Outdoor Reading Nook Inspiration…and Shoppable Reality


I love unexpected outdoor spaces – especially ones that bring indoor comforts outside.  My latest obsession?  A little backyard reading nook.  Here's what caught my eye, and how I'd recreate the space in a kid-friendly way.  

Reading nook (1)


(All items below are from World Market…for no other reason than I love them and they are having a HUGE sale right now.  Use code SAVE1741 to get up to an additional 25% off already reduced items.)

1. Jetson Oblong Solar LED Lantern, $29

2. Orange and White Chevron Throw, $29

3. Yellow Palm Cove Occasional Bench, $149 on sale

4. Aqua Aberdeen Outdoor Throw Pillow, $12 on sale

5. Red Outdoor Throw Pillow, $17 on sale

6. Wood Storage Stool, $49 on sale

7. Galvanized Metal Tray, $15

8. Polka Dot Straws, $5 (essential for summer smoothies)

9. Acrylic Double Old-fashioned Glasses, Set of 4, $12

10. 6' X 9' Blue Omar Outdoor Rug, $39  (rolls up nice and thin – am totally obsessed with these)


I'd swap out the pretty white blanket for a durable outdoor rug in a dark color and hang some solar lanterns (so I can just forget about them).  Instead of a – what is that?  Vintage bird cage filled with flowers?  Good God.  Instead of all of that,  I'd set the scene with a tray of smoothies and fun straws.  The storage stool might be the answer to the zillion pieces of stuff-used-to-make-guns that are currently strewn about my yard (a deadly combo of bristle blocks, legos, and sticks).


Was this article helpful?  As much as I love all of the inspiration on Pinterest, I really just want someone to show me – EXACTLY – how to re-create.  Not a DIY tutorial, more of a click-here-and-buy kind of thing, OH AND using mostly affordable products.  IknowIknow and then I want a pony.  I'd love to start doing more of these (turning Pinterest inspiration into something kid-friendly and easy) but truth be told…it's HARD.  Are any of you good at this?  Want to work together?  Shoot me an email if you're interested: aintnomomjeans (at) gmail (dot) com




  1. I. Love. This. Thank you. I swoon over anthropologie set ups regularly, but let my kids near it? Ha! This is livable. They can touch it, but it maintains a dreamlike quality.

  2. I love reading outside, but I might as well put up a sign saying “Blood Bar! All ages mosquitos welcome. Try our happy hour ankles half price!”

  3. So you’re in DC then??? Same (sob) story here. Long pants, Badger Balm by the case, mosquito netting for the umbrella table…sigh. The reading nook would kill us, however gorgeous.
    S, LOVE you turning Pinspiration into reality! I’ve dumbed down many a Pin in my day, but this takes it to another level. Love the graphic. Love the shopping list. Love the price points. Love. It. And would love to play along!

  4. I LOVE it! I am in the middle of rehabbing a 4600 sq ft house (I know, I know…I owned 4,500 sq ft before and SWORE I’d never own that large again! Also, I swore I’d never rehab…the things we do to stay in the best school districts…)and I obsess over Joss & Main daily! Also, I pour over all the Pinterest projects. We don’t have a World Market here (they have them in St. Louis…about 3 hours away), so I forget about it. I pop into TJ Maxx and Marshalls at least twice a week though (we also don’t have Home Goods…a moment of silence). I LOVE your set up! I am obsessed with color right now, mainly because I am in the process of pulling flooring to replace of ebony hardwoods and pulling dark ’80s trim to replace with white – the blank canvas means I am obsessed with finding bright colors to fill the space! I NEED that rug for my sunroom!
    Thanks as always! 🙂

  5. I also just realized that World Market partners with ebates, so if you login through your ebates account (free), you can earn 4% cash back! Awesome!

  6. I’m a huge fan of World Market and often find that they have their own version of Anthro or Pottery Barn stuff for like 20% of the cost. I’ll shoot you off an email, I’d love to help out with this. With champagne tastes and a 2 year old in reality… well, everything in my house is (mostly) kid-friendly. =)

  7. Does anyone else’s outdoor ANYTHING get filthy quickly like mine? I look at either of those reading nooks and think about how it would last about 2 days before it started growing cobwebs or getting soaked and ruined in the rain. I haven’t pulled the trigger on an outdoor rug because I assume, even though it’s labeled ‘outdoor’, it will be ruined within the season. Am I doing something wrong here?

  8. Such a good idea!! I love Pinterest, but making things affordable and custom fit for you? Genius! I hate when I create something on Polyvore, only to find out it will cost me $5000 for one outfit.

  9. I’m in DC and the mosquitoes are such a downer! All these nice evenings, and I can barely enjoy them with my kiddos. :-/

  10. I loved this feature and would love to see more of it! I drool over Pinterest rooms, then I remember that a white sofa will not survive even a week with my two-and-a-half-year-old twin boys.

  11. Autumn, I cracked up reading this!  You see, I HAVE a white couch, left over from pre-baby days.  But, to quote M, "your couch is white?"  EXACTLY.

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