October 2008 Mom


Jamietest Never underestimate the power of a good hoodie.  Our October mom, Jayme, understands this.  A cute hoodie is a great way to infuse a little personal style into the t-shirt-n-jeans combo.  Jayme’s hoodie, in addition to being a great color, has some cool embroidery which gives it an almost handmade, boho vibe.  For breastfeeding moms, hoodies can be thrown on over a nursing cami, and for babywearing moms, hoodies allow you to carry your babe around without worrying about the kid chewing off a button and choking.  And when your hoodie is as embellished as Jayme’s, no jewelry required.  So choose your hoodie wisely and express just how cool you are.

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 For hoodies that give off a casual-cool vibe, try either Free People’s We The Free Shining Star Hoodie, $168 or Delia’s Jackson Pollock inspired Splatter Print Hoodie, $40. My very favorite casual-cool hoodie, however, comes from an online store called neighborhoodies.com.  You can custom make your hoodie for whatever city neighborhood you live in.  If you city isn’t listed, shoot them an email and they’ll add it! 


If your look is a little more refined, try either Splendid’s French Terry Hoodie, $156 at shopbop.com or J. Crew’s classic cashmere hoodie which happens to be on sale for $140.


If your look is a little funkier, try LAMB’s Ikat Piecing Hoodie, $165, at shopbop.com or Project E’s Empire Crop Hoodie in gold, $114 at revolveclothing.com



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