Weekend 6.29


Hey Gang! Mike and I dropped the kids off at Mt. Hood this week (they’re back with us now, no major injuries, thank goodness) and spent most of the week, well, working remotely, truth be told, but also!! Exploring Oregon.

Oregon is so beautiful it’s almost other-worldly, especially the Oregon Coast. More about our trip later, but suffice to say that one major highlight was hanging with Laura in person. It’s funny – she & I talk/slack/text/zoom almost daily, and have been doing so for years, but we’ve only seen each other in person a handful of times. So we always spend the first 10 minutes just staring at each other going, “It’s YOU! It’s YOU!”

Remote working is weird and wonderful, ya know?

Laura is truly such a beautiful soul and she’s somehow even warmer in person (and trust me – Laura is a freaking delight on Zoom calls).

Anyway. This week was a perfect break, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Oregon. Laura, as you can imagine, had all kinds of strong opinions about where to go/stay/eat, and basically pulled together an itinerary for us. It was perfect.

If you are lucky enough to live in Oregon…wow. I get it.

It’s the mint for me. I just saw someone wearing a pair of mint(ish) green Birkenstocks in person and they looked so fresh and fun and unique. Happily, it looks like similar shades are currently on sale, I just can’t tell if I want the ‘faded lime’ color (available in Big Buckle Madrid or Kyoto Slides) or the ‘surf green’ color (available in Big Buckle Arizona or Big Buckle Madrid).

Too much? Can I pop those Birks on with cut-offs and a not-quite-matching hoodie? Or no?

Not the only one into these soft green colors. Abby sometimes sends me links to little gems she finds and she just sent this one over with a note, “in frosted celery green…with a tan” and yes. EXACTLY. (Oooo…there’s a really chic sweater tank in the same shade, too.)

Like sunshine. This See by Chloe bag in the prettiest shade of yellow is finally on sale. I’ve had it on my wishlist for eons.

I think…yes? How do we feel about these faux-strapless tops that look like there’s a bra peeking out? It took me a hot minute to get used to the look, but I’m liking them more and more – there’s something almost shocking about this style, even though it’s basically just a tank top. This one is half the cost, if you’d like to just…try.

Good, then better. Good American has a pair of jeans in the NSale preview that caught my eye – it was the cool, center seam detail that did it. But then I came across this exact same pair, different wash, that I much prefer. The darker pair isn’t on sale, of course, but I might order just to see if they’re as good as I hope they are. (We did a team try-on of the GA palazzo jeans back in…2021? Whoa. And we all loved them, then, but…ya know. Things change.)

Best dressed denim. If you guys don’t mind a strappy top, the denim Rails dress in the NSale has a doppleganger – this other denim Rails dress, currently 40% off, making it an even lower price. Small differences between the two, but those differences result in a dramatically different vibe. The strappy one is almost demure (for a denim dress) – it wouldn’t look out of place with a little ladylike cardigan and pumps, while the NSale one looks a little more cowgirl and badass. I think in this case, I prefer the NSale piece (but honestly love both).

Frank & Eileen Travel Set on sale! These pieces are so spendy (but so freaking worth it), that I’ve promised to let you know when/if they go on sale. Happily, Nordstrom has a few sizes left in a really pretty blush color: sweatshirt and sweatpants. Both pieces fit TTS.

My favorite workout shorts right now. These Vuori shorts are suuuuper lightweight, and have a layered top that makes it really easy (and comfortable) to wear with cropped tops. They look really cute on, and are a dream to run in. I have the black (already sold out, boo) so am snapping up the last remaining color asap.

Nobody needs printed pants, but…these are just freaking cool I would love them forever, and these are 40% off and literally called – gasp – FRENCH FAIRY TALE. Dead. I’m dead.

Without, actually. I recently tried those Avec drinks – one of those non-alcoholic drinks that are vaguely sparkling water-ish – and it was really good. The idea is that one can mix the Avec drinks with booze, but they’re good enough to drink without, too. The flavor was surprisingly complex, yet not sweet, and it was a good alternative to having a glass of white wine. I can’t freaking remember the flavor (maybe it was the pink one??) but I’m ordering this sampler pack to see if they’re all that good.

A little something drops tomorrow…we’ve been working with Raising Surfers on a few pieces of ocean-friendly jewelry I’m pretty excited about. Raines and I both keep stealing this ring from each other (technically, it was made for him but has such a cool, cocktail ring vibe when I wear it) as well as this necklace, too. Super excited to show you guys the whole collection. Use the code ‘MOMEDIT10’ for 10% off.

Enjoy your weekend!