Sorta Kid Proof Sunglasses Without Giving Up Style!


Sorta kid proof sunglasses, and by that I mean they are likely (no promises) to stay in one piece while your little one tries them on, eats them, throws them on the floor, etc!   

First, always a favorite of mine, Oakley "Active" Sunglasses.  I have seriously been an Oakley junkie for almost 2 decades!  Prices in the mid $100's and available at online at Oakley.

Oakley embrace in Moss Oakley script pink suede

Next, Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Eyewear- these are seriously cool frames.  And the bright colors, sparkly jewels and animals (my fav) will help keep the kiddo entertained.  Well, entertained for at least for a few minutes, but when a meltdown is happening in the checkout line one tends to get desperate and these are still better than handing the little screamer your iphone.  Priced in the mid to high $200's and available online at Ed Hardy Eyewear.   


My new sunglasses obsession is, in a word, classic.  Salt sunglasses available at Salt Optics.  Priced in the mid $300's, they are an investment.  But see how baby friendly!! Salt's advertising even has a baby in the picture!  In all seriousness, Salt glasses come with a PFV Polarized lens, allows you to choose the color of the lens based on the lighting situation (handy for sun soaked Denver) and comes with anti-smudge, anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating.

Salt Nikki caspian sparkle   Salt penelope Salt holly in white cloud

I had really wanted to include a bargain option for cool sunglasses that were still kid friendly (aka plastic frames).  Unfortunately, most of the cheap plastic frames all come with stickers that say things like, "Blocks Most UV Rays"…which…basically means nothing.  In fact, cheap sunglasses without good UV protection can actually be damaging to your vision.  (Read here for more info).  Sunglasses are one of those things that I simply don't skimp on.  It's just not worth it.  So how to afford?  Take this tip from my parents (they own an optical business):  when I asked if they could recommend a cheap pair of kid friendly sunglasses, their response was to, "tell you friends to just come in.  We can set them up with a payment plan.  It's not worth harming your eyes."  In this economy, I'm sure most other small local optical shops would have the same reaction.  So ask, it can't hurt.  If they don't want to work with you….then just get in touch with my folks at H. Rubin Opticians, tell them Jayme sent you and you will be taken care of!        



  1. You have me dreaming about the Salt sunglasses. Nice pick. And after comparing my $10 specials to your oakley’s the other day….I just got religion. Sunglass religion anyway.

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