One-Piece Swimsuits That Help Define A Waist


The pursuit of the perfect swimsuit is a daunting and seemingly endless task (trust us, we know all too well). We’ve learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to finding flattering suits — especially one-pieces. SO, we’re here to share what we’ve found. Without further ado, here are five tips for finding one-pieces that help define a waist.

Flattering Swimsuit Tip #1: Accentuate with Color-Blocking

Color-blocking swimsuits are one of the easiest ways to draw attention to certain areas and distract from others. Usually, bright colors on top and black on the bottom help create/accentuate your waist, drawing the eye up and away from the bottom half.

Flattering swimwear is hard to find. SO, we've searched ALL the webs to find 5 styles of the most waist-defining, 1-piece bathing suits for all body types.

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1- Haight New Side Slit Lryca Swimsuit, $155.00 at My Theresa. One of my absolute favorite suits in this entire roundup. I love the conservative profile and the colors.

2 Solid & Striped Ballerina One-Piece Swimsuit, $158 at Stylebop. This one is selling out so fast! It just sold out at Nordstrom, but it’s still available in most sizes at Stylebop.

3 Amoressa by Miraclesuit Eclipse Ursa Plunge One Piece Shaping Swimsuit, $174.00 at Dillard’s. This one is selling out everywhere already. Dillard’s has the most sizes available at the moment.

4 Solid & Striped Louise One-Piece Swimsuit, $158.00 at Shopbop. I really, really love Solid & Striped Suits. They have the best styles and the prices aren’t too high either.

5SummerSalt Deep Dive One-Piece, $95 at Madewell. Another suit that’s going fast. The plunging neckline is GREAT for postpartum and is Shana’s favorite silhouette. We love this simple and classic white and black version, but they also have similar suits in blue and green ( only $65).

6 Lela One Piece Swimsuit by Tavik, $146.00 at Nordstrom. Runs a bit small, order one size up.

Flattering Swimsuit Tip #2: Well-Placed Stripes are Waist-Defining

We’ve gotten more creative with swimsuit stripes over the years. No longer is it just diagonal or horizontal stripes, but well-placed stripes that literally create a more defined waist through illusion. Plus, stripes never go out of style when it comes to swimsuits.

Flattering swimwear is hard to find. SO, we've searched ALL the webs to find 5 styles of the most waist-defining, 1-piece bathing suits for all body types.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 Meridian Stripe One Piece Swimsuit by LA BLANCA, $123.00 at Nordstrom. Love the colors on this one and the placement of the stripes — so flattering!

2 Broadway One-Piece Convertible Suit by Isabella Rose, $148.00 at Bloomingdale’s. Another one of my favorites in this round-up. I love everything about it: the ruffles, the stripes and the colors — a classic that will last for years.

3 Becca by Rebecca Virtue’s Cabana Plunge One-Piece, $138.00 at Everything But Water. One-piece swimsuit features a buckle detail and keyhole plunge with a drop-shelf bra, removable halter cups, and adjustable straps. Ties at back

4Mei L’ange Tori One Piece Swimsuit, $160.00 at Nordstrom. Stripes AND color-blocking all in one suit. I love the shoulder straps too.

5 Becca’s West V One-Piece Swimsuit, $138.00 at Nordstrom. Contouring chevrons, shimmery colors, and modern strappy design. That plunging neckline is great for postpartum.

L*Space Horizon Stripe Sunscape One-Piece Swimsuit, $180.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue. I found this one at the last minute, and had to go back and add it in because it’s definitely one of my favorite suits ever!

Flattering Swimsuit Tip # 3: Create a Waist via Tie Waists & Belts

Another eye-catching illusion are tie-waists and belted one-pieces, they draw the eye towards the waist while breaking up the silhouette and defining the waist all at the same time.

Flattering swimwear is hard to find. SO, we've searched ALL the webs to find 5 styles of the most waist-defining, 1-piece bathing suits for all body types.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 Flagpole’s Lynn One-Piece Swimsuit with Sash, $395.00 at Amazon. I love all of Flagpole’s swimsuits but this pink on pink version is my favorite of them all. I know they’re pricey, but the reviews are great so, I’ll just file this one under “Dream Suits” (For When Money Isn’t An Issue (which it will forever be an issue).

2 Lauren Ralph Lauren Glamour Color-block Cutout One Piece, $120.00 at Bloomingdale’s. Similar style and colors as the Flagpole, but only 1/3 of the price!

3Vince Camuto Color-block Wrap One Shoulder Swimsuit, $112.00 at Bloomingdale’s. I love the classic colors and the wide waistband on this one by Vince Camuto.

4 Solid & Striped The Belted Nina One Piece Swimsuit, $159.00 at Stylebop. You know I can’t resist some leopard print, and I feel like you can’t go wrong with any of Solid & Striped suits. I absolutely ADORE the print on this one and the black belted waist.

5 Jade Swim’s Collision Tie-Front One Piece, $210.00  at Matches Fashion. I love this stylish silhouette that accents the waist. It also comes in a great green color that happens to be 40% off, although sizes are limited. 

6 Duskii Salsa Swimsuit, $140.00 at Farfetch. Another one of my favorites. I love these colors and the striped belt.


Flattering Swimsuit Tip #4: Customer Favorites & High Ratings Don’t Lie

When all else fails, and you can’t decide on a suit, trust the reviews and customer feedback. Shoppers who leave reviews are a reliable source of information on suits that work (or don’t work).

Flattering swimwear is hard to find. SO, we've searched ALL the webs to find 5 styles of the most waist-defining, 1-piece bathing suits for all body types.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1Anne Cole Live in Color Twist Bandeau One Piece –   30% off of $88 for only $61.60 at Macy’s. Super highly rated both on Amazon and Macy’s!

2Becca’s Show & Tell One-Piece, $118.00 at Nordstrom. One of Nordstrom’s most popular suits over the last few years, it’s sexy and flattering and now in four different colors. This one won’t last long!

3 – MiracleSuit’s Jena One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit, $166.00 at Nordstrom. Seventy-six 4+ star reviews on Nordstrom don’t lie. The Jena also comes in maroon and is available in more sizes on Amazon.

4Miraclesuit’s Crisscross One-Piece Swimsuit, $176.00 at Nordstrom. MiracleSuits are so flattering because of their magical “Miratex®fabric” that smooths and sculpts. Sign me up.

5 – Cupshe’s Wish You Well Lace One-Piece, $25.99 at Amazon – Over 1,000 jaw-dropping costumer reviews complete with hundreds of flattering customer reviews. If the amazingly affordable price of the suit leaves you with questions about the quality and fit, once you read the reviews about how well it fits almost ALL body types, you’ll be dying to add this suit to your cart like most of the TME team.

6 Trina Turk’s Off the Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit, $86.09 – $242.49 on Amazon. One of Amazon’s best-selling and an Amazon Choice swimsuit. Reviews call it super-flattering and it also offers support for large chests.

Flattering Swimsuit Tip #5: Look for Waist-Defining Patterns and Stripes

Take a few of the previous tips: color-blocking, silhouette contouring, waist-defining stripes, and waistbands — they all work together in these suits.

Flattering swimwear is hard to find. SO, we've searched ALL the webs to find 5 styles of the most waist-defining, 1-piece bathing suits for all body types.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1Tory Burch’s Lipsi One Piece, $225.00 at Shopbop. A nautical maillot with molded underwire cups and a waist-defining band.

2 – Miraclesuit Spectra Black Color Block Matrix Underwire Swimsuit, $182.00 at SwimStyle. This one’s supportive, offering a built-in shelf bra with underwire double-layer cups.

3 Miraclesuit Spectra Trilogy One-Piece Swimsuit, $79.95 – $228.49 on Amazon. Love this flattering design.

4 Magicsuit Bailey Solid V-neck One-Piece Swimsuit, $125.00 – $157.60 on Amazon. Another Magicsuit for the win!

5 Glide One Piece Swimsuit by Sweaty Betty, $120.00 at Nordstrom. Sleek and sporty, made for laps with chlorine-resistant fabric.

6 – Vince Camuto’s Halter Color-block One Piece Swimsuit, $110.00 at Bloomingdale’s. Similar to Miraclesuit’s Bailey and Spectra but a little bit more affordable.

I hope these tips helped some, happy swimsuit hunting season everyone! Oh — and if you haven’t checked out the Swim Shop yet — GO! Now!




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