Our Favorite Men’s Shoes from The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


The Anniversary Sale is a total marathon, right? We get so easily wrapped up in our own shopping (me included) that we forget to browse for our guys. Luckily, we have a team full of blogger husbands who were willing to channel their inner shoe lover (HA! More like dig down deep) and help us out.

In any case, guys, we’re happy to see you take a walk in our shoes (ha) and round up your very own sale picks. (Women’s sale picks, if you’re interested, can be found here.)

Intros have been provided by the lovely wives and girlfriends while the boutique comments are ALL our guys.

(*Oh, hey! Looking for 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale info? Click right here, Mama! )

Best Men’s Shoes From The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Mike’s Picks

Mike likes really nice shoes.  In his defense, he’s pretty hard on his stuff, so shoes that can survive walking multiple miles a day through rain/snow/etc. and can be resurrected by a friendly cobbler are totally worth it.  Here are his favs:


Jason’s Picks

We all know J. He’s the guy behind ALL of A’s TME coverage for men and obvi these epic #DressingRoomSelfies. Expect to see plenty of timeless, practical picks here:

Zack’s Picks

Z, Scotti’s husband, is the one we look to for date night style. He knows how to rock a fun shirt and Vans to match.

Jon’s Picks

(Laura’s also-picky, graphic designer/ex-rock star brother)

Pinky would go barefoot if he could and could care less about shoes, so I had my brother round up some awesome picks!

Trent’s Picks

Tiarra’s husband is getting in on the fun! Like T, he loves a multi-tasking shoe that can be dressed up or down.



How would the guys sign off?


Team TME

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