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According to the Color Marketing Group, 85% of consumers buy a product based on its color. As someone who fancies themselves ‘a super-picky, designer-type, especially when it comes to color,’ I definitely fall into this category of buyers. But statistics aside, what about you? How often do you think you purchase something based on its shade?

Classic Blue Style: The Pantone Color of The Year In Fashion & Decor

The Pantone Color of the Year is supposed to reflect where we are as a culture, and Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is the selection for 2020. Travel destinations, art, movies, etc., inspire the Pantone colors each round, and some experts think this year’s color has already been made out to be a celebrity. Lori Pressman states in this segment from Planet Money on NPR — “think about the sky at dusk, that speaks to the end of the day…the dependability and yet there’s more color depth…there’s a red undertone…it’s not that cardigan sweater, that university jacket, it’s more modern” In the same segment, Regina Blaszczyk says it does looks like your bank card and intentionally so — “it’s safe, secure and familiar… in this time of turmoil there’s a desire to move towards stability.”

What I find super-interesting, is that the workers at Pantone in New Jersey have to take special vision tests to assure they see the exact correct colors and tones (also — where can I take this test?). Color is money, apparently, and I have to admit I buy for color even if it’s not something I’m going to wear…book covers, wine labels, even my toothbrush… I was really glad to be able to pick out a color I preferred. Barbie, Victoria’s Secret, Tiffany, and Schwepps have all consulted Pantone for their own products, and I’m pretty sure most of you can picture those exact brand shades in your head right now without even looking at one of the products.

I could go on about color all day, y’all, but I’ll spare you the art school lesson for now and move on to some lovely items to ogle if you do happen to love this year’s Classic Blue.

The Pantone Color of the Year supposedly reflects where we are as a culture. Classic Blue = safe, secure & familiar. Our favs for 2020 in fashion & decor.

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01/ J.Crew Ciao baby tee: You know I’m a graphic tee fan. This is adorable, simple and not cheesy.

02/ Anthropologie Phoenix top: GORGEOUS.

03/ Rebecca Minkoff sweater: This is so so cool. Love the contrast of the black and white. Selling quickly though.

04/ Cariuma sneakers: Some of the team got to try out these sneakers and they approve. This is perfect, and a Pantone collaboration, so the color is spot-on!

05/ Pantone bracelet: Same with this lovely bracelet, if you’re looking for just a pop of this blue.

06/ Design Within Reach light: OK, I know. But it’s gorgeous!

07/ Etsy art print: I seriously adore this. I think I need this for our living room to pair with my orangey/tan leather couch.

08/ Asos tracksuit: Love this. It’s a bit faded but still in the right color range. I’m digging matching tracksuits so much right now.

09/ Hunter boots (on sale!): I mean. You can’t go wrong, especially here in Portland or with rainy Spring not too far away.

10/ Vans: Again, loving the black and white with this classic blue. It’s a perfect combo.

11/ Cloud running shoe: I’m not familiar with this brand, but it gets great reviews and they’re one of the few lines that gets this color pretty close without it being a collaboration with Pantone.

12/ Bianca mae rug (multiple sizes): LOVE love this rug. And it’s a reasonable option if you want to add this lovely color into your home.

Shop More Clothes & Decor In Pantone’s Classic Blue

So, there we have it. The blue of the year and the year of blue: a classic. What do you think? I will say it’s been hard to find that many wearable pieces in exactly the right shade. Everything tends to lean more electric blue or more true navy. I know a few items above are just close-ish, and even though I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, I let myself be OK with that — #alwaysgrowing.

I do like this blue, and I do see the bit of red and depth in it, and to me, it doesn’t read super-corporate or bank-like (I worked as a bank teller for years for a company that did have that tried-and-trusted blue bank color in their logo.) This was my favorite image I saw on Pantone’s Instagram when it first came out that made me fall in love with the idea of this blue. I mean.

The Pantone Color of the Year supposedly reflects where we are as a culture. Classic Blue = safe, secure & familiar. Our favs for 2020 in fashion & decor.
Source: instagram.com/pantone

If I decide on something to order and try out, I’ll follow up with some ideas of what to pair this color with…but off the top of my head I’m thinking gray jeans…or light-washed would look nice when it comes to denim. What are your two cents on this — or do you get as excited as I do about these yearly colors? Let’s dish.



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  1. I love the way the quoted experts talk about color. It reminds me of the press releases around fashion runway shows; they all seem to see a lot more in the work than I can get out of it just by looking at it, but I appreciate the guidance (this is also the reason I hate “untitled” art at museums–nooo, please help me interpret!). I do like this blue, although I think you’re spot on about the potential difficulty pairing it (classic blue jeans don’t seem to work in my head, but I like the idea of grey or light wash). I’m thinking oxblood would be pretty against this, as well as marigold.

  2. I love my On running sneaks too, I have a black pair. I love blue personally so I’m all about it this year but I usually take the Pantone color of the year very lightly. I ordered the blue JCrew sweater and a pair of Gola sneakers they had with a touch of blue, going to pair them with a leopard skirt and I’ll let you know how that goes, lol.

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