Our Organization Favorites From Amazon


Ready for a quick-and-dirty list of our favorite organization finds from Amazon? We looked around our homes to bring you our most-used pieces for a more organized (thus, probably happier) life. January is all about fresh starts, right?! Let’s bring that same energy to our bathroom cabinets and junk drawers! Haha….I’m serious.

TME’s Organization Favorites, All From Amazon

BTW, these things are tried and true. They’re used daily (some even hourly) and we credit much of our decluttered brain spaces to these little shining stars. Who knew that simply a basket, drawer divider or label maker could boost serotonin like this? Life’s all about the little things, I guess!

Need a quick-and-dirty list if you don’t have time to peek at our pictures below? You got it:

Our Favorite Kitchen Organizers

Not only does pantry and refrigerator storage help keep groceries tidy, but turns out, it’ll also help you maintain your sense of sanity.

1. Pop Airtight Food Storage Containers

After growing sick of my sugar and flower bags leaking EVERYWHERE (clearly it’s a struggle for me) I finally got the pop top airtight containers I’d been eyeing for so long. They’ve been such a game changer when it comes to making my ingredients last longer, stay cleaner and fit better in my cabinets. (The brown sugar container has a built-in terra cotta disk to keep it fresh!!) And for all my snacks, tea (and chocolate I want to hide), stackable containers are the way to go. – Aliya

airtight containers

2. Can Dispense Refrigerator Organizer

An obvious fridge-helper. Can’t believe I waited so long to get one of these things.

Can Dispense Refrigerator Organizer

can dispenser

3. Refrigerator Organizer Bins | Jars | Lids

The rest of my house is a disaster right now, but there’s something UBER comforting to me about having an organized fridge. The key is using clear glass containers for almost EVERYTHING. Everyone can see what is inside and leftovers then easily transfer between the freezer, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher. – Linzi

Refrigerator Organizer Bins | Jars | Lids

refrigerator bins | jars | lids

4. Weck Jars

Gahhh I have a Weck obsession. I’ve just found them to be the best airtight jars. And, admittedly, I love the lil orange rubber ring haha.

Weck jars

5. Embossed Label Maker

IT’S JUST SO FUN. I totally got carried away as soon as this was in my hands.

Embossed Label Maker

label maker

6. Glass Display Box

This box is just a pretty way to display things you don’t want to forget. In my case, it’s the billion types of tea I have.

Glass Display Box

glass display box

7. Stackable Water Bottle Organizer

Saw this at Shana’s house and bought immediately. It’s sooooo helpful.

Stackable Water Bottle Organizer

water bottle organizer

8. Glass Refrigerator Magnets

These magnets add a pop of color and are great for checking off your kids’ morning routines. Linzi is genius for this task list.

Glass Refrigerator Magnets

glass magnets

9. Food Container Lid Organizer

This is THE best way I’ve come up with to store pesky lids in the kitchen. I keep mine in a deep bottom drawer and it’s made me so much happier every time I put away the leftovers. Even chockful it still works. LOL. – Laura

Food Container Lid Organizer

lid organizer

Our Favorite Office Organizers

Anyone else feel a surge of productivity when their working space is clear of clutter? Stay motivated, out there.

1. Expandable Vanity Drawer Organizer

These styles from iDesign have been perfect for my desk drawers. I rotated mine the long-way since this drawer is extra deep. – Laura

Expandable Vanity Drawer Organizer

drawer organizer

2. Collapsible Storage Bins

I’ve been slowly adding these bins to multiple rooms in my house. They’re great for storing everything from toys to undies to books and papers in–and they hide all of the clutter. I put them in my white storage cubes and it’s a MUCH cheaper option than a dresser! – Scotti

Collapsible Storage Bins

storage bins

Our Favorite Clothing + Accessory Organizers

There’s something about giving our jewelry, accessories and even our socks a dedicated home that just feels so satisfying.

1. Key Hook Rail

This hook system is made for keys, but I use it by my front door for sunnies and regular glasses too. – Linzi

Key Hook Rail

hook rail

2. Rolling Under Bed Storage

I don’t have a lot of storage in my Philly apartment, so tucked-away organization lives pretty much everywhere unseen. These rolling storage baskets are great for chunky sweaters or out-of-season clothes.

rolling under bed storage

3. Three-Tier Jewelry Organizer Stand

No longer am I keeping my jewelry stuffed in cosmetic bags! I just picked up this organizer and I seriously love it. Now I can see everything I have in one place (because before it was totally out-of-sight out-of-mind). – Aliya

jewelry organizer stand

4. Bamboo Drawer Dividers

I love these drawer dividers for making the most of smaller spaces…like my sock/underwear drawer. So much better than digging through a mixed pile. – Aliya

bamboo drawer dividers

Our Favorite Kids’ Stuff + Closet Organizers

Bins, baskets and crates. ‘Nuff said.

1. Open Back Decorative Cube Storage Organizer

Cubed storage shelves like this just make everything feel organized. Fill with baskets or bins of your choice (or leave empty) and you’re good (even if the bins themselves are chaotic as heck).

Open Back Decorative Cube Storage Organizer

cube storage organizer

2. Large Closet Organizers with Handles | Mesh Zipper Pouches

This closet of Em’s gives me life. It’s real, yet organized & ultimately useful. She swears by these mesh zipper pockets to organize things within those large, helpful bins.

Large Closet Organizers with Handles | Mesh Zipper Pouches

organizers | mesh pouches

3. Collapsible Stackable Storage Crates

I love these things because they’re decently light, come in a bunch of pretty colors, and hold a ton. And they’re cheap! I have them in my bathroom, closet, and a few drawers (the smaller ones).

storage crates

4. Woven Storage Baskets

Love these for hiding away accessories, blankets, out-of-season shoes & really anything that I don’t want to be seen. Great that they fit on my closet shelves too.


Our Favorite Bathroom Organizers

Pro-tip: group your daytime/nighttime skincare routines together, haircare products together, etc. Just grab the bin and go.

1. Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers

These are shining stars of bathroom storage and effortless organization. Of course Shana’s bathroom drawer looks pristine, but throw in any old junk drawer and BAM. It now all makes sense. (Kind of.)

Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers

drawer organizers

2. Short Wicker Storage Baskets

I needed short baskets for my bathroom cabinets and these worked perfectly. Does anyone else just hate random things standing on a shelf?? Idk what it is, but mostly everything needs a home IMO.

short wicker baskets

3. Copper Wire Storage Baskets

Sooo helpful for taller products! Out of sight out of mind is REAL for me, so these are my fave. I like chucking in items that won’t stand on their own, too.

Copper Wire Storage Baskets

wire baskets

Stay organized out there!!


Team TME

Hey hey, Pinners…

In need of a closet reorganization, fridge clean, kitchen cabinet refresh? Here are our favorite home organization pieces, all from Amazon.
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