What To Pack: Ireland in Early Summer


Ireland…oh, dear Melissa who wrote in asking what to pack for your trip there – I am so jealous. I adore that country so. Pinky and I honeymooned in Ireland and Scotland and fell completely in love with both countries. I’m longing to return. I truly believe Ireland has the nicest people in the world. We met an adorable couple in a pub there who extended an invitation to stay with them upon our next visit! (totally taking them up on that). And the green…the rolling green…it’s beyond picturesque. I could go on for days about the coziness there, too. Anyway, packing…

Here’s what Melissa wrote:

Hi!  It looks like we’re taking a family trip to Ireland in June ? 12 days, one medium size packing cube for me (plus the clothes on my back) and two young kids. What would you be packing??

Spring and early summer weather in Ireland is not unlike early summer Portland weather, so I can definitely say the main thing to keep in mind is layers. (I also checked with a dear friend from Scotland and she confirmed this! Thanks Sally dear!) It will most likely be cool or even chilly in the mornings and evenings, but could warm up to the 50’s and 60’s during the day. Layering tees, button-downs, sweaters, hoodies and of course a rain jacket will be essential for your traveling comfort. Here are some packing suggestions that I hope help inspire you!



1. Trouve Collarless Open Front Jacket: A blazer/jacket is amazing for travel. This one is nicely modern and will dress up or down well.

2. Bridge & Burn Bea Black Ikat Top: Packing a top with a small print will add interest to your travel wardrobe. I chose a short sleeve here so you’re prepared for any warmer days.

3. Madewell Whisper Cotton Long-Sleeve Crewneck: Include a go-to, long sleeved tee with something special. This could be one with stripes, a henley, an interesting neckline or hemline. Pick something that coordinates with the rest of the pieces, but isn’t just a boring tee.

4. JCrew Polka Dot Tippy Sweater: I adore this sweater. It’s just sweet enough. The peach adds some femininity and I seriously love the idea of this with the burgundy hi-tops for an unexpected, really rad color combo.

5. Topshop Herringbone Chambray Shirt: A chambray or denim button down is a definite must for travel, in my opinion. It can be layered under sweaters and jackets or over dresses. This one is gorgeous.

6. JCrew Summerweight Sweater in Stripe: Classic and easy to wear. Lightweight for great layering. Love. Comes in navy and white stripe, as well.

7. Reebok Zip Front Hoodie: You can’t go wrong with layering a hoodie in any weather that has a chance of rain. Hoodies are a go-to here. Layer under a blazer for a sporty, casual day look or slip it on over your pajamas for those cooler mornings. This one is thinner for the warmer temps and is easy to layer.

8. Bridge & Burn Warbler Jacket: This rain jacket is so super cute, but durable and fairly lightweight. Bridge & Burn make high quality items with impeccable taste. This comes in olive, too. Either is great, but if I opted for olive boots like in the collage, I’d go with the navy jacket.

9. Madewell Hi Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in Bristol wash: Yes, my favorite jeans. You know this. Take your go-to pair of skinnies when you travel and leave those hard-to-wear pants behind i.e. boyfriend jeans and flares. They’re fun…but require just the right shoe to work. So in this case, I’m team skinnies.

10. Hudson Coated Super Skinny: A coated, comfy jean is perfect for rainy weather. A little mud from hiking? Just wipe them off. The trick is to find a pair that is comfortable for you. I say go with coated denim instead of leather or faux leather for comfort when traveling. Again, take pants (and shoes) that you wear often. If you don’t do coated denim, try a nice dark black skinny or slim straight-leg like these.

11. Anker Travel Phone Charger: I LOVE this charger. It is small, yet mighty. I was so glad I had it last time I traveled because many times you’re out and about for most of the day. Use your Loop adapter to charge up at night in the hotel room and wander fearlessly all day without having to bring the bulky adapter around with you.

12. Loop Worldwide Travel Adapter: This looks amazing. It works in 150 countries + and has USB ports for your phone, iPad, etc. It gets great reviews and comes in a few different colors. NOTE: it doesn’t work with high powered hairdryers and curling irons, but says it may work with travel dryers and irons.

13. The Horse Classic Watch in Gray/Rose Gold: I think it’s amazing to have a watch on when you travel. It’s just easier to manually change your watch to know you’re on the right time zone. Plus, this one is a gorgeous accessory to any outfit, too.

14. Kiriko Karu Ori White Scarf: I love love the style of this scarf. Subtle pattern and the light color adds a bit of softness to this packing ensemble. So soft, pretty and light enough for early summer weather, but great for cool mornings and evenings. A great airplane staple, too.

15. Express Mini Leaf Stud Earrings: I suggest wearing easy studs most of the trip…comfy for travel and daytime casual outfits. I love the simple design of these leaf earrings. Pretty and a modern shape.

16. Express Woven Beaded Hoop Earrings: Express has some of my favorite jewelry. These hoop earrings are great to bring as they won’t tangle, but will add a nice sparkle to dressier outfits.

17: Express Hi-Lo Triangle Pendant Necklace: Here the layering is done for you. Wear on the plane to add some shine to your comfy outfit and to keep it from tangling in your bag. I’ve found this piece to be super versatile, going well with almost any travel outfit.

18 Matt & Nat Brave Vegan Leather Backpack: So so good. A great carry on and perfect for daytime sight seeing. This should hold plenty of room for a cell phone, camera, maps, a journal, scarf, favorite new novel, iPad and any little purchases you find in the cute shops around Ireland. Also, your hands are free for drinking pints of Guinness. Perfect.

19: Emma Go Casey Cutout Oxford Flats: A pair of interesting flats will go a long way on a trip (pun intended). But really, you could do simple solid color flats, but you might get tired of them. I often overpack shoes, so I’m trying to plan well these days and pick comfortable but fun options. Neutral color animal prints really are so much more interesting than a solid shoe. These I’m dying for. Perfection.

20: Cheap Monday Moon Print Capsule Dress: It’s even called a capsule dress. Because it’s such a great go-to. The mock neck and capped sleeves give it a cool modern shape and the small moon phases print makes it interesting. Wear in the evening with the blazer and the ankle boots or with the hoodie and oxfords for daytime. Essentially, bring a simple, easy dress that fits well in a neutral color. It’ll be a good piece if it’s warmer one day during your trip, too.

21: Vince Camuto Cami Crossbody Bag: A cross body is so essential for travel. It’s great for taking to dinner or short trips and easy to pop in and out of your backpack on the plane and during day excursions. Since it sits close to your body it’s safer for crowds, too.

22. Chuck Taylor High Street Deep Bordeaux Hi Tops: Long gone are the days of painfully tourist-y sneakers. These will keep you comfortable and stylish for miles of sights and that deep burgundy color? Goes with essentially everything. I’m totally pining for these.


23: Free People Warren Ankle Boots: Take a great pair of ankle boots with you to wear on the plane that double as a ‘dressier’ pair of shoes instead of heels. You will most likely be doing a TON of walking, so take a reliable yet interesting pair. I love this shade of olive green. I think it makes any of the outfit combos more fun, but if you’re constantly reaching for your tan or black booties, stick with them. Take whatever heel height is comfortable for you to wear most of the day.

What To Pack Tips

I’ve traveled a fair bit over the years, both domestically to see family and abroad throughout college and after but packing, no matter what, is tough. I hate deciding what to bring (and seriously hate to unpack, amiright?) but over time I have learned a thing or two about what to bring (and what not to bring). Here are a few good rules of thumb:


Additional notes: This compilation is assuming the trip is about a week long. Add another dress or a midi skirt and another blouse or two for 10-14 day trips. Also, be sure to check the weight of your suitcase with European airlines you are traveling. Some weight restrictions, especially on discount airlines like Ryanair, are different than US restrictions and it’s no fun to purchase a separate bag for the overflow. Uh, and also, if you’re not from the PNW you may want to throw in an umbrella, too. Hahaha! I definitely don’t think of those anymore.

Shop My Packing List and a Few More Suggestions


Enjoy your trip! Can I please come, too???