On Pencil Skirts, Moto Jackets and My Propensity To Rumple – Sponsored Post




Loft reached out to see if I would like to style up my favorite pieces from their current collection.  There are tough questions in life; this wasn’t one of them.




My love of this insanely soft moto jacket + knit button-down combo has no bounds.  I mean seriously:  there are clothes that look good, and there are clothes that are comfortable.  These two pieces nail that rare combination of comfort and polish.  (The cute little stacking rings were a nice bonus.)






I look a little rumpled, no?  That was by design.  Admittedly, tucking in the shirt looked….better, I suppose.  But it also looked dressier and put together and if there is one thing I am NOT it is ‘put together’.  Rumplestiltskin is my name, so untucked the shirt stayed.  It made this outfit mine.  MINE OWN, as Pax says.



I think this is one of the reasons I’m loving LOFT’s current collection:  it’s chic and easy to wear.






jacket: LOFT Moto Flight Jacket, size XS

top: LOFT Knit Stripe Button-down, size S

skirt: Cotton Coated Moto Pencil Skirt, size 00

boots:  old, but I love the (walkable) wood-heeled Side-zip ankle boots at LOFT

rings: LOFT Mixed Metal Sparkle Ring set 



I should also mention that everything is currently 50% at LOFT online with code OURTREAT.    I just put an order in for this chambray tee (I’ll wear it with some lightwash skinnies, over this light blue knit button-down), and this seemingly perfect long-sleeve striped tee.  These are the kinds of pieces I literally will wear everyday.

For more shopping inspiration (and to see how some of my favorite LOFT styles look on various body types), be sure to check out the most recent Dressing Room Selfies with Sarah edition.

But because #dressingroomselfies are always limited by time and in-store inventory, here are a few pieces we haven’t yet talked about, but I think are worth another look.  (Because it’s hard to resist the siren call of gorgeous neutrals at 50% off, you know?)


Happy shopping….


  1. You look wonderful! Love the outfit posts…Especially when I can copy.! Love it when items are not sold out 🙂 Thank you…still looking for the original post when you mentioned that fringe bag…want to look for one on ebay 🙂

  2. Love the striped shirt! I was just at Loft and cannot believe I missed it! Definitely worth going back.
    Also, ever since you first wore the Steve Madden black Quikted slip ons, I have been debating in whether I should get them. Yesterday at Target, I found the exact same style by Mossimo for $24.99. So I snatched those babies and headed for check-out. They are cute, pretty comfy and most importantly, $25!!! :0)

  3. I’m a huge fan of your blog, and I’m both thrilled for your recent expansions and aware of the business realities of running a profitable blog. But, I have to be honest, the frequency of the sponsored posts are getting somewhat off-putting. In the past week alone, three of the five posts were sponsored. I believe you when you write that your opinions are your own, despite the sponsorship. However, I don’t recall seeing a negative sponsored post, and it also seems to be limiting your focus. There have to be pieces you’d appreciate outside of Marc Jacobs, Loft and whatever Nordies is pushing this week. While you do post about other designers, it’s hard to believe that your increased focus on your sponsored brands is coincidental. It’s your blog, it’s your voice, and it’s still a frequent read for me (and, of course, I always have the option not to read, but I’ve enjoyed it so much, I’d like to exhaust all my other options first). But it’s because it’s such a great resource that I hope you’ll consider my comment.

    • JS – Yeah, October has been crazy. And, quite frankly, the rate of sponsored posts continues throughout this month. But I do take these things very – VERY – seriously. Here’s what I’d like you to know:

      1. You don’t see negative sponsored posts simply because I don’t accept them. Before I agree to any sponsored post, I have to be a firm believer in both the product and the brand (and YES – I do turn down sponsored posts). I also receive free product from time-to-time, but only the stuff I love makes it onto the blog. (And yes – some brands been miffed by this. You can’t really win here.) Nordstrom is one of my favorite brands to work with, in part because their policies are so patron-friendly: Free shipping, free return shipping, AND returns for any reason with or without receipt??? Not to mention their seriously awesome selection. I mean come on – you can’t beat that.

      2. I create editorial calendars for each month (I’m currently working on november’s). The editorial calendar will initially have some broad, sweeping goals. For October, I knew I wanted to cover some breast cancer awareness, some fall transition outfits, some beauty tutorials focused on looking good in family photos (coming!!), and then, at the end of the month, I wanted to start talking about some holiday dressing strategies. I also try to mix things up with some house and/or kid/men’s stuff. So when I get sponsored post requests, one of the things I consider is whether they’ll fit into my existing editorial calendar.

      3. The second part – before accepting any sponsored post requests – is to look at the products. I oh-so-carefully go through the products we’re focusing on to see if there is anything worth writing about. If not, I don’t do it. The sponsored posts this month were, quite frankly, a no brainer. Marc Jacobs is one of my very favorite designers (I have an actual, tested history with his products), I accepted a sponsored post for holiday denim later in the month, and when I was debating between two approaches for an upcoming sponsored post on petites, I turned to my facebook followers. I had 69 very opinionated comments (love that!!), which told me there was definitely interest in the article I was planning. (And, I hope, this article – with it’s emphasis on styling – will appeal to everyone, petite or no.)

      My rule of thumb? If I wouldn’t actually want to read it on my favorite blogs, if I don’t find the story compelling and exciting, I skip it.

      4. I would also like to point out that while the number of sponsored posts have gone up significantly, so has the total number of posts. If I were unable to run my blog like a business (which means, yes, make a profit), I would have to go back to the old days of trying to squeeze articles out after my kids fell asleep. My posting schedule, once upon a time, was 1-2 per week. Profit, for me, means a nanny, which in turn, means more content.

      5. JS – Is there something specific you think I’m not addressing? With October being a month for breast cancer awareness, halloween, cooling fall weather AND the holidays around the corner…it’s a crazy busy blogging month. I’m just thankful I’ve had so many sponsored post opportunities that allow me to cover most of those topics. If your concern is just general suspicion (like seriously S have you sold out to the man??), I hope I’ve eased your mind somewhat. If there is something specific, however, then I’m all ears.

      • Ok, so first off, I am blown away by the time and effort you took to answer my comment — honestly, that went a long way in and of itself towards easing my concerns. And now that I know a bit more about your process, I feel much more comfortable — thank you so much for sharing the “behind the scenes.” I’m happy for you (and your readers) that you’ve been able to make your blog profitable — you deserve the success, and we get more posts, so win-win!

        Most of my concern was general suspicion, which yes, you’ve definitely eased my mind on that front. The only topic which might benefit from additional coverage, as far as I can tell, would be more attention to products at lower price points — Modcloth and Asos are great resources for women on a budget, and I think you’ve featured their products a few times in the past.

        And as a deeply unphotogenic person, I’m really looking forward to your tutorial on looking good in family photos 🙂

        Thanks again!

        • Thank you for asking this question, JS. And thank you for the detailed and thoughtful response, Shana. I look forward to this blog literally every day. The sponsored posts are harder for me to relate to than other posts, but I do still appreciate the fashion eye candy and sincere commentary. Thank you!!

      • Shana, you’re awesome!

        Thanks for answering this commenter so thoroughly. I have to admit, I was feeling some of the same weird suspicion feelings. Many of my favorite blogs have been inundated with sponsored content over the past 2-3 months. I understand & believe that bloggers must (and should) be compensated for their hard work; however, it’s been hard to trust that opinions are honest and not swayed by the receiving of free stuff.

        I primarily turn to blogs to read reviews of items, especially clothing, because I just don’t trust 100% that in-site online reviews are real, & I’m being advertised AT, not to, constantly. I want to hear/read reviews from an actual person, whose face I can see, who will tell the truth.

        Thanks for being so transparent about your blogging process. The Mom Edit is one of the best blogs out there in my book! Keep up the good work, you badass momma!

      • I, for one, do not mind the sponsored posts at all. You are picking some amazing products, ones that I wouldn’t have even bothered to look at if it were not for your posts. And you *should* be able to make money doing what you love. As a busy, tired mother of three, I don’t care who pays you to post their products as long as you are enthusiastic about them, which you obviously are. I’ve almost entirely redone my wardrobe this season with your guidance, so a big old THANK YOU. Keep being awesome!

      • One of the reasons why I’m not turned off by the sponsored posts on your site is because it’s always brands or stores that I know you have mentioned in non-sponsored posts. I really don’t enjoy posts on websites when the person has a sponsored post from a store that they NEVER link to any other time. I remember you asked your FB followers about Kohl’s. That’s a post (that hopefully isn’t headed our way or I’ll feel bad!) that wouldn’t feel sincere at all because I just can’t picture you shopping there and you’ve never linked to anything from Kohl’s in the past. As long as it’s authentic then why shouldn’t you be able to pay the nanny? Keep up the good work!

  4. Bummer about the code! I was so looking forward to that Moto Jacket at 50% off, but unfortunately its not part of the new EXPLORE code 🙁

  5. JS, thank you for asking that question, which had been on my mind, and Shana, thank you for answering so fully and so thoughtfully. I love this blog (in fact, it’s the only fashion blog I read anymore, and I’ve tried a few!) — I trust and enjoy it, and I feel reassured by your answers. You do a really good job making sponsored posts as enjoyable and informative as they can be, and they ARE worth reading, but of course, your non-sponsored posts are the primo stuff, for me. I also look forward to more posts about clothes with lower price points 😉

  6. Thanks Shana for your great ideas. I have been happy with the sponsored posts, thinking that hopefully you are getting some reimbursement for your time and talent! I am getting lots of compliments on my loft fall work outfits, mostly thanks to you. Gap and loft are close by, which makes things easy for me…..I just wait for the sale/coupons.

  7. That’s how the Loft is, guys. Be patient, they will have another code soon. I so love this blog even though I am 53, not 33. I love the way you put things together.

  8. Kudos to both you and JS for speaking out about the “issue” of increased sponsored posts. I haven’t minded at all because I also noticed the increased posts in general and I just love me as much Shana as possible! Plus the “mine own” factor shines through all your posts, sponsored or not, (and clearly replies too, heh heh) and that is why we all love you so much.

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