Outfit Math: Graphic Tee + Pretty Pencil Skirt




Get ready for some big, cheesy smiles.  I couldn’t help myself; Raines – my six year old – took these pictures.  (I set everything up, it’s not like he’s figuring out ISO settings or anything, but still.  I couldn’t believe how well these turned out.)



Remember my old graphic tee + bandage mini outfit?  (Of course you don’t but just nod politely I do have a point here….) anyway, if you (don’t) recall, I wore that outfit to the Franklin Institute’s Spy exhibit and ended up with a wardrobe malfunction due to lack of skirt.  So….yeah.  Mental note: Find longer skirt

A year later, I think I’ve found it.  This pencil skirt is done in a soft jersey (similar to the ones Target had a while back) so it feels like you are wearing a t-shirt on your legs.  (Actually, that sounds horrible scratch that.)  WHATEVER.  The skirt is comfortable.

My last remaining issue was the pencil skirt + flats combo.  It shortens the legs, your know?  For a small girl, it’s pretty tough to pull off.  But I found that half-tucking the tee (to show off a higher waist) helped to elongate the legs, making up for the flats.  Thoughts?



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And just in case the widget doesn’t display properly…I’ll do it the old-fashioned way, too.

skirt: Weston Wear Sandee Skirt, currently on sale for $72

tee:  Madewell linen tee (now sold out)…but try a few of their other linen tees – such insanely amazing drape.  Paris tee, Comme Ci scoopneck tee, or this sporty tee

bag: Marc Jacobs pretty nylon hobo (old)…but the Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Sasha is pretty close

shoes:  old Stylemint…also loving DV by Dolce Vita’s Bodhi Sandal (currently on sale for $46 at Nordstrom)

sunnies: Ray-ban

on Pax: Mini Rodini sweatshirt and shorts, Saltwater sandals  (Actually Yoox has a ton of Mini Rodini on sale…I’ve updated the Babies and Kids Shop (I’d link directly to the Mini Rodini section on Yoox, but their search is a disaster.)



And even an artsy shot.  Nice one, Raines.



ps.  I sat Mike down tonight to help me cull through the Men’s section of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I’ll talk about it more tomorrow, but you can get links to our favs now in our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shop.


  1. Have to agree…not loving this…didn’t think you would look “not great” (since you don’t look bad, and still do look good!) in anything since you can pull off almost any look to a t. I think maybe right above the knee with this look would be better or this length with a dressier top and heels. Just my honest opinion. The concept is cute though!

  2. The proportions are slightly off for me, too. I love the concept (in fact, this is a silhouette I wear myself fairly often – flats, pencil skirt, loose tee), but I think to do this with flats the skirt needs to hit at or just above the knee, no matter how tall or short you are. Would you consider having it tailored? Love, love, love the graphic t-shirt combined with that print and those sunnies! All these summer posts about graphic tees have convinced me that I need one (or, you know, more than one…).

  3. I recenlty found a jcrew linen leopard pencil skirt at a thrift store (yay!), but after trying to wear it with flats (all I wear!) on my 5’4″ frame it’s currently in the “get rid of” box (boo!). I may try this variation on at home, but given the comments above I’m not that optimistic (ahem, size 12). I was thinking about getting it hemmed to a just-above-the knee length because the fabric is awesome, but haven’t decided yet.

  4. I think you have great legs and this skirt is hiding them! And I’m seeing these type of sun glasses everywhere but I just can’t get into them- they’re too distracting, flashy? Something. Great pics by your son!

  5. Oh no! You guys didn’t like it? LOL – Pencil skirt fail. Ah, well. This particular skirt is so soft that I can easily fold the waistband down a bit to make it shorter. I’ll have to play around….although I still don’t hate the proportions here. It’s not the most flattering choice, true, but when it’s too hot for pants and I want more coverage than my short-shorts….it’s alright….I THOUGHT. 🙂 But I am going to play around a bit. I wonder what even an inch or two shorter will do…..if I figure something out I’ll let you guys know. (Maybe I can add voting buttons: “S, you have lost your damn mind girl” to “Works in a pinch”.)

  6. I actually like it. You do have great legs…but sometimes you need to change it up…and do need the length…I thinks this works..wish I could find that Paris tee 🙁 still wish you would have a recent purchase section. OK I won’t mention it again :).

  7. I wouldn’t wear the PARIS shirt with a cross-body bag again. My first thought when I saw the thumbnail on Instagram was “does her shirt say penis?”

  8. Ok, I love the top and I love the skirt… but I agree with everyone that it needs to be hemmed a few inches so that it falls above your knees. =)

  9. I want to give a positive vote for this. I think she looks cool. Sure, it’s maybe not as flattering/lengthening/whatever, but the personality and style shine through. Whenever my husband comments on an outfit like this (usually that it be more fitted/naked) I say something like “It’s not my job to be hot all the time.” With love. Just sayin’.

  10. Graphic tee + jersey pencil skirt + flats is one of my go-to mom-on-the-go outfit combos (I’m 5’3″). I tend to agree, the proportions here look a bit off; I have high waisted pencil skirts so i tuck in my slouchy top so that the high waist shows, making my waist look higher and therefore my legs look longer (also it looks slouchy that way, but not sloppy.) . I also find what helps is wearing a shirt with a deeper neck and even no sleeves, so that more skin shows to make up for the longer skirt. finally, I do flats like you do – that show off some skin so that they don’t break the leg line.

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