Oh Hey, Snow Bunny: The Coolest Ski-Themed Clothes


I’ve been getting so many questions about my Apres Ski knit beanie, I took to the Googles, hoping to find it. No such luck. I did, however, come across a plethora of cool ski-themed sweaters, sweatshirts, hats, and tees that are exactly what I feel like wearing right now.

P.S. The knit beanie was an old Eugenia Kim which doesn’t even show up on eBay, but the search might be worth trying from time-to-time. The base layers worn above are my favs, Sweaty Betty.

The Cutest Ski- (or Apres-Ski-) Themed Sweaters, Hats, Tees & Sweats

Ski season calls for some cute, cozy ski-themed gear for this snow bunny. You too? We've rounded up our fav beanies, sweaters & sweats to face the cold.

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There were so many cute ones, I couldn’t help but share.





  1. I learned to ski @ Winter Park and thought Alta was one of the best spots ever (so based on your pics & the captions above, I’m feeling super legit then!). But living near Chicago + kids, getting out west to ski has eluded us in more recent years; however, determined NOT to be a ski snob, we FINALLY brought them to our nearest WI “mountain” last weekend just 1 hour from our house. Thank goodness getting back on skis felt like riding a bike and the kids LOVED it. We will keep going (even though its on a small scale) and goal is to get back to CO or UT in the near future!

  2. Gotta school you here – Eldora’s not a tiny hill any more. I mean, the actual height of the hill isn’t big, but Alterra bought the resort, put in a huge new lift, put it on the Ikon pass, and now those of us who just want to go nordic skate for a couple of hours are fighting family traffic from Denver for parking. So it might as well have its own sweatshirt, because it’s as big a cluster as the rest of the resorts.

  3. Any recommendations for real ski pants that look slim fitting and tailored as opposed to huge and bulky? Trying to look cute on the slopes. (5’1, 115lbs)

  4. Most brands are going back to more of a slimmer fit…I prefer a little bit bulkier because I need room for a knee brace…u could try Roxy, Obermeyer, Orage, etc. Burton usually runs a little more bulky to cater to the snowboard look. I highly recommend trying them on in a ski shop because there is a lot to a ski pant …fabric, weight, length, adjustable tabs, etc & most pants are clocking in at $200+ for regular price, current season.

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