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The weather in Philly is finally getting warm (although I do still cherish when it’s a little cold and rainy…I will admit, heh). But the nice weather has me itching to pick out some stuff for spring/summer. Our top sellers this month? Oh, yeah. Inspiration central, guys. 

I know some of you are probably still dealing with chilly days, so we have some options in our top sellers for that, too. But no better time to prep for the warmer days than with the cutest striped tee, a bikini that does amazing things for the girls, the top we’re all collectively obsessed with from Farm Rio, and ummm…the outdoor chair I’ve been dreaming about? Yes, I’ve been thinking way too much about this dang chair.

Our Best Sellers: Alll The Spring + Summer Inspo

I’d say altogether this month’s roundup is a good mix of all the trends and classics we’ve been loving lately. I can tell from these best sellers that our readers are all about those neutrals (I’m with ya), but I see some color popping in there, too. A little dopamine dressing always does us some good…let’sbehonest

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1. Pistola Denim Trina Stripe Top

top sellers

At Nordstrom | At Revolve (more sizes)

A striped tee in our top sellers? Of course! It’s simply timeless. The tan and white stripes are in stock at Revolve, but don’t overlook the green and white stripes at Nordstrom. I love it.

Abby’s Note: A seriously elevated case of the stripes.

2. AGOLDE Vida High Rise Relaxed Straight Shorts

top sellers

At Shopbop

When it comes to denim shorts, I’m not always a big fan of the short ones that ride up way too easily. But sometimes the longer ones just don’t look quite right. So when I saw these? I think they might just be the ones. The slit on the sides makes it a little more breathable and interesting.

Abby’s Note: There’s always a weirdly intriguing pair. What do we think about these denim shorts?

3. AIRE Whirlpool 53mm Aviator Sunglasses

top sellers

At Nordstrom

I LOVE these sunglasses. At first glance, you might think “grandpa” but as Laura said, “The grandpa’s have the right idea.” And I’m 100% with her. They give the perfect retro/vintage vibes and add so much interest to a simple outfit. Don’t sleep on the grandpa glasses!!

Laura’s Note: DANG. If I didn’t have to have prescription sunglasses I’d get THESE! $39 bucks.

4. Coach Cassie Denim Satchel

top sellers

At Nordstrom | At Amazon

The denim bag we’re all loving is selling like frickin’ hotcakes, but every once in awhile it comes back in stock at Nordstrom and Amazon. It’s such an interesting take on a simply shaped bag.

Shana’s Note: Oh, WOW: The coolest bag for spring. But I’d wear it year-round, too, and oops – it’s in my cart.

5. MANGO Open Front Sweater Coat

top sellers

At Nordstrom

I’m a sucker for a monochromatic outfit, so when I saw Scotti in this outfit, I gasped. The star of the show here, though, is that gorgeous sweater coat. I love the way it drapes and hello, we’re always here for somethin’ cozy.

Scotti’s Note: I’ve been wearing this sweater coat almost daily since I bought it. It’s easy to dress up and adds a touch of chic-ness to any outfit (I especially love the monochromatic look here), but can also be dressed down.h

6. Free People Moxie Paint Splatter Jeans

top sellers

At Nordstrom | At Free People (more color options)

If you’ve been around on TME, I’m sure you’ve seen us all wearing these jeans. I can attest to how good they look in person, and it’s probably the most interesting denim I’ve seen in awhile. Pop on a simple white tee and it’s still not a boring outfit. The color options are endless, too. We get way too excited every time a new color drops, haha.

7. On Cloudnova Form Sneaker

top sellers

At Nordstrom

I was never the biggest pastel girl, but when Shana started talking about these On Cloudnova sneakers? Yeah, I fell a little in love. They’re delicate but not too delicate…ya know what I mean?

Shana’s Note: I really love how On does pastel. They choose one key color (in this case it’s lavender), but then add in a few other subtle tones – blush, a mint green – then grounds the overall shoe with darker neutral. In this case, the khaki (aka “Fawn”) looks so bold! But also makes the shoe read less pastel overall, and more interesting.

8. Shade & Shore Ribbed Longline V-Wire Bikini Top

target bikini

At Target

I’m always looking for some support up top, so this bikini top is definitely on my radar. And the price? Can’t beat it.

Amy’s Note: The bathing suit top that makes me look like I’ve had a boob job (it’s SO GOOD).

9. Wicker & Metal Outdoor Patio Chair

top sellers

At Target

Daydreaming about snuggling up with a good book on this chair in the sunshine, listening to the birds chirp away.

Amy’s Note: I got SO much hate when I shared this chair last year (??) but I’m here to say it’s been nearly two years with it and my family and I still adore it! We have it outside in the hot sun and winter rain year ’round and the only thing showing any wear is the cushion for the many times we’ve forgotten to move it during midnight rain storms. The cats sleep on it, Jude plays on it, my husband naps on it and I spend as many moments as possible cuddled up, listening to the birds. We’re also large humans and find it super comfortable, for what it’s worth.

10. Oversized Striped Long Sleeve Crew Neck

top sellers

At Amazon

Because we can never really get enough of our stripes, but these stand out in the best way. I love the white and black with that gorgeous bright blue color. The balloon, oversized sleeves and slouchy fit does it for me too. And if you’re not loving this color combo…don’t you worry theres a billion to choose from. Okay, there’s really 13.

11. GapFit High Rise Runaround Cargo Joggers


It’s a no-brainer why these showed up in our top sellers. I (of course) am eyeing the black, but Amy has me completely tempted by that olive green, too. It’s like a trouser and parachute pants had the most perfect beeb.

Amy’s Note: The moment I pulled these joggers from the rack, I knew they were special.I had already seen them a few weeks earlier, while shopping online at Gap, but when it comes to athletic/sporty pants outside of the realm of leggings, I can be very picky. They looked to have a great silhouette, but what the heck did they actually feel like? Well, soft, lightweight, swooshy heaven, as it turns out.

12. Beach Riot Naomi Floral One-Piece Swimsuit

top sellers

At Revolve

This suit sold out at Nordstrom and I was gutted. The good news: Revolve has it in stock. Woohoo!! That little floral print is so nostalgic…it reminds me of my wallpaper in my childhood bedroom (in the best way possible, I promise). *Cries*

Shana’s Note: This Beach Riot one-piece literally stopped me in my tracks. I cannot think of anything cuter with cut-offs and flat, tan sandals. I love Beach Riot because their swimsuits are made from a comfortable, ribbed fabric and there’s never any sort of itchy seam situation.

13. Wander Beauty Upgraded Lashes Mascara

top sellers

At Nordstrom

I’m always in the market for a life-changing mascara. I might just have to try this one out!

Laura’s Note: Rediscovered this mascara this weekend and it is THE BEST if you don’t like clumpy but just really pretty lashes (and it’s nourishing).

14. Ursa Major Mountain Glow Natural Face Serum

top sellers

At Amazon

Glowy skin? I’m in. My skin could really use it…especially now that the weather’s getting nice I just wanna GLOW.

Shana’s Note: I really love my skin right now. I mean…it’s not perfect, I’m still, ya know, aging, and my face is changing (mostly my neck, haha) but in general, I like the bit of glow I have going on. Drinking water and working out definitely help, but I’ve been using this little serum pretty religiously (day & night) and I think it’s making a big difference.

15. Farm Rio Festival Floral Linen Crop Top

Farm Rio

At Nordstrom | At Shopbop | At Bloomingdale’s

You can probably see why we’re all loving this top. The intricate details are gorgeous, but surprisingly not too much — it works with simple black pants and jeans. But you can also get the matching skirt for a total moment.

Shana’s Note: This stunning top literally stopped me in my tracks. The shape (sleeves, especially) are so graceful, yet it’s a little flirty & playful, too. This top would actually look great with a pair of light-wash flares & clogs (basically the first outfit featured in our recent YouTube video, 6 French-Inspired Spring Outfits From A Boutique Owner (Archery Close in Stowe, VT).

16. J.Crew Gamine Linen Shirtdress

j.crew dress

At J.Crew

I’m typically not the biggest dress girl, but I find button-up styles easier to work with. They don’t feel too precious and can easily be dressed up or down. Bonus points: this one from J.Crew is linen. Give us alllll the linen for warm weather.

Shana’s Note: I ordered a couple of linen shirt-dresses. This classic one that for some reason (sleeves, maybe?) looks like it has a cooler fit than traditional tie-waist shirt dresses, and this gamine shirt dress. I’ll report back on which I like better.

17. OluKai Sunbeam Slide Sandal

top sellers

At Nordstrom

Happiness in a shoe right here. I can see my neutral-loving self adding this pop of color in. How could I resist this sunny yellow?

Shana’s Note: I packed these OluKai slides – in a sunny yellow color – for traipsing out to the hot tub. They’re such a happy little sandal, and really comfy, too. They’ll make some cute summer outfits…eventually (it’s currently snowing outside my window, haha).

18. Lunya Washable Silk Short Pajamas

top sellers

At Shopbop

Silk pajamas? A little treat we all deserve.

Shana’s Note: Lunya silk PJs in the most glow-inducing color: Otium Tan. Terrible color name, but it’s honestly stunning in person. (Sidenote, I asked ChatGPT to suggest other names and it came up with “Serenity Sand” or “Leisure Beige” hahahaha.)

19. Mali & Lili Josephine Denim Crossbody Bag

top sellers

At Nordstrom | At Amazon (different color) | At Anthro (different color)

Another denim bag because we’re loving them. The darker shade is selling out quick at Nordstrom, but Amazon and Anthro have a lightwash that…I may love even more.

Laura’s Note: We’re all obsessed with denim bags for spring…and this is the first one I’ve seen for under $100!

20. Favorite Daughter The Take Me Seriously Bodysuit

top sellers

At Nordstrom

Despite being a button-up, there’s something decidedly sexy about this bodysuit. Kinda love it paired with a long denim skirt like above, too.

Scotti’s Note: This just came in and I am 100% OBSESSED–I have been looking for a top like this for FOREVER. It drapes SO well and can easily go from the office to date night (just unbutton a few buttons), pairs with everything from trousers to jeans (even works with skirts) and is so insanely comfortable. The only thing I can’t get over is the fact that it’s 100% polyester and over $200…but it doesn’t feel like that cheap polyester fabric. Am I missing something?? Gah I love it!

See ya next month with more top sellers!


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