Old City, New Eyes (And An Almost-Fancy Outfit Idea)


“The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of another…”: I think Proust is advocating for staycations? Feeling inspired, I set off to discover my familiar old city with new eyes. Specifically, those of a toddler and kindergartener.

Boston was my old stomping ground through my crazy 20s, and while I was quite familiar with the divey pubs and late night pizza spots, kid-friendly (ok, if we’re being honest, “daytime”) activities weren’t on my radar. And much like me, the city has changed – so much – over the last decade. I headed in to get the lay of the land before taking the kiddos, since the ‘Big Dig’ rearranged streets and exits almost on the daily for years. I didn’t need to worry, though, the new Greenway area is the perfect jumping off spot.

This part of the Boston used to be an unlovely, decrepit elevated highway and an infuriating cluster of traffic jammed streets. The city was dirtier, somehow grittier then. Not quite as bad as the ’80s, but still, a lot rougher around the edges. Now it’s open, green, dotted with (clean!) fountains and frequented by food trucks – yesss!

Hands down, my favorite part of the whole thing is this little carousel area. The incredibly detailed animals are nothing short of amazing – the grasshopper and squirrel are a lil’ creepy, but the sideways sea turtle and peregrine falcon are insanely cool. I’m planning to hit the new food market nearby, Boston Public, and snag excellent picnic stuff for lunch at one of the little cafe tables around the carousel. Next to this area there’s a map of all the uninhabited Boston harbor islands you can explore by ferry, which is waiting right across the street at the waterfront. The pirate hats are already packed.

Outfit Details

Top – Anthropologie Washed Denim Pocket Tank Top: I fell in love with this swingy denim top on a recent in-person shopping trip with Cam & Laura (yay blog buddies!). The back is overlapping panels, but they never open so much that I felt exposed, just cool and breezy.

Jeans – J. Crew Toothpick Jeans in Grey:  My trusty grey J.Crew toothpick jeans in petite because they’re cropped at just the right length for fun shoes and booties.

Shoes – Sole Society Lola Pumps in Paprika (c/o): I’m usually a flats girl but these are basically ballet slippers with a block heel. The paprika color is more like a muted coral, which I love for a pop of color since I’m usually in jeans or neutrals.

Bag – Sole Society Miller Tote (c/o): This oversize tote has so. much. room. I’m planning on using it as a carry-on and day bag next month. During a day out in Paris (yes, I’m pinching myself), there’s plenty of room in the three sections to keep the baguettes and cheese separate from souveniers, magazines for the train ride and camera. (If anyone has tips on French drugstore beauty must-haves that you can’t get from Amazon, I’m all ears!) Then during the work portion of my trip, any of the sections are large enough to hold my laptop and all the chargers and international plug converter thingies, plus an extra layer for air-conditioning and change of shoes. It would also work beautifully as a diaper bag; I like to keep diaper stuff separate from snacks and mama stuff. That animal print lining though!

I’m seeing these little denim tops everywhere now, and they go with practically everything so it’s quickly becoming my warm weather go-to. And you know I’m all about the statement shoe – coral shoes are the most fun pop of color for my otherwise neutral outfits.  Minimal effort, maximum impact!

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Thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring this post. Check out their gorgeous spring shoes, bags and accessories, updated often! All opinions and product selections were my own. Also, a big thank you to readers for your support – we love your love!

Photography by the lovely and talented Sam Altieri


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