NYFW Recap: Nina Skarra, and My (Short-Lived) Stint as a Street Style Photographer


Do you remember my friend Brent, of Urban Fieldnotes?  He managed to score tickets with a plus one to a NYFW show.  Aaaand guess who he asked to be his plus one?

I obsessively starting planning My Outfit.

But there was a catch:  Brent is a street style photographer, not a fashion blogger.  So his plan was to attend the show, but then spend the rest of the day outside doing his street style photog thing.  And since I was tagging along for the day…."Shana, dress warm" said Brent.  "It's going to be 30 degrees, and after the first four hours of being outside, you'll really get cold."

oh.  Wait – four what

DSC_6277 (1)


And that's the story of how I ended up at my first NYFW in a puffer coat. I did, however, wear a pretty dress underneath (as well as three layers of tights & leggings).  I felt…you know, cute and comfortable, if not photo ready.  

I think "photo ready" is over-rated anyway.  From what I could tell, it involved way too much bare leg for 30 degree weather (says the mom).

What Not To Wear to Be Photographed at NYFW

DSC_6119 (1)


I'll be honest, Mamas.  I was a bit disappointed with much of the street style.  I was really hoping for some amazing examples of cold-weather dressing.  Something inspiring, something fresh perhaps?  Instead, the majority fell into one of three camps:  Crazy, Cold or Wearing the NYFW Uniform.

Brent captured some amazing shots – see him in action, below?  Also, go check out his post here for examples of both the crazy and the cold.  


But the unofficial uniform of NYFW?  Ah.  Well.  



New York Fashion Week, aka, Girls In Faux-Fur.   Extra points for brimmed hats and cool bags.



Isn't that funny?  They all look fabulous, of course, but after a while I started to get excited if I saw something really novel like pink faux-fur, rather than tan or black.  (eyeroll)

Anyway, in my day-long stint as a street style photographer, I learned something about myself:   I am a terrible street style photographer.  

Mamas, I was seriously a disaster.  Not only did I spend the majority of the day severely tongue-tied around my photography heros (Ummmm….Scott and Garance were there, Bill Cunningham(!!), Phil Oh, Eddie Newton, Adam Katz Sinding – who Brent introduced me to and was really, really nice)…but I felt like an idiot.  And it didn't help that almost everyone was vying for the same shots and the whole thing started to feel like…paparazzi?  Brent actually just published an article on the blurry line between street style photographers and paparazzi.  If I hadn't known better, I would've thought these crowds of photographers were, in fact, paparazzi.


But given the environment they're working in, it completely BLOWS MY MIND that photographers like Adam Katz Sinding are able to capture the artistic, often hauntingly beautiful shots that they do.  Despite the mad frenzy, skill makes a big difference.

Which was, I think, the heart of my problem.  In those instances I was able to get over myself and go for a shot, I'd try to take the picture and realize that my camera wasn't on.  Or I'd remember to turn it on, but I'd leave the lens cap in place.  Or a few times, things would happen so fast that I'd be startled and hit myself in the face with the camera. Sigh.

I was much (much, MUCH) happier inside the show.  We attended Nina Skarra's RTW Fall/Winter 2013 presentation, and it was fabulous.  



Nina Skarra is a Norwegian designer who uses only 100% eco-friendly fabrics, and has a completely sustainable production process.  


She crafts in silk, wool, bamboo, soy, eco leather, and organic cotton.  Despite the green label, her clothes are stunning, the fabric detailed and interesting.  This was one of my favorite looks from the collection:





What did I take away as inspiration?  Well.  That monochromatic dressing is going to be around for a looong time, for one.  That I need a pair of truly interesting shoes, and that purple is fun and unexpected with white.



I loved the combo of irreverent make-up (teal eyeshadow, coral lips) with finished hair.  And lastly, if environmentally-conscious design looks this good, there's hope for more in our future.  Yay!




ps.  We'll be back to our regular scheduled programming tomorrow, Mamas.  I'll be talking about something totally normal…like t-shirts.  




  1. WOW.
    There is a whole world of street/fashion photography that I never really knew existed. I mean, I knew it existed but, I had no idea that there were street photog celebrities really. I am totally intrigued and want to know/learn more!!! I love street photography myself but I am far to shy for it (I cannot for the life of me go up to a stranger and start talking them up and asking for their photo. nope. I really wish I could. I am sure I’d have some great photos if it were possible, but I cannot do it)
    The part about you hitting yourself in your head with your camera or finding yourself stuck with the lens cap on made me laugh. That would be ME.
    Oh, and in my humble opinion, I think you look quite fashionable as a street photog! 🙂

  2. I’m in a puffer, fleece leggings, and a skirt almost every day on the streets of chilly Amsterdam, and I have to say that I love your red puffer! So bright and cheerful, a definite bonus in overcast weather. Can’t wait to get one!

  3. After perusing Brent’s subjects from Fashion Week, I’m left with a more solidified love for ANMJ. Those “fashionistas” look clownish to me. I need to know how to dress so I DON’T look like I’m navigating exotic animals and piles of crap in my own three ring circus (ie. mommy hood). That’s what I learn here!:)

  4. Shana you are such a great writer! Such a sense of humor! you found your second calling….tell me ….where is that cool yellow bag from!,,,,,

  5. I <3 your yellow bag! And I think you look great! It's not like you were out there in Carhartt coveralls (but you would have been warm)! Give yourself some credit, woman!

  6. I can only assume that NYFW has a bit of tongue-in-cheek vibe..so kudos to those who are braver than I to wear those outfits..but the fact that you were a) not wearing a Wookie as a vest or coat b)not insulting our intelligence by trying to imply smiley face sunglasses is, indeed, fashionable, and c) not wearing Spiked Franken-booties prove that you were, by far, one of the more fashionable ladies there! Leather leggings, fab cut-out white mini dress and perfect red coat? Warm AND stylish? LOVE! (And I’m with the other gals…I have purse envy with that yellow cross body purse!) Thanks for keeping it real…not really ridiculous 😉 Love you as always!

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