Citrus fruits, traffic cones, pumpkin patches, Donald Trump’s skin tone –  just a few of the things that come to mind when I think about orange. “Fashion’s IT Color” or “Season’s Hottest Trend,” on the other hand are phrases I’m pretty sure no one has used since the ’70s in reference to orange, well until now.

Yup, orange is back and baby.. it’s come a long way since Woodstock.

Varying hues of orange dominated the runway during NYFW this year. From electric neon oranges to soft creamsicle pastels, from fiery sunset pallet of red oranges to warm cinnamon earth tone neutrals, and every shade of orange in between. Orange has never looked so appealing and wearable.

Still not sold?

I feel ya. I was the biggest orange non-believer of them all until a chance encounter with a rust cami in an Anthro fitting room turned my least favorite color into a complete wardrobe staple.

I’m not really sure why but I’ve never really liked orange. I kinda think it has to do with being from Chicago where we’ve been conditioned to equate anything orange with stress orange: orange road construction signs on the tollway that means your already long daily commute just got longer, the  orange street cleaning no street parking signs that means parking two more miles away from your apartment, that flash of the neon orange parking ticket envelope flapping under your windshield means paying another exorbitant fee to a bankrupt city, the dreaded orange metal tire boot when you forget to pay those fines, and  of course, The Bears.

Mostly, like every body else, I just assumed I’d look bad in it…

But When you’re in the midst of an epic clothes trying on session in an Anthro dressing room and realize you forgot to grab one single suitable top and you’re faced with the decision of either putting all your clothes back on to search the racks, or wearing the rust camisole flung over your door by your exasperated sales associate, by god, you put on the parking ticket, I mean cami.

So Imagine my surprise when I looked into the mirror…


and liked what I saw…A LOT.

This brings me to my first point….

#1: Orange Looks Good on You Girrrl

One of the biggest misconceptions about orange is that it’s an unflattering color. Honestly, that’s the real reason I steered clear of wearing it for so long. Orange is such an intense color that it’s almost shocking when you come across it while searching the store racks.

But, believe it or not orange is actually considered a universally flattering color. (So says the internets so YOU KNOW it’s true).  It’s just about finding the right hue for you.

which brings me to my next point……

#2: 50 Shades of Orange

It’s rare that a color trend encompasses such a varying scale of shades. Usually it’s a very specific shade of pastel blue or blush pink that I’m searching for. Not so with orange. Neon, pastel, earthy, red/oranges… pretty much every shade you can think of and that means there’s a shade of orange that will look knock-out on you. Trust me.

Here’s a simplified run down of what generally goes best with each skin tone type. I’m by NO means a beauty expert but thank God for the internet.

Cooler skin tones – dark- jeweled tones, orange with a heavy dose of red

Warm skin tones – dark golden, earth tone shades of orange 

Neutral skin tones – light peach and pink shades

#3: No Fickle Fad

So what started as a Fall fling with warm earth toned inspired hues like burnt sienna, rust, potters clay blossomed into  full-fledged orange obsession this Spring with bright, citrus and sunset inspired red oranges dominating the runways at NYFW. Admittedly, I’m still getting used to the oranges that are so bright I need sunglasses to look directly at them. But, you can expect to see a whole lot more of the earth tone oranges again in the Fall of 2017, featured in the Pre Fall and Fall collections of Chloé, Victoria Beckham, Ulla Johnson, Ellery and Tory Burch.

How I Wear It

Outfit 1: Layered Rust Slip and Skinny Jeans 


slip –  so here’s the part where I have to admit that the above slip has sold out. I’ve scoured the Internet to find pretty much all the available similar choices. Johnny Was’ Rust Slip, $64.00 is the all around winner. He makes some of the most affordable and luxe boho style slip dresses and the color and texture are almost exact as my slip. Anthro’s Ruffle Cami is the most gorgeous shade of orange and hands down my most worn Anthro purchase of the year.

turtleneck – Splendid’s Fitted Black Turtleneck, $58.00

jeans – The top pair are Express’ Mid Rise Button Fly Jeans $79.90 (currently all of their jeans are buy one get one 50% off), the second pair are Citizen’s Skinny Rocket jeans, $288.00 at Revolve, that make me feel like a million bucks.

boots – Dolce Vita’s ‘Neely’ Over the Knee Boots, $200.00 at Bloomingdales.

jacket – Sanctuary’s Kara’s Winter Faux Fur Parka, $259.00 at Revolve.

scarf – Hat Attack Buffalo Check Oversized Scarf, $47.99 at Zappos.

Outfit 2: Layered Burnt Orange Turtleneck




turtleneck – Three Dots 2×1 Viscose Long Sleeve Turtleneck in saffron $66.00 at Three Dots.

cami- Anine Bing’s Silk Camisole in Black, $169.00 at Shopbop.

jeans – A GOLD E Women’s Sophie High Rise Skinny Jeans, size 29, (runs small) $105.99

boots – Sole Society’s Lyric Booties, limited sizing. These Treasure & Bond Booties are similar.

More Ways to Wear Orange

Obviously I’m a big fan of the slip look but don’t worry, there’s more ways to wear it if that’s not your thang…

Blue + Orange

An on-trend combo: they’re complimentary colors so you can’t go wrong putting them together…


via Whowhatwear

Pink and Orange

Think Spring with this melt the sun combo…

via Shop Style


Cognac and camel leather is a great way to add a hint of orange into your wardrobe, it’s my go-to choice for leather boots and bags because the color goes with everything. Or, be like Gigi and go for orange sneaks..

via Whowhatwear

In the Details

For a subtle pop of color, you can accessorize with orange sunglasses or necktie..

via Style By Jules


My personal favorite way to wear orange for this Spring is as a floral print. There are some great retro inspired orange floral boho tops right now…

via Le Fashion

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  1. I love orange! All shades of it, from rust to citrus to sunset to tangerine and everything in between! So glad it’s getting some of the love it deserves,

  2. I just returned that orange sweatshirt with white cotton to anthro-I found the armpits to be quite large- super cute just size down!

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