On Trend: Wild Prints for Guys


When my husband Zack and I were shopping at H&M recently, we saw this set on the mannequin . . . and it obviously needed to come home with us.  The set, not the mannequin.  That would be weird.  (Like floral-and-leopard-print short-shorts and a matching shirt is not weird.)  Really though, I didn’t realize that this whole wild and crazy print-matching thing is like . . . a thing.  As someone who hasn’t met a onesie I didn’t like, I love it.  I think it’s an awesome way to show you’re not taking yourself too seriously.  I didn’t think I’d be able to find more matching sets like the one he’s wearing, but they’re everywhere.  Of course, not all guys are going to be into it, but trust me when I say Zack had fun wearing his matching set.  If your guy isn’t ready to go all-out crazy matching, start by getting him a fun Hawaiian shirt or swim trunks in a funky print.  (We’ve rounded up our favorites below.)



Shop Swim Trunks

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Shop Matching Sets

Shop Sunscreen for Guys! 

I swear by Supergoop! for all four of us (even Ozzie) — remind your guy to lather up before throwing on those short shorts!!


Any favorites that I missed?  Let us know! (And please, share pics . . . we want to see all of the dads rocking this fun trend!)




  1. Old navy has some fun crazy print Hawaiian shirts and swim trunks right now! Just bought Hawaiian shirts for my dad and hubby for fathers day ?

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