An NYE Maternity Outfit (Basic Black Tee + Jeans)



I have these cotton tunic tops that I ordered in a few different colors and I love them. I wear them A LOT. It’s great having something at this point in my pregnancy that’s comfortable and easy to throw on with jeans. Especially if it’s black and slimming (as slimming as a piece of clothing can be at 9 months pregnant). Problem: it ends up being all that I throw on with jeans. Okaaaay, but boring…especially when I also wear black shoes. heh. All I need then is a baggy black sweatshirt and I’m back in high school theatre. Woo!

Needless to say, that just doesn’t work for New Year’s Eve. Not when I want to look a little extra festive and fun – even if we simply go out for dinner with the kiddos, stay in and stuff our faces on the couch…and then party my pregnant bum right to bed by 9 (we know how to party around here).

I had to find a way to keep my favorite basics on my bod, but bring a little somethingsomething to the mix. Just like for my last holiday style post, I went on a search to find one statement piece that would really bring it. Well, watch out. I found three – a necklace, some fur and a clutch.

Wow, Cams. Wow.

I know. I stepped it up big time.




It took the black top and jeans to a whole different place. Basically, out of boring town.

I now wish I had gotten all CRAZY and had thrown on some rings or bracelets (maybe even a watch). I’m thinking that would have spiced up the look even more, but ya know…me and accessories. We don’t get each other. blerg. I always see what I could have added after the fact, which is no help. Whatsoever.

Eh. I’ll still go ahead and pat myself on the back for wearing fur and a necklace together, because whoah.


& then I put on Chucks (of course)


…because I need a more casual look most times. We don’t go to many parties (at least, not without kids in tow) soooo there’s that whole mom thing. I thought of popping on my beloved Converse at the last second and ummm. HELLO. I actually like this look the best. Seriously. It’s funky with it’s glam, but casual vibe.


Yep. I really dig it…and I’d definitely wear it to a low-key party.

So this is a major style win for this pregnant lady, who feels like a Class A Waddler most days. *dancing lady in red dress*

I need emojis for my posts. Clearly.


necklace: Leith Metal Statement Necklace – a simple statement, but one that packs a punch. This is my kind of necklace.

fur: Topshop faux fur stole – affordable option. It looks good with a biker jacket and anorak, too (I tested it for ya)…so that’s awesome.

tunic: BP. Scoop neck long sleeve Tee – I’m wearing a size large and it works well as a maternity top. I’ll be wearing these postpartum, too…especially around the house when I just need simple and comfortable. I have three now. ha. So yeh, I think I like them.

blazer: Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer – a basic blazer is just one of those things. It’s nice to have in your closet…with it’s power to make a casual outfit a bit more sophisticated. The Mural is an affordable one, too. I have been eyeing J.Crew’s Regent Blazer though. There are some things they just do so well and a blazer is one of them.

jeans: Paige Denim Skinny Maternity Jeans – Paige has some comfortable and stretchy maternity jeans, so I give these pair an A. They’re awesome for wearing with booties, too.

heels: HM heel, old – they do have these black kitten heels that are just a tad bit lower than mine. Sole Society has their D’Orsay pump as well (I’d recommend ordering a size up – a bit tight in the toes)

chucks: Shoreline Converse –  my love for Converse never fails. The end. Also, their shoreline style is my new favorite.

bag: a clutch from Francesca’s…and darn. it. I like it a lot, but can’t find it on their site now. I did find this Embellished Fringe Wristlet from Banana Republic (so cool) that would ROCK for New Year’s…and anytime, really. Of course, there’s always Rebecca Minkoff with her amazing fringe cross body bags (and this one comes in a port color that’s to die for).

Oh, and by the way, my party date totally has the swag thing down…


they see me rollin’, they haaaatin’…

Shop Simple Statements


Party hard!…and sip sip sip that champagne for me.


Cams, the current TME waddler


photos: Brandon Brown


  1. Cam, being similarly pregnant, I am LOVING your posts. Following ALL the advice and looking fabulous (or at least less of a disaster…). Thank you!!!!! Going to dress it up tomorrow, even though we are doing nothing…

  2. You’re hilarious, I love it! I wore my hot pink chucks to NYC for NYE. It felt a little ridiculous, especially since my husband was all dressed up and suit shopping, but hey, I walked ALL day.

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