New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday.  Not only is it the biggest party of the year (which means fun party dresses and sparkly shoes) but it is a time of rebirth and celebration.  NYE is the time to celebrate the past year’s successes and failures, and look forward to all of the adventures to come. It’s a time to reinvent yourself, a time to decide what stays, what goes.  Out with obsessing over wrinkles, in with more yoga and acceptance!  (And a splurge on that expensive eye cream.)  No wonder all of the gyms and yoga studios are packed every January.  Reinventing yourself takes work — which is why I like to go all out for NYE.  It is a milestone – we made it another year!  Cheers!  And I vow to be even better next year! Cheers again!

Last year was a little different.  I was 9 months pregnant, but was still determined to go out, wear something sparkly and have some champagne.   I had a blast — and delivered a few days later.  Before I had little man, I expected that by now, a year later, we would be pros at this parenting thing.  We would’ve had our babysitter booked and would be all set for a night on the town sans kid!  Whoo hoo, baby!  What an idiot.  First of all, no one wants to babysit on NYE, and second of all, my son is still nursing, going through separation anxiety, and is just not baby-sittable.  And….to be honest….a night on the town sounds fun, but it’s a little “been there, done that.”  So this year we’re getting together with some friends, making fancy food, and drinking and eating our way into the New Year.  It’s a bring-the-kiddos-and-stay-in kind of NYE.  So now, my big dilemma….what do I wear?  I need to be comfortable (and be able to nurse), but it’s NYE darn it!!  I need to feel festive!  There are two options I’m toying with……

Option 1 – Cozy Sweater, Glam Hair

This option requires a soft, cozy sweater, pinned up hair, and a glam little flower accessory.  Slick on some shimmery lipgloss and you are in the party mood!  To do this right, I really like either the all-white look or super saturated color.  See below for an example of each.


Oh how I love J. Crew cashmere — especially when it’s on super sale after the holidays.  Stock up!  Anyway, the white v-neck at left is J. Crew’s Cashmere V-Neck Sweater in Snow, $145.  And the beautiful white flower is the Vintage Rose, $14, from Tip and Fifi.  All of the Tip and Fifi flowers can be made as either headbands, or a comb.  The comb option is the one you want for this style.


The bright yellow turtleneck sweater is J. Crew’s Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater in Citron, on sale for $99.  The gorgeous red flower is the Bella Hair Clip, $20, also from Tip and Fifi.

Option 2 – Cozy Scarf, Glam Cuff

This option is any easy way to make a simple tee NYE ready.  It also works if you are someone who gets too hot in a sweater.  Wear your darkest, sexiest jeans, add a T, then wrap a super cozy scarf around your neck, add a glam cuff bracelet, and you’re done!


My current favorite cozy scarf is Chan Luu’s Luxurious Cashmere and Silk Scarf, $195 in Renaissance Rose.  If you don’t want to spend that much, try a local department store — many have super soft scarves in a similar shape.  I love this scarf with Kenneth Jay Lane’s Flower Cuff, $143 at shopbop.com.


There’s something about the frilly little Ruffle scarf from the Gap that I love.  It’s currently on sale for $20. It also comes in red.  Pair a bright color with a costume jewelry cuff that is equally bright – what could be more festive?  The cuff I’ve shown is the Gerard Yosca Green Crystal Bracelet, $180, from Max&Chloe.

No matter which option you choose, make sure you glam up your makup just a bit.  Try some shimmery lipgloss, swirl a little sheeny highlighter into your foundation (or moisturizer), or use my holiday favorite:  Lorac’s eyeliner in Midnight Sparkle (pic below).  It comes in a chubby stick that is virtually fool-proof.  It leaves behind both a soft gray color and little sparkles that light up your eyes.  Ooo la la!  Happy New Year!


xo, S

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