Hey there!  This month has S-U-C-K-E-D.  I mean OK it’s not cancer or anything (I always feel the need to quality lest the Gods of The Universe strike me down), but geez.  We’ve spent the entire month dealing with one sick kiddo or another (and I include Mike and myself in there) and trying to battle the stir-crazies by rigorously decluttering a la The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

As you can see, it’s going well.  #no

But all in all, everyone is more or less fine.  Pax’s latest costume obsession is “work clothes” which is turning out to be much more expensive than his superhero phase (“Pax, Mum can’t afford that suit.  I know you wike it, but it’s $300.  Everyone wikes it”),  Raines has moved on from WWII to Greek Mythology (thanks to the Percy Jackson book series), and I must be feeling more like myself (or bored) because I keep buying underwear.  Which means life is good for Mike as well.

So that’s us in a nutshell.

But I have a bunch of fun things to share with you guys, so let’s DO THIS THING.

Culottes.  Someone wanted to see these on a wider range of body types and Refinery29 actually did that last summer.  Such great styling ideas – and don’t be put off by the crop top on the first page.  There’s a ton of other ideas as well.

Need a laugh?  Check out the videos popping up all over instagram with the hashtag #alisondanceoff.  Alison (of The Alison Show) is hosting this little online dance party, and if you haven’t checked her out….she’s AWESOME.  I’m a huge fan.


Check it.  I’m kinda obsessed with LOFT’s take on matching checks.  (With sneakers!!) LOFT currently has a whole line of checks to mix and match, and they’re currently buy-one-get-one-50% off.  (But be conservative with washing instructions:  I just had a reader give me a heads up that her wool LOFT sweater, after she followed the care instructions exactly, shrunk to doll size, yet LOFT wouldn’t allow her to return it.  Such a bummer.)


A Genius Upgrade:  Know those brightly colored magnet letters that are pretty much the universal sign for Kids Live Here?  Gia over at The Dress Up Files shared this genius trick on her instagram feed:  spray paint ’em GOLD.  Love. This.

Hunh?  I get a lot of strange pitches in my inbox…the BeardSki might be the worst.  I mean THE BEST.

She Did It!  Loved the email I received from reader Sara.  She put Scotti’s tricks to the test and recreated the J.Crew NYFW look without foundation.  She was so happy with the result, she sent in pics.  Sara has pale skin and freckles and this look was PERFECT on her.  (I think the one thing she changed was that she added a bit of blush on her nose.)  The whole thing is adorable.  I’ve updated the post (How To Easily Recreate J.Crew’s NYFW Makeup) with Sara’s picture if you’d like to see.

That underwear thing.  I have no will power when it comes to Free People Intimates or Anthropologie intimates.  Two of the most well-edited selections of lingerie on the web.   (Prepare to drool.)

My life is complete:  Amazon Fresh now delivers to Philly.  It’s like Fresh Direct, only same-day delivery (usually) and much cheaper prices….OR….INSTACART.  OMG have you heard of this app?  It does local deliveries within HOURS.  So I can order from Whole Foods, Reading Terminal Market and the Liquor Shop.  I mean seriously.  (Thanks, Amy!!)


That’s it!  I’d love to say that we have big plans this weekend, but I’m still fighting a cold and besides HOUSE OF CARDS is out.  Soooooo….yeah.  There’s that.  But our #everydaystyle series is going really well over on Instagram (@shanachristine), so you’ll see something about that here, soon.

Happy Weekend!