Our Everyday Style Series Is Here! (#myeverydayedit)



It’s here!!  We kicked off our Everyday Style Series on Instagram last week (@shanachristine).  The idea is that we’ll post a daily outfit of what we actually wore –  whether it’s sweatpants, Uggs, or lipstick (some days are better than others) to Insta, then follow up with a quick summary on The Mom Edit once a week.

While ALL outfits on The Mom Edit are things we have, actually, really and truly worn and loved, this series is intended to be a little more…haphazard.  For example, I don’t always nail the school pick-up outfit when I’m running horribly late because THAT DAY was the day Pax decided to nap.  But instead of editing through our hits and misses, we’ll, uh, own up to them.  This is nothing fancy, you guys.  Just our everyday stuff.

So.  Here are the everydailies for me last week.

Weekend, Weekend

Easily my favorite weekend look right now:  soft sweater, black skinnies, converse.  It’s what I wore BEFORE that storm hit.  (Wearing super thick wool socks, too…which is the WHOLE POINT of hightops if you ask me.)



sweater:  Vince Camuto Eyelash Knit Sweater (Small petite for reference)

jeansRag and Bone Skinny Jeans but someone mentioned this pair is softer with a bit more stretch

sneaksConverse Black Hightops


Mix It Like It’s Hot

Pretty standard for me:  destroyed denim, Uggs, and stripes.  Added in a little print mixing just because. (I often wear scarves and beanies inside the house.  I’m sometimes too warm for a sweater, but too cold for just a shirt and besides, scarves indoors = fancy. winwinwin)




Rocking the school drop-off line.  (Snort.  I AM SO SICK of winter jackets.)



shirt:  Rag and Bone (sold out) but BB Dakota’s Hannelore Striped Shirt is very similar

jeansBlank Denim Skinny Distressed Jeans

bootsUggs Classic Mini in chestnut

scarf:  old JCrew men’s (nice and big) – The current J.Crew cashmere men’s scarf is an additional 40% already reduced prices (and comes in a few colors)

jacket:  Lole, from a few years ago….Lole’s Fastness jacket has the same contrast zipper


That Time I Tried To Get Out Of The House

I got all dressed for a Barre3 class…but then Pax was sick.  WOMP WOMP

I suppose the good news is that I didn’t need to change out of my workout gear.



sweatshirt: Sol Angeles Small Town Pullover – on sale at Shopbop (size S for reference)

tank: old Adidas – this Nike tank is similar (I always buy up a few sizes for a looser fit)

leggings:  Zella Live-In Leggings in Space Dye

boots: Ugg (long gone), but Steve Madden’s Troopa boot is beloved by all.

scarf: old, but this Faux-Fur Cowl from Mark and Graham would go a long way to make up for the fact that IT’S STILL WINTER.


That Time I Attempted To Disguise My Pajamas For School Drop Off

I think it worked OK.  Thank goodness for skinny sweatpants – they actually look decent with combat boots.



pajamas:  random old tee and Sol Angeles Waves Pants

sweater:  Eileen Fisher Marled Organic Cotton Boxy Sweater

boots: Ugg (long gone), try Steve Madden’s Troopa boot


Black is The New Black

Lemme tell ya something:  Black is always the new black.  #theworldaccordingtoS #eyerollshutupS

But whoa that sweater needs a little TLC.  I need to bust out my trusty sweater shaver.  (Remember this article?  I demonstrated its powers.  Prepare to be wowed.)



sweater:  old cashmere sweater…but HOLY MOLY this amazing Equipment turtleneck sweater (cashmere, in black) is on crazy sale for $119!  Also, White+Warren has a really dark charcoal cashmere in a similar swingy turtleneck shape, also on sale.

jeansRag and Bone Skinny Jeans but someone mentioned this pair is softer with a bit more stretch

bootsUggs Classic Mini in chestnut

bag:  Kate Spade Henry Duffle


The Day I Gave Up

In my defense, it was cold, I had a cold, also it was Friday, soooo….  #longestweekever

But here’s the thing.  This outfit was created because I just, you know, grabbed something.  And then I stared at the ice pink / camel / bright orange / magenta mess staring at me and I had three thoughts:

1. Beanie (Just kidding – it was already on my head.  Duh.)

2. OTK Boots

3.  I actually like this nonsense

I’ll call it a win.



sweater: Equipment Asher V-Neck Sweater (size XS for reference – it runs really big)  – Gang, this sweater is currently 40% off.  You can easily nurse in it and I have been wearing it to death.  As I type is it in the washing machine, getting the mix of  frosting / snot / something orange washed off.  I use these delicate wash bags and wash on cold.

v-neck tee (under the sweater):  The only reason I even mention this (because you can barely see it) is that sometimes, when layering v-neck tees and sweaters they look…dorky.  Or off.  Or something.  It’s like the v-neck doesn’t line up properly.  Anyway, I really like AEO’s longline v-necks because they tend to plunge, making it easier to both layer and nurse.  They are not kind on a post-partum pooch, but they layer beautifully.  (And size up for maximum plunge and nursing friendliness.)

jeans: Levi 535 denim leggings in Indigo Sky (Amazing on ALL body types, and best for OTK boots!  But try a few different sizes – it’s juniors sizing and really inconsistent)

OTK boots: old Nine West…but you guys, a ton of you have bought these Blondo waterproof over-the-knee boots and have sent me emails raving about how fabulous they are!!  I’m thrilled you like them – I thought they were pretty special, too.  (You can see them here on Teri – very last pic.)

scarf:  Theodora & Callum – I’m actually renting this from Rent The Runway – trying out their unlimited subscription.  More later.  But this scarf??? Is fabulous.  They’re expensive, but I found some similar Theodora & Callum scarves on sale for 50% off:  paisley print scarf, bengal print scarf or aztec print scarf (all in similar colors).


Play Along!

To see our everyday style as it happens (ooo, exciting…) check out Instagram(@shanachristine) or follow the hashtag #myeverydayedit.  And we want you to play along!!  Tag your everydailies – the good, the bad, the ugly with #myeverydayedit.  #nofear

Cam (@camilledipaola) is starting up next week on her IG account, so hopefully we’ll see more netted beanies and mime outfits YESSSSS.






  1. It’s crazy that Mike’s extra fine merino wool sweater shrunk so much in the wash… I’ve had tons of merino wool sweaters over the years, mostly extra-fine, and it’s all held up perfectly to hand washing in cold water. Maybe the agitation makes a difference? I hand wash all of my cashmere too; I’d rather do that than risk pilling or shrinkage in the machine.

  2. I never commented before but HOW AWESOME is that Journey sweatshirt? I had to buy it even though shipping from the US to Germany is ridiculous. Because JOURNEY. 8 weeks PP here and if that isn’t motivation to get back in shape I don’t know what is. xo

  3. love this post! keeping in real and everyday, I really appreciate your openness and willingness to share — I find it very refreshing, inspiring, and fun to read/review!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this series. LOVE IT. Keep it coming. A request: I love all the distressed jeans, but this morning I woke up and put on just my plain blue skinny jeans – how in the HELL do you make these things not look boring? Would love an everyday style post on this….or just a regular “fix this outfit” post. Thanks!

  5. Ahhh, it’s always greener on the other side isn’t it? I would love to be dressing daily with such a casual vibe, but I’m a working mom and have to assemble some sense of professionalism each day–before 7 am by the way which is near impossible! That doesn’t mean my quirk doesn’t sneak in though. I’ve been doing something a little similar over on Kremb de la Kremb Shana: I’m in my 8th week of posting #workoutfits . Luckily I’m a high school librarian, and us libs are always a little funky, right? So leather peeps in as do sequin mini skirts (with long cardis layered to cover the hem–don’t worry!). Anyway, I’d love your take on my series. Should I tag them with the #myeverydayedit? It’s quite different from these styles….

    Still totally adoring you Shana! (Btw, is it ShAna with a strong “a” or Shana with a soft? Just curious since your my #girlcrush! ;D


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  6. Love the series. But what is that beanie? I’ve been looking so long for a good one. And I read somewhere that cotton doesn’t mess your hair up so much. What’s your experience with the hair-once-you-take-it-off factor??

  7. I really (really, really) appreciate this series! So much more relatable for me than the higher fashion stuff (not that I don’t enjoy looking but I’m never going to walk around wearing a harness so this is more relevant! ;)).

    • Hit “post” too soon.

      Meant to say how much I loved the post last week where you built an outfit using jeans and a black t-neck to start with. Don’t know what I never thought of that before – because I do wear my black t-neck a ton – but it inspired me to go through my closet doing the same thing and I came up with a few new outfits to get me through the end of winter.

      Now, if I could only find a pair of gray straight cut athletic pants – not bootcut and NOT tights/leggings – under $50 I’d be a happy girl. Any suggestions?

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