And the February Style Challenges Are…


You voted..and now we’re ALL raiding our closets.

Post-holiday time (AKA right now) has it’s way of throwing us all into a sartorial rut. We’re cold, we’re tired, we’re hungry..those sweatpants just look so freaking comfy. You get the idea. So, S had the idea to spice up our lives by deeming February ~the month of the style challenge~ (obviously imagine Morgan Freeman announcing that). We’re talking ALL. MONTH. LONG., people. Our team got together and chose about 10 style challenges that are doable but still push the envelope ..then we let you narrow it down to the final 4. And that, is what we shall wear (or at least attempt to).

Week 1: Wear Your Ol’ Gray Tee with Something Unexpected  – We all have that tried and true gray tee. Now’s the time to get creative and pair it with something other than your norm (*cough cough LEGGINGS cough*). Like I said, Cams will kick this one off on our Instagram TODAY.

Week 2: Make Your Loungewear Sexier..Whatever That May Mean To YOU – When it’s the end of a long day we all have our go-to comfy pieces. The ones that get you through making dinner, to cleaning up, to bedtime and maybe (if you’re lucky) to a full episode of This Is Us on the couch. Show us your definition of lounging around in what makes YOU feel beautiful while still doing it all..whatever that may be.

Week 3: Wear Skirts In Colder Temps – It’s not uncommon for us to get reader questions about SKIRTS. We’re all in this one together. Whether you’re the kinda gal who goes for a classic pair of tights, or you like the OTK boot look + a little skin we’re all. for. it. Just because there’s snow on the ground, doesn’t mean we can’t rock a skirt.

Week 4 (The challenge with the highest votes): Wear Your Workout Gear Like It’s A Real Outfit – If you haven’t pulled the trigger on those AMAZING (yet pricey) workout pants you’ve been lusting for..make ’em do double time. That’s our kinda price-per-wear. We’ll style up our own favorite pieces..then it’s your turn.

Starting now, you’ll see members of our team carrying out those 4 challenges in 4 weeks all on our Instagram (@themomedit). Head over to our channel today to see us kick off Week 1. Each day, one contributor will try out the challenge herself and we’ll share it with all of you. Think: #OOTD style, casual, something we’d ACTUALLY wear all day…

(here’s how we #OOTD)

Now for the best part..we want YOU to play along. Don’t forget this is all in good fun – and we PROMISE nothing too too crazy – so be sure to join in! Snap a selfie (ours will be casual mirror selfies, too..see above) and use the hashtag: #TMEStyleChallenge and be sure to tag @themomedit so we can see what you’ve come up with. If you’re a little hesitant to put yourself out there, have a girlfriend/sister/your mom try it, too. The point is to work common pieces already in your closet into something a little ..unexpected. We’ll then publish them (with your permission) into one big article every Monday so you can all see the results.

I, for one, cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with. This will be the perfect way to get creative with what we already have and share it with our amazing little community.

Who’s joining us?!


Team TME


  1. Is a grey t-shirt with a long cardigan and skinny jeans really unexpected? That’s kind of a stand-by, no? Don’t get me wrong, Cam looks great, but… what am I missing ?

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