Mom Street Style – October 2009 Mom


IMG_0721Setting the scene:  My dear friend Amber, who is not yet a mom, has just finished reading my article, The Uninspired, The Unflattering, The Trends of Fall 2009.

Amber: Seriously?  You said no to over-the-knee boots?

Me: Well, I said they weren't PRACTICAL.

Amber:  Whatever.  They are fabulous.  FABULOUS.  And I know you want them.

Me:  [sigh]  Ok, mayb-

Amber: Seriously?  Like moms can't be HOT?  Moms can TOTALLY be hot.  I know lots of hot moms.  You're hot – you could wear them!

Me: Ummmm…thanks? But you are right, moms CAN be hot, but I just said they weren't practi–

Amber: Let your moms be hot!  Tell your moms they have a RIGHT to be hot!

Me: Ok, Ok, Ok.  I know. I KNOW. [weakly] I just said they weren't practical….for all moms…some moms may not like them….

Amber:  [silence]

Amber:  I'm wearing mine tonight.  You will LOVE them and be jealous.

And she did.  And I was.  They are fabulous.  AND…to make matters worse, a few weeks after this conversation I ran into hot-mom Amy, pictured above, wearing……[drumroll]…..over-the-knee boots.  And a rather practical pair, actually.  

In addition to the fab-yet-practical pair of over-the-knee boots, Amy's outfit is another way to add a bit of sophistication and trend to the basic t-shirt 'n jeans mom uniform.  It's perfect for those days when you want to go out on the town….or in Amy's case, taking her adorable little guy Michael to the art museum. 

Amy starts with a well-known theme in high-end basics:  great jeans and a turtleneck. Amy is wearing J. Brand jeans and a Majestic turtleneck.  Both pieces are a touch pricey, but both are the kind of amazing staples that you will wear for YEARS.  Amy's turtleneck has been washed and worn a million times over, and still had amazing color, shape and drape.  If you are talking price-per-wear, both pieces are a STEAL.

To add a touch of sophistication and warmth, Amy threw on a simple cream scarf and an amazing cord blazer by Theory.  Her over-the-knee boots, purchased a couple of years ago in Tokyo, are by Frida.

Let's recreate:

The Basic Outfit

J Brand 811 Skinny Stretch Ankle Jean Majestic Turtleneck  _5932703

All items pictured above are from 

First we have J. Brand's 811 Skinny Stretch Ankle Jean in dark wash, $158.  On a personal note, J. Brand is my favorite brand of skinny jean.  They are constructed of virtually indestructible denim, typically have a higher waist (without going into mom jean territory), the back pockets are plain, but well situated for hiding sagginess, and the dark color is slimming. 

Amy's turtleneck, Majestic, can be purchased at Nordstroms for $95 and also comes in a beautiful charcoal gray option. 

The scarf is simply the B.P Fringe Wrap, $18, at Nordstroms. 

The Boots

Amy's boots work so well (yes, even for moms) because of three main reasons:

1. Low heel, easy to walk in (and carry the babe in)

2. The over-the-knee height is adjustable – you can wear it up, or cuffed, making the look more versatile

3.  The color is the kind of slight distressed, variegated brown that looks amazing with both black or brown outfits.

I couldn't find Amy's exact pair, so keeping the above reasons in mind, here are the boots I'd recommend to recreate Amy's look:

Jessica Simpson Clancy Boot Nicole Right Now Boot 


Both boots can be purchased at, and both boots can be worn as pictured, or cuffed.  On the left is the Jessica Simpson Clancey Boot in Dust Suede, $198, and on the right is the Right Now Boot by Nicole in Copper, which retails for $175.

Over-The-Knee Boot Styling Notes

  • Skip this style of boot if you don't like how you look in skinny jeans.  I do think that most moms CAN pull off skinny jeans, but for moms with curves, I would choose to pair the jean with a  different boot.  The Over-The-Knee boot style is pretty sleek, therefore won't provide much balance to your overall silhouette. Bottom line – this boot is best for those moms who are already rockin' their skinnys.  
  • If you are going to pair over-the-knee boots with a dress or skirt, keep the hemline short.  You want some leg showing between your boot and the hem of the skirt.

The Blazer

Lastly, Amy's casual, yet sophisticated blazer is not to be found.  So sad.  It's hard to beat Theory in terms of tailoring and fit.  However, I was able to find a couple of options that come close.

Plumblazer V289157_CROP1 

First is J. Crew's Velvet Eden Blazer in Iris, $148 at  I like that this jacket could double as a going-out piece.  Next is the Washed Corduroy Blazer, $78 at Victoria's Secret, pictured above in Sangria Red.  They also have this blazer in blackberry color, which is a better match to the color of Amy's Theory Blazer. To be honest, any structured blazer in a rich color will give you a look similar to Amy's.

So YES – Over-The-Knee boots are fabulous, and, if chosen carefully, can actually be a practical addition to a mom's wardrobe.  Hmmmm…I sense a shopping trip in my future.  Sometimes, I just love being wrong.