

Wrap sweaters nursing friendly sweaters

The first thing I bought last year at the end of my pregnancy was a wrap sweater. They are just so nursing friendly. Wear them over your nursing tanks.

Wide necklines nursing friendly sweaters

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but lately a lot of sweaters come with a very wide neckline that people often wear them showing one shoulder. The necklines are wide and stretchy and yes! very nursing friendly.

Gorgeous V-necks

Of course V-necks have to be here. However I looked for those that had special details to help us look more stylish.

Have fun making your fall/winter nursing outfits fun!

Chao, chao. Julieta

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  1. Needed this! LOTS of great options for this nursing mom. Thanks for all of your hard work and showing that it’s possible to still look cool without having to wear all those half shirt nursing tops that curl up after one wash.

  2. Love this! I’m nursing a 9 mo old and nursed my older daughter until she was 2. I’ve lost all my baby weight but now my clothes are old, stretched out, etc. and your tips are awesome.

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