Mamas.  I cannot tell you how much your words of love and support have meant to both Mike and me.  We are simply overwhelmed with gratitude.  

It's funny, once I published the article, I felt the weight of the last two weeks lift a bit.  And as we read through your thoughts – supportive, funny, tearful – the strangest thing happened:  I started to cry.  For the first time in two weeks I felt unburdened enough to cry.  Sometimes when you get into fight mode, you don't let your guard down, you know?  So thank you all for taking the time to lift me up so that I could break down.  I needed it.

This feeling of…connectedness is, without a doubt, my favorite part of blogging.  Reader Surina said it so eloquently in one of the comments:  

As you move through this experience now, all I can hope is that our comments here, though small in gesture, in some tiny way, let you know that you are not alone, and that you are cared for and matter so much to us all.

Throwing huge hugs, strength, love, and courage out into the universe to fill the spaces between us.


We are not alone, are we?  None of us are.  So right back at you, Mamas:  Love and hope and gratitude…filling the spaces between us.

So much love,





  1. Shana I just read your post now. My heart sunk, belly flopped and hot tears streamed as I read the words.
    Mama. I am so SO sorry that you have to go through this right now.
    I had no idea that your instagram post about “inflammation” was about this. THIS.
    Sending you tons of love from Canada, friend. xoxo

  2. From a fellow-Mama and cancer-survivor (nearing the five year ALL CLEAN mark), I am so so so very sorry that you are going through this. Life will never be the same again. Going through treatment sucks. But, mark my words, afterwards? Life will have never felt so precious. Sending love and peace.

  3. I wish I’d come out of the lurking hiding of a blog reader earlier, but seriously – sending prayers, love, and good juju your way. Been trying to write more, but keep typing, deleting, typing, deleting, repeat, but basically just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are that you are and will be fine – really…FINE – and that you will feel and always know that you are BEAUTIFUL. And a great mama – those boys are lucky & blessed 🙂

  4. Sending you prayers, hugs and good thoughts. We’ve never met, but I have been thinking about you constantly this week. I live just outside of Philly, so if you need anything, just put the word out!

  5. When I read your initial post, I cried and called my husband who gave a very normal response, “but you don’t know her, right?”
    While he has a point, I have been following your blog for so long (and literally checking it first thing in the morning) that I feel like you ARE a dear friend of mine. Your blog has helped so many women gain back confidence that is obliterated by pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and on and on.
    I hope that keeping up the blog gives you a nice distraction during the next few months, because I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I really don’t know what I’d do without it! Happy thoughts your way, mama.

  6. It’s funny, all day I kept wanting to tell people about “my friend with breast cancer” and had to keep shutting up because how do you explain that your “friend” is a blogger that you never met? It made me giggle to myself. But this blog was a revelation to me when I first discovered it, and remains so today. It’s so real, and I love it. Best wishes, Shana.

  7. I agree with all the other mommas, I have been folowing for so kong I feel like were total bffs. When I was in college my mok found a precancerous lump… being a mom to 4 girls, it scared all of us shitless. When I was prg with my first I found a lump wnd felt so alon because we didn’t want to tell anyone. I am so happy telling everyone has left you feeling more open and less stressed. You are so strong and such a fighter. I will be praying everyday!

  8. OMG,I haven’t visited in awhile and just saw this. I feel like I “know” you after reading your posts for so long. Just wanted to give hugs and tell you that I know you’re going to be fine. I just do, that’s all. Same as my my boss who had the same thing happen about 4 years ago, age 39, three kids. She was back to being a bad ass in no time. xoxo

  9. Dear Shana,
    You are so special to me, words can hardly express how i feel right now. You are my friend, my sister, my little online haven of helpful advice, inspiration, humor and positivity.
    I am wishing you a complete healing (mind, body and soul) and speedy recovery! Stay strong, mama, you are loved more than you will ever know!

  10. I stumbled across this blog while looking for jeans. But I had to comment on this post because my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She found a lump but didn’t tell anyone for 2 years!! It was really scary and horrible but now she made it five years so there is hope!!! You were brave for going to the doctor!

  11. I’m just catching up on ANMJ. I’m so sorry to hear about your ordeal. I found your blog a few months ago and I’ve been a faithful reader since then. I’m sending prayers, happiness, and light your way. Hang in there, Mama. You’re a strong amazing woman!

  12. Oh my. Oh my. I haven’t read the blogs in a bit because it’s report card season for us teachers in Canada and I am so… moved by you sharing this with us, enraged that this happend to you (you are so nice, so, so, so nice, you do not deserve this! I mean, who does? right? but you definitely don’t) and so inspired by how you are taking it. be strong, shana. you already are, but there is so much support and love coming at you from all ends of the internet– soak it up. xo johanna

  13. Shana – I have been thinking about you and your family and just wanted you to know that. We have not met in real life, but I have read, enjoyed, and trusted your blog for so long that I feel I know you a bit. Wishing you a speedy, full, and easy recovery.

  14. I am so sorry that you have to go through this, but so glad that they caught it in time and gave you a good prognosis. I’m sure your new boobies will be gorgeous! You and your beautiful family are in my thoughts.

  15. Read your post a few days ago and have been thinking about you. I hate that you are going through something so scary right now. Thank you for all the little boosts you’ve given me over the past few years. Thank you for the humor, reality and encouragement that you offer so genuinely. Prayers for a complete recovery.

  16. I am so sorry to read about your diagnosis. I felt sad as though this had happened to a close friend (not that I wouldn’t feel sad about anyone I heard of being diagnosed with cancer!) I have been faithfully reading this blog for over two years, and inspired my style for pregnancy and now new-mommy-needing-nursing-friendly-attire-that-isn’t-frumpy stages. Furthermore, I used to read lots of celebrity fashion blogs and then figure out how to translate that to my everyday life. Once I discovered this one, I let you do all the work for me and just copied what you are doing. I don’t think I have ever commented before, but wanted to let you know I am praying for smooth surgeries, your sweet husband and boys and zero leftover cancer! Thank you for this blog. I’m sorry I have never said it before!

  17. Hey Shana,
    I keep an eye on your blog to check on you every once in a while. I was so surprised to hear your news. However, I know that you are going to be fine. You are one of the strongest, most upbeat, positive people I have ever had the opportunity to spend time with.
    I had a simular experience after having Tirzah. She was only 2 when I had open heart surgery to remove a large mass that was connected to my heart. It was a scary time, but I don’t regret the experience at all. The mass ended up not being cancerous and I learned so much about myself and my values along the way.
    I will be thinking of you and sending you love while you go through all of this. I’m not on Facebook anymore, but can be reached at if you ever want to chat.
    Love you lots,

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