Outfit Finishing: Turtlenecks, TShirts, Puffer Coats and Other Winter Layers (Plus The Start of Our #everydaystyle Series)



Don’t you love slush?  Gosh, I love it.  It’s so fun to walk through, it’s so pretty…not slippery at all!  I especially love when we get a late winter snowstorm that turns to brown mucky slush within a 24 hour period.  That’s right about the time I start thinking about how amazing and wonderful this world of ours is.  #blessed #NO

Anyway.   Let’s talk layers.  Cause nothing says “late winter slush” like wearing four shirts amiright?  Here to help is my trusty assistant, Pax:



And my layering game will start like all of my layering games start:  black turtleneck, jeans, oddly colored woolly socks.  WOOT

For the occasion, Pax has decided to wear his, “work jacket wike Dad’s”.  So there you go.  We’re fancy like that.  Ok – so what happens next?  What could I possibly do with this extremely boring outfit?  Hint:  the same thing I’ve been doing since college.  (And since the 90’s are back, I’m going to pretend like it’s a new thing.)

1. Layer On A Graphic Tee

I think most outfit problems are solved with a graphic tee. Pax, however, remains unimpressed.




2. Add Accessories

In case I haven’t been clear in the last, ohidontknow, 45 posts, I really like my winter beanies.  And my new favorite accessory – especially with a tshirt – is a choker.  I prefer mine a little looser, just for comfort.  But I predict chokers are the next big thing.  Wear them with a harness for good measure (ha, ha…ha).  I’m showing this whole outfit with my combat boots simply because they were the first ones I grabbed.  Any old boot (or converse hightop) would work.  (But I think you knew that already.)







And really, I often just stop here.  But if it’s still cold over in your neck of the woods (and it was THREE DEGREES the other day), keep on going.

3.  Outfit, Meet Cozy Sweater (Black Never Fails)



It’s hard to argue with the power of a good black sweater. #nobodycares #alljustlookingatPax




4. Put a Cape On It

Ok – so here’s the thing:  I bought this…cape? poncho?  short-sleeve dolman sweater? whatever it’s called, after Pax was born to hide the post-partum pooch.  And when layered correctly, it’s SHOCKINGLY warm.  Like….go without a coat warm.  Granted, this trick only works in weather over 40 degrees, but that’s still pretty good!  It’s perfect for that late winter / early spring  when you start looking cross-eyed at your winter coat.





5. Bust Out The Big Guns (if you must)

Of course, if it’s still really cold, just stuff all of this nonsense under a puffer and call it good.  But, as a tiny act of rebellion, keep the coat unzipped.  Who’s laughing NOW, Mutha Nature?









wearing (get ready – this’ll be a long one)

turtleneck (base layer): J.Crew’s tissue turtleneck (curently 20% off with code SHOPPINGTIME) – wearing a size S for reference

tshirt (2nd layer): old J.Crew….but I love all of their graphic tees – check out J.Crew’s Hello tee, cute and easy and 20% off.  (I’m wearing a size M for reference.)

black sweater (3rd layer): old Nordstrom…but also loving this Vince Superwash Turtleneck Sweater (on sale for under $100 at Saks),  Wyatt’s Black-With-Stars Sweater (not a turtleneck but would work just as well – and an extra 20% already reduced price at Bluefly), or Boohoo’s Emma Cowl ($30!!)

cape/poncho (4th layer): old Urban Outfitters…but Free People is the poncho king, I’d try this one (on sale for $49) or this one (on sale for $99) or ooo!  THIS ONE (on sale for $99 – tried this one on earlier this winter – wore an XS for reference, and it was still pretty big.)

puffer coat: (5th layer): old Nordstrom….but holy cow Calvin Klein has this stunning red puffer coat on crazy sale ($99, plus and additional 30% off)

jeans: Rag and Bone Stretch Skinny in Surf

combat boots (studio shots): old Ugg combat boots…but everyone in the world is raving about Steve Madden Troopa boots (including Cam)

snow boots (outdoors): old Sorels….sold out everywhere, but if the contrast laces make your heart beat fast (they do mine)…try Sorel’s Glacy Explorer boots (I like the neon contrast laces)

hat: old….Bloomies has a gray cashmere hat on sale with a similar shape

bag: Kate Spade Henry Duffle

necklace: old Bauble Bar…but my three favorite chokers are currently this minimalist metal from baublebar, this rose gold choker from Free People , and J.Crew’s Shaped Choker (20% off)

Pax’s suit: H&M

Raines: Appaman Parka, Ugg boots 

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And hey!  Before I forget, we’re kicking off our #everydaystyle series on Instagram.  We’ll be posting pics of what we wear on a day-to-day basis – the good, the bad, the ugly.  The first week?  All meeeee.  Find us here –> @shanachristine



ps.  I found a NURSING TURTLENECK.  Will wonders never cease??  Sadly, two years too late for me, but I would’ve totally rocked that shirt.

With a harness.

[S falls out of chair, cracking herself up]

Okokok.  I’m done.


  1. You look great Shana! Would love to see how the winter layers work on a fuller figure. I always worry I’ll end up looking like a whale with too many layers…

  2. I didn’t catch the sarcasm about slush. At first, I was all, “Yes, I was so excited to see slush today!” Too cold here to even create slush until today. Back to negatives tomorrow. I certainly need all 5 layers – with the coat zipped. Make that 6 – a harness will add that last bit of warmth! 🙂

  3. Just what I needed to read!!! I live outside of Boston in what is not so jokingly being called Alaskachusetts- record breaking snowfall and below zero temperatures. This is fabulous!!!!! Thank you!

  4. Love this post! I appreciate the practical nature of the content as it is BELOW ZERO windchill in my neck of the woods. Plus, your boys are sooo stinking cute! #hurryupspring
    ps- I love the harness references. 🙂

  5. I adore this finished look! I second Cindy K, how would all those layers work on a larger chest? B/c I LOVE the black sweater and poncho combo on you.

    Also – your boys are crazy cute!

  6. Very cool! Er, warm? I’m with Cindy, I’d like to see such a layering extravaganza on a bigger frame too, to see how it worked. I’ve always had trouble with layering due to a huge rack and relatively broad shoulders. I end up looking kinda lumpily top-heavy with twig legs or something…there must be a way though, right?

  7. So since it’s not quite four layer weather here my takeaway is I need cool black jeans. Which, isn’t easy! I’ve been trying. Buuuuut I just found these and am a tad obsessed. Can a size 29 mom whose thighs touch pull them off?!?


    • Julia – I *think* so. The moto detailing gets tough on the short-legged, but curvy gals should be able to pull them off. If I recall, you are taller than me, yes? (And I just added them to the jean shop – so thank you!!)

  8. I used this same type of formula while dressing for work since it was -10 outside.I started with black leggings and a black tshirt dress but added a long sleeve striped shirt under the dress. I added a light blue cardigan, fun necklace and boots. Easy, warm and cute! I’m glad to know I kind of know what I’m doing!

  9. Heh, yeah, slush. I just ended up buying your jeans on a recent trip to Nordstrom and love them! I went in and asked for help finding a lighter wash skinny jean and the salesperson got excited, said she knew just the pair. Then she went on this mad hunt for the rag and bones, saying she wouldn’t let me leave without trying them. I tried on a couple others while she was hunting, and then she popped her head in the dressing room, declared victory, and handed over the pair. And sure enough the fit and wash are amazing! Looking forward to layering my turtleneck and tees with them.

    • RIGHT??? I’m always shocked by how Rag and Bone just seem to get better and better each season. (and love the Nordies salesgirls – so much passion)

  10. hello. I love you and your boys and I love this look… almost makes me look forward to winter – almost! I noticed your posts aren’t loading up consistently on safari or firefox. eg, this post is the newest on right now? Also, just bought my first Rag and Bone skinnies, love them, but when I wear them with booties should I leave them to just sort of scrunch on top of the boot rather than try to tuck them in? thanks x

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