Found: My Starter Pair of Mom Jeans


We’re hitting hard on mom jeans right now because we get so many questions about styling them! I’ll admit, I wasn’t fully on board with this particular denim style until I recently found the perfect faded black pair.

As a team, we’ve had a bit of debate and discussion as to what exactly constitutes mom jeans, but, in my eyes, almost any pair that is fairly high-rise, baggy in the knees and not skinny is pretty much a mom jean. I honestly think it’s the baggy knees that sets mom jeans apart from other styles. This all just dawned on me one day.

I’ve found that cropping almost always helps to achieve an actually flattering mom jeans look. Your ankle area is the slimmest part of your leg, so you balance out the fabric of the knees by drawing the eye down to the slim ankle area. CROP! If there were more jean fabric down there, this wouldn’t naturally happen.

My second trick is to TUCK. You gotta tuck, just like Abby said in the amazing video she and Shana did last week. Not into tucking? I get around that by wearing cropped sweaters or sweatshirts with my mom jeans. And most of the time, I’ll even half-tuck the cropped shirt, too. This creates that flattering, nipped-in-at-the-waist look without adding more bulk to the hips.

So, why do we overanalyze and spend hours figuring out one style of denim, you ask? BECAUSE FASHION, BRENDA. Haha. I mean, because mom jeans are literally everywhere right now, and we at The Mom Edit cannot resist a good fashion challenge. (Remember the cropped flares drama of 2015? Yup.)

Outfit Ideas: 4 Shoes & Boots That Nail Mom Jeans Style

For me, it was all about finding the right pair of mom jeans. Mine are high-rise, but not super high-rise. I went up a size so they wouldn’t totally dig into my belly. They’ve got that slouchy, tapered shape that’s on-trend, but in a version I can live with and actually reach for all the time (mine are super-comfortable, too). Do I have you convinced yet? Here are four ways I’ve been wearing them…

*Fit info: I sized up a few sizes in the Topshop mom jeans I have. The fit info says the 30W fits like a 28/29 and I’m typically a 27 in jeans.

1. Mom Jeans With Heels

I find that this is the most flattering way to wear my mom jeans. Add some height and a sexy pointed toe, and you’re ready for date night. I love this look (you may recognize it from last week’s #TMEStyleChallenge). It’s casual, yet put-together and chic. Now I just need it to warm up so I can wear this on date night. (Also, I need to schedule a date night.)

Heels, combat boots, western booties & sneakers. Find the right pair of mom jeans, crop, tuck & nail the on-trend aesthetic with these 4 outfit ideas.

blouse / jeans / heels (similar)

2. Mom Jeans With Combat Boots

This is so easy for everyday, and it’s what I’ve been wearing on repeat. Warm, comfy and perfectly casj for my daily Portland jaunts (read: outings for coffee).

Heels, combat boots, western booties & sneakers. Find the right pair of mom jeans, crop, tuck & nail the on-trend aesthetic with these 4 outfit ideas.

jacket / sweatshirt / jeans / boots

3. Mom Jeans With Western-Style Booties

This is a trickier pairing to make super-flattering, but I still like it. Stick with a slim ankle on your booties or even more of a heel than I have here (these have a typical western-height heel, like 1.5″).

Heels, combat boots, western booties & sneakers. Find the right pair of mom jeans, crop, tuck & nail the on-trend aesthetic with these 4 outfit ideas.

blouse (8 US, but slightly big) / jeans (30 petite,fits like 28) / boots (TTS) /
bag (or similar)

4. Mom Jeans With Sneakers

I love this combo and plan to wear the heck out of it. This shirt is cropped, but I still did the half-tuck to create the illusion of more leg length and to show off the waistband.

Heels, combat boots, western booties & sneakers. Find the right pair of mom jeans, crop, tuck & nail the on-trend aesthetic with these 4 outfit ideas.

sweatshirt (similar) / jeans / sneakers

Shop More Mom Jeans I Can Live With

I’ve linked to mostly reasonably priced jeans below. While I love me some high-end denim for skinny and straight leg fits that I know I’ll wear for years, when it comes to something like mom jeans, I like a lower price point. I find Topshop, Free People and Urban Outfitters’ brand BDG perfect for this. Sometimes I have to size up in these brands, especially Topshop due to UK sizing differences, but it depends on the jean and the fabric content. I want to check out that Boyish brand I keep eyeing at Shopbop, too! Let me know if you’ve tried it.



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  1. You may have convinced me that I can do this! I am wearing a pair now with combat boots – off to a good start. Love the combo with heels – you look fabulous. When cropping jeans, do I need to use sewing shears? Do I just tuck the hem and cut? Any tips or potential things to watch out for would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Yes, love it! I actually use any old pair of scissors because it starts the fraying a bit. Just be sure to start a teeny bit longer than you might want them in case your denim rolls up just a bit (only usually very stretchy denim does this) I’ve hacked off so many jeans that at this point I just compare most pairs to another pair I’ve cut, but I’d say best rule of thumb is about 1″ above your ankle and try them on with your favorite boots. I cut a little snip with them on and then lay them flat on the table (or bed let’s be honest) and cut straight across from that snip. Then I fold the jeans in half making sure the waistband and everything are perfectly aligned as they’re folded and cut the other leg. Then I stretch out the newly cut hem some with my hands and voila!

  2. Yes! I have a pair of Boyish that I love! Also AGold for less crazy high waistedness. I have a short torso and super high waists do me no favors.

    • Ooh good to know! And I’m so interested in trying more AGolde because I have a pair of shorts of theirs that I love. Will have to try more. Thank you!

  3. i really do love a good non-skinny jeans post. Thank you! The best part was going back and looking at Shana’s post in 2015 about cropped flares- especially the comments. Fast forward 5 years, and Shana’s look in that post looks super current and pretty on target.

    • I need to go back through those again, haha. It’s always fun to see where we were and where we’ve come! And I’m getting to be so over my skinny jeans for the most part. I’ll try to keep focusing on other fits!

  4. I wasn’t around for that older post, so those comments were a fun ride. I hope a lot of those commenters have had a change of heart about at least the rise situation in the meantime, LOL! Anyway — I think most of the jeans that are being passed off as “mom jeans” lately are more of….I don’t know, fitted boyfriend jeans? Whatever, I’m into it, and I dig this black pair of yours.

  5. The title got me – I have been wanting to dip my toe into the Mom jean pool. Thanks for another push Laura and TME. Here’s my personal dilemma, I have LONG legs. Cam’s height with a 35.5 – 36 inch inseam, about 155lbs. Through cyber space I can hear ‘wow you’re tall.’ Story of my life! I love being tall and personally like it when jeans hit right at the narrowest part of the ankle/top ankle highlighting the length vs cutting it short, but alas I need the inseam to do so. Being tall my whole life I have amassed an arsenal of stores/brands/websites that offer long inseams – It’s like the first question a fellow giraffe asks another – where do you buy your jeans?! But, I am asking the TME team for any other suggestions for viable long inseam Mom jeans. I’ve started with you since before the blog name change and how ironic that I am asking specifically about Mom jeans now! CAM, when your ready to post more, this fellow tall gal laser focuses on it! But no matter the contributor, your posts are so well done, I am usually able to take something away and adapt it to me. Keep doing you. 🙂

  6. I’m in the same boat, Jojo–the high-high waists sit right below my boobs (very sexy!). I do find that I love a boyfriend jean, though, and can style them up the same way Laura does here. The rise is lower but the leg look is similar. I can’t wait to try my western boots with my bf jeans and see if it works; I’ve tried all the other shoe options here and they all work really well.

  7. These look great! One thing that is interesting about mom jeans is that you generally have to size up, which makes them inaccessible able for those who were already wearing a 31 or 32 jean. I found Everlane to be more true to size for those of you who are getting sized out of these suggestions.

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