Dreamy Outdoor Spaces: Try These Inspired Setups

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Want to have some fun dreaming-up this over-the-top beautiful blank slate with us?

We are just in love with this recent super inspirational outdoor project!  We thought it would be fun to share it with you from the start of the process, and then we’ll come back and share again once it’s complete!

We’re starting from scratch on this one.  It’s scratch like there is no scratch though…ripe with potential, and gorgeous.  It’s also lots of huge spaces that need lots of garden love and lots of spaces that will be great to sit, to eat, and to lounge, once lots of furniture is placed.

Here in Philly…we’re all about #trusttheprocess right about now!  We are nothing if not process, and trust, so here’s what we’re starting to dream-up; and how we’re hoping to find balance.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments too!

Pool Area:

There’s a larger architectural landscaping plan in the future of this beauty, but it’s not this year.  So we’re going to work with basically what we have, aside from removing some pebbles and replacing them with grass, for now.

Lots of lounge chairs, because why shouldn’t everyone have their own, especially when they have the space?  That space though, is more than a few steps from the house.  Do you want to run out in the rain to cover or pull cushions?  I don’t.  And I”m not making anyone else do that either.  Mesh.  Just go with mesh.  It’s comfy, and dries fast.

There’s space for a seating area so that the two appointed lifeguarding adults have somewhere to sit and chill and talk whilst keeping an eye on kids. And there’s a great place for a nap.  Because who couldn’t use one of those while not on duty?

We have dreams of amazing floats!


And of course there will be a giant basket of our favorite towels!  We can’t wait to dive into this beauty!


Fire Pit Patio:

Give us an existing 20′ diameter concrete patio and we’ll give you a fire-pit seating area perfect for roasting all those S’mores!  Our favorites are the Loll Adirondacks.  But guess what?  You can buy 4 of these for the price of 1 of those, and I dare you to really see the difference in the larger picture.  And then we’ll throw in a fire pit, and space a few side tables and stools between the seating and voila!  Magic!!!


The Veranda:

Right off the kitchen and living areas, as all amazing verandas should be, of course!  It’s a beautiful stonescaped space just waiting for a family friendly dining area and conversational seating area.  There are more than a few choices for how to get to the ‘look’ of the dining and seating areas on the veranda, are all beautiful, and will last equally as long and well as one another.

The Covered Dining Area:

While traveling to far away places and eating dream meals did these homeowners fancy that one day they might host such long dinners under their own covered porch.  The chairs need to be such that we can all sit for hours, on hours on a long summer night, and just eat course after course.  We found a long table that cost a small fortune.  And then we asked a favorite Etsy Vendor to fashion us such a creation for the half the price and the answer was absolutely, I’ll even make it better, and locally.  Amen! And now…we just have to choose our affordable, but insanely comfortable chairs, clean-up a wall, and move some electric to set some lighting.  And the gardens will grow in, and this will just be such a magical space!  We can’t wait!


We’re going to put our final selections together this weekend, and are so lucky to have so many options to be able to pull this whole project together!  Can’t wait to show you the after shots!  Hopefully what’s inspiring us right now inspires you too!  xoxo A


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  1. We are putting in a new slate patio and dying to find some outdoor furniture. Thanks so much for this post. Can I ask what software you are using to take the pictures and lay the furniture out over it? Would love to give this a try. I have a terrible time decorating because I’m just not good at figuring out the scale of furniture.

    • We did this concept by hand and sketched the pieces. This software is free and easy to use though if you want to give it a try: https://homestyler.com/ And if you have questions or want opinions, we’re just full of those. Just yell. xoxo

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