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Amazon Fashion reached out, asking our thoughts on Isotoner’s latest slippers, calling them ‘Namaste for your feet.’  Smart choice of words – that’ll always get our attention.  And besides, I love Amazon Fashion.  I don’t want to exaggerate here, but Prime Shipping has changed my life.  So yeah – when they asked me about Isotoner slippers my first thought (after seeing how cute they were) was:  FUN FRIDAY!

Fun Fridays are a tradition we started with a bunch of friends.  They’re not planned, per se, they just….happen.  We all pick kids up from school on Fridays, and we – the parents –  are all just basically done.  Ya know?  It’s the end of a long week of homework and schelepping and making dinner and brushing teeth and getting kids to bed only to get them up early again and repeat.  Daily.  For five days.

DUNZO.  We’re done.

So after we’ve run the kids like dogs (this is a necessary step for city kids), we eventually end up all crashing at someone’s pad.  We force the kids to play and interact with each other for some undetermined amount of time and then – oh JOY, sheer ecstasy – they get screen time.  Mike put a giant TV in the playroom just for this purpose.  The adults?  Everyone trickles in after work, and we sit outside, cozy up under blankets, and, when it’s cold enough, light a fire.

I always have marshmallows, dark chocolate and graham crackers in my house. ALWAYS.  It’s a rule. (You can also rely on me for popcorn, but that’s about it.) Linz usually has soup or “terrible leftovers” as she likes to call them, someone has chips or crackers or part of an avocado lying around, and, as a group,  we can usually cobble together a few bottles of half-drunk wine.  Yum, right?  (I know I know – we usually just end up ordering takeout – Kanella Grill is our latest obsession.)

But this is messy hospitality – when you don’t sweat the small stuff, and the big stuff?  Like friends and laughter and not letting half-drunk bottles of wine or old avocados go to waste? That’s the best stuff of all.  And for that we just need a cozy place to gather, and a few screens to entertain the kids (don’t judge) so we can actually have Adult Conversation.

It’s pretty glorious.

But slippers, right?  How the heck did I get from slippers to Fun Friday?  Easy – I’ve been meaning to stock up on cozy things to transition our Fun Fridays into Winter.  And how sweet is it to have a big ‘ol basket of slippers for your most frequent guests?  Isotoners are affordable enough to do just that, and it was seriously fun to see what everyone picked.   Even A, who goes sockless in the winter (so weird) found a pair she loved.

Isotoners – Team Favs

Gang, we genuinely loved these slippers.  They’re cute, affordable, and squishy-comfy (thanks to memory foam encircling the foot 360 degrees – even on the top) .  They also appeased my sweaty-feet girls (who will remain un-named, haha) due to a moisture-wicking footbed, which apparently works really well.

The only word of caution is that a few of these styles ran small.  So if you are between sizes, size UP.

Here’s what we picked….

Clockwise, from top:
On DiyanaIsotoner Novelty Knit Mary Hoodback Flat (this was my other favorite – I might get a pair just to throw in my suitcase for holiday travel.)

On AlexisIsotoner Cable Knit Bridget Clog (also in cream or gray cable knit)

On Courtney Isotoner Faux Fur Regina Slide (so glam, no?)

On GwenIsotoner Brushed Cheetah Flat (I’m pretty sure Gwen’s wearing them right now as we work away over at TME headquarters)

On AIsotoner Microterry Adjustable Slide Slippers (these might be the only slippers this girl has ever worn….and I swear she’s been using them as shoes lately #busted)

On me (Linzi and I both picked the same one) – Isotoner Shaker Knit Myrna Bootie (we’re both obsessed with the bootie.  Looks adorbs with sweatpants, too, because THAT’S IMPORTANT.  Also, I love the moisture wicking – it makes the bootie seriously comfy.)

On Jules – wait!  She’s not pictured.  Sheesh.  GET IT TOGETHER JULES.  Here she is…

….forever the disruptor.  (wearing Isotoner Striped Jersey Athena Hoodbacks)

Necessities For A Fall S’more Fest

1. Paint Dipped Woven Baskets 

2.  Pendelton Motor Robe Throw

3. Pendelton Chimao Throw

4. Pendelton Thunder Quarrelton Blanket

5. Pendelton Chimayo Striped Cotton Throw

6. VNnature Mosquito Incense Sticks 

7. Kids Stool 

8. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks 

9. S’Mores Kit

10. Isotoner Hoodback Flat 

11. Isotoner Women’s Cable Knit Slipper

12. Isotoner Women’s Myrna Bootie


Fun fridays forever, man.



A huge thank you to Isotoner and Amazon Fashion for sponsoring this post!!  If anyone ever wants to talk slippers or sweatpants, I’m your girl.  (Bonus points for s’mores, scotch, or screentime.  At least on Fridays.)  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


  1. I absolutely love Diyana’s paint-splattered jeans (as well as her slippers)! This is such a fun idea. I love a fall bonfire and the idea of gathering all the leftovers from the week and making a party of it is so smart.

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