Sneaker Styling: On Cloudnova in Lavender/Fawn


For the last couple of years, there have a been a handful of sneakers that I’m constantly adding to cart, yet never buying. It’s not that I don’t like these sneakers, it’s not that I wouldn’t wear them (heck, many are actual running shoes), it’s just that they’re so…pretty. They’re colorful in a way that brings me sooo much joy to look at them, but also confusion: I don’t quite know what I’d wear with them.

So I finally did my paper dolls thing: I grabbed a pair that had been haunting my dreams – in this case, it’s On Cloudnova running shoes in Lavender (one of my favorite colors right now) and Fawn (an intriguing khaki) – and created some outfits. There’s an outfit for working out, one for lounging around, and one real outfit with real clothes, just to get an idea how these sneakers could work outside of the gym/track/whatever.

So if you, too, have been holding brightly colored Hokas or pretty, pretty On sneakers, or sparkly gold running shoes (ok I just made this one up) at a distance, this series is for you. (And let us know what sneakers you’d like to see in the future!)

A Mini Capsule Wardrobe For On Cloudnova Sneakers (in Lavender/Fawn)

on sneakers

I really love how On does pastel. They choose one key color (in this case it’s lavender), but then add in a few other subtle tones – blush, a mint green – then grounds the overall shoe with darker neutral. In this case, the khaki (aka “Fawn”) looks so bold! But also makes the shoe read less pastel overall, and more interesting.

Let’s get into it.

For Working Out

While I love the look of, say, baby blue leggings on other people, I tend to stick to dark colors – mostly black. It’s what I’m most comfortable in. But I’m intrigued by these deep purple-ish tones as a good black alternative. And they look ah-mazing with the lighter On sneakers.

on sneakers workout

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

NOTES: Those leggings are some of my favs, and come in regular, plus, petite, and tall sizes. Also, if you’re as into that ‘shale’ color as I am, Athleta has a whole line. Lastly, that Free People bag is great. I stuff all kinds of crap in there and haul it around. It’s like an unfussy (yet chic) gym bag.

For Lounging Around

While I was tempted to go all pastel (and one easily could), I also love the idea of pairing these sneakers with chic navy, or piling darker taupe shades on top of lighter ones.

on sneakers

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

NOTES: I’ve been waiting for an excuse to get those easy cargo pants in ‘abalone gray’ (aka that gray-toned ivory), and these shoes are a really good one. I like sizing up one size in these for a slightly slouchier fit.

For Going Out

There’s nothing better than sneakers & trench coats. Says me.

on sneakers

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

NOTES: That little white tee is actually a lightweight cashmere, btw, and those gray jeans are some of the team’s favorite jeans ever. (A few of us own multiple washes – IYKYK.) Lastly, how good are those accessories? They’re by Sezane, and I’m totally hooked.



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