Our Breast Ever Holiday Cards


What do you do when the holiday season comes on the tail of cancer?  When you've taken such a beating, your reflection makes you cringe, and your exhaustion level rivals those newborn days?

Well for one, you could skip the holiday cards.  Which is what a sane person would do.



[source: Tiny Prints Happiest Time Here flat photo card]




[source: Tiny Prints Stunning Stand flat photo card]





[source: Tiny Prints Brilliant Stripes flat photo card]



Clearly not the work of a sane person.


But I so love that Tiny Prints gives the option (in a few cases, at least) of customizing the text.  In the cards pictured above, for example, all of the text is customizable.  I raved about this feature a couple of years ago… Tiny Prints!  You listening?  Keep it up!


[source: Tiny Prints Glittering Year flat photo card]



Cause nothing says "holidays!!" like laughing at oneself.  Hunh.  I feel better already.

To see the rest of Tiny Prints’ holiday cards click here.



ps.  Next year I plan on channeling Jane Austen in our Christmas cards.  Well played, pretty Mama.  Well played.








  1. You’re crazy… and I love you. You make me laugh every single time. I’m praying that you and your family may have a blessed, cancer free 2014.

  2. OMG fan-freaking-tastic. Don’t know if I have the balls to do this, we had kinda decided to “skip the cards” in our cancer year…but this gives me food for thought. Totally brilliant.

  3. This is soooo #takethatbreastcancer and #shoveitupyourmerryarse I believe humour helps the healing process and so happy that you still got it gurl

  4. These are fantastic and you all look gorgeous, but I teared up when I scrolled through, because you, my friend, are amazing. Talk about amazing grace under pressure. So thankful that you continue to have such a joyful spirit. Keep on keepin’ on, mama. Love and hugs and THANKS to you for showing up every day. Hope you and the fam have a fabulous Turkey Day.

  5. A million times awesome!!!
    So much love, strength, and beauty in these pictures. Impossible not to love it.
    You look beautiful, by the way.
    I admire you so much. You rock!
    Wishing a fantastic 2014.

  6. I love your blog, and these cards are great! My husband had testicular cancer when my son was almost a year old, and we almost titled our holidays letters “Our year of male genital mutilation.” (We were thinking of my husband’s surgery and of my son’s circumcision, which we were dumb enough to have done and dumb enough to watch.) In the end, we decided it would be too much for those with two testicles. Those with breasts may be less squeamish.

  7. Good lord – I think it just needs to be said: you guys, and you in particular, are just VERY good at Life. I mean really, really good at it. I have not so much on my plate and do way worse in most aspects. These are hilarious, and wonderful! Merry merry indeed!

  8. These are sooo amazing! You are so inspiring that you are taking all of this in stride with your head held high.
    My mom had cancer when I was 15 and it was so scary so I love that you are making such a horrible thing as fun and funny as possible. I’m sure your kids appreciate it too 🙂

  9. OMG…I love these cards. I was diagnosed with BC in June of 2012. Last Christmas was rough, the chemo was miserable. My hair is finally growing back. I wish I had thought of this…it was so hard to send the typical family card last year. I live in Seattle now, but I am originally from PA. Best of luck with your treatment. Really enjoyed your blog.

  10. What an inspiring and beautiful life you lead! Cheers to you and yours this holiday season. These are the best damn holiday cards I have ever seen. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Keep on inspiring and kicking cancer’s ass.

  11. I know that you get a million comments from a million people, but I just want you to know that this Missouri Mama is following you and sending good vibes and happiness. I can only imagine the struggles you have endured this year and the fact that you have done it with love, humor and (gasp!) style speaks to your character. May you and your family have the best Christmas ever in your new skins!

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