The (G)elfie.  New word.  Add it to the urban dictionary right this minute.

That’s what we call the photo when your (G)irlfriend asks you to shop for yourself for fall and to selfie whilst doing so. And then Jason stops just short of rolling his eyes, and I say, “OK fine, you shop, you get dressed, I’ll take the (g)elfies?  Pretty please?”

He said “fine”, but after the World Cup. I said great. And off to shop our favorite men’s clothes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale we go!

Here’s the thing: Jason is one of the best-dressed men I know. He styles himself. He knows what he likes and what looks great on him. And he’s always dressed well — comfortable in his own skin and clothes, and confident, but also classic and fresh.

So I just followed the man around yesterday, quietly. Even the lovely sales person who helped him commented that he has great taste, and was impressed with his efficiency in just grabbing amazing stuff and putting it together effortlessly.

So I followed, I observed, and I made notes; because the man is on to something, always. I was also thinking a bit about this the other day when some girlfriends were trying to figure out how to get their hubs to freshen up their closets. And as Shana was talking about Mike D and his date night uniform, I started thinking about my other cohort of friends. Obviously you, Jason, but I’m also all eyes on you Tosh B, and you too, Sam S, where the hubs is the one who not only shops for himself, and for his sons and daughters, but also sends his wife sale alerts on things she’d look great in. Yup, we have plenty of those guys in our lives too.

Common Threads of the Well-Dressed Dad Man

(And yes I do crack myself up)

Add a Pop of Color

While 80% of their closets are black, grey and navy blue, they aren’t afraid of the pop of color in the other 20%.  They embrace the fuscia tie and the pink shirt, they throw a pattern in the mix, and pops of whatever the color of the season is whether it’s turquoise, yellow, olive. They know how to add that pop without going all crazy! And it serves them well. Here are a few great men items in Fall 2018 Colors:


Stick with a Tailored Fit

Men have the same fear of tailored shirts that we have of fitted dresses…they feel like there’s nowhere to hide and let’s face it, the common dad bod doesn’t resemble the ones we get into fun trouble checking-out at the beach where it looks like the guy swallowed a kite. And there ain’t no dad Spanx. So fair enough. That said, most dads have big shoulders, literally and physically. And everyone looks better in everything well-tailored. In clothing shopping land, we call that ‘slim fit’. They need to not be afraid of slim fit and a tuck here and there, and a properly placed seam. They all look better in clothes that fit them.  Like these:

Choose a Fresh Piece

Fresh for men is a much more slim-picking than it is for women. I could fit the entirety of the Nordi-Anni-yellow-roped-off-area for men in just the women’s lingerie department. So how do men get to fresh?  See #1 and #2 above for starters, a pop of color here and there, and tailored clothes that actually fit them. And then, it’s just in a simple piece, maybe layered, typically in a great fabric that feels really great on their bodies and to the touch. Whether it’s our favorite piece of the whole sale, or a classic cashmere, or a really well-cut sweatshirt, or something with just the perfect stripe. Here are a few team favorites, and sorry Croatia, yes that’s a French Blue Stripe on that grey sweatshirt, mais oui.


Shoes are super-important. When I was young, my friend DDD shared with us that when checking out men, we should always look at their shoes first. She was on to something there. And my father always kept a shoe brush and polishing kit in his closet, and while he was never actually in the military, one would’ve assumed he picked-up the daily habit of always polishing, or at least buffing his shoes, from somewhere of that sort. Here are a few of our favorite kicks, high-top kicks and dress shoe tricks:

Our Favorite Men’s Clothes from the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Jason’s Dressing Room (G)elfies

Outfit 1—Cool and Classic: 

Business casual, Transitions to Date Night from the School Function  

Shirt // Pants

A note on the shirt: THIS is a special shirt. When Jason grabbed it from the rack, he said out loud, “these are the Phil Mickelson shirts.”  While he was getting dressed I obviously googled that. Yes, Phil golfed a round in one of these shirts to exercise the point that they can make it through a round, and whatever else your day brings. Let’s not talk about his score that day…that’s aside from the point. The shirt held up.

The shirts are in fact a favorite of professional athletes because they are a moisture-wicking stretch fabric. So men can move in them and they don’t get sweat stains. And let’s face it, being a man in a button down shirt, under pressure, when it’s 100 degrees, well, the struggle is real and pitting-out is just not so pretty. So yes, these. Also, he tried the medium and the large, they both technically fit, the medium looked better, the large was a tad more comfortable, but the medium was comfortable enough. So there’s that on sizing. Order two sizes and return whichever one you don’t like, it’s easier.

And the pants?  Well, if those don’t speak for themselves I’m not sure what does. Pants need to fit. These are Ted Baker’s, and they are great looking. And they are super-duper soft to the touch. Pants. Done.

Similar to shoes in style or color:

Outfit 2—Score: 

Take your Date Night Game Up a Notch

Jacket // Shirt // Pants (same cut, his color is sold out)

Date night or whatever weekend or evening event you might have where you don’t have to be dressed, but you just look better if you are, without wearing a tie. This jacket was by far our favorite piece of all in the sale for men. Jason tried a similar one on in Barney’s last year, but the sensible man in him couldn’t come to terms with its price tag no matter how many times his girlfriend said she loved it. In fairness, it cost 3X this one. Well, here we are 2018, on sale, and damn is this a good-looking casual jacket, paired well with a great fitting shirt and otherwise classic khakis taken-up just one good modern notch on the style bar.

Outfit 3—Date Night #2:

Because why shouldn’t we have 2 date nights per week?

Or maybe we have a Family Date Night?  Yup, we love those too!

Jacket // Sweater // Jeans

That same favorite jacket works with EVERYTHING, which is one of the reasons it’s our favorite! Jason chose a classic grey sweater that pairs especially well with grey jeans.

As an alternative, go with a monotone blue combo of the same outfit. That sounds boring, but trust us, it is actually super-crisp and fresh, like this:

Outfit 4—The Fall Weekender 2 Ways

Hoodie Jacket // Henley Long Sleeve Tee // Jeans //  Kicks (similar)

Jason says this is his very favorite outfit he tried on. The shirt and hoodie are super-soft, so are the jeans. I think he just likes weekends best, but hey, who doesn’t?

Grey Sweater // Vest // Jeans

And this will also do for weekend wear, and then you switch out the puffer after kid sports during the day for the favorite blazer for a night out. Bam. Done. Efficient.

Favorite Basics

Unmentionables (until we go right ahead and mention them like we’re someone’s mom)

(Undies) Shirts

Socks (Do you also smile a giant smile when your man wears fun socks?  So sneaky fun!)

Watches/The Only Necessary Man Accessory/Punctuality Matters (to Jason)

And the Tie, go for color, it’s safe, we promise!



OK, so that was fun! And now I’m super-excited for my man to be dressed for fall! Nordstrom also had a ton of great Anniversary Sale finds for summer and for golf…maybe we skip date night this week and round those up too? As a famous man once said, “MmmmHmmm.” That might be fun.

xoxo A (and J)


  1. So glad I subscribe to the newsletter because I otherwise would have missed this great post. J’s so dang adorable!! These looks are all very easy for my own hubs to recreate (he needs to start dressing like a grownup a bit more – this will all help)

  2. Thank you Christine! You know what J would respond to your comment if he were in charge of such things? “Mmmmmhmmmm.” Can’t count the number of times a day I hear that, and I love him and every one of them! Well dressed hubs game on! xoxo A

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