What to Pack + Wear for that Post-Baby Hospital Stay


This post could just as easily been titled “Postpartum Loungewear”…and I know you all HATE when we post about anything in that genre, so…I’m sorry. ha. ha. riiiight.

I got legitimately excited as I was packing my bag this time around, because I feel as if I now know exactly what I want to be wearing in the hospital after the whole giving birth part: COMFORTABLE STUFF. That’s what.

I also packed a solid (and even cool) “going home outfit”, because baby isn’t the only one that needs to look their best on that ceremonial walk through the halls of the hospital, out to the car and into the house. Mama needs some sort of spotlight here, too. [snort] What this mama will really need is a long, undisturbed nap, but…let’s go with what is more likely to happen –  going home in an outfit that isn’t pajamas, but still uber comfortable (and hey, if you feel like you look cool two days postpartum…SCORE. My job here is done).

Let’s get on with it then…because really, I feel like my water could break at any moment. Seriously. Even “waddling” is being generous – it’s more of a toddle, I would say. Yeh, a toddle.

Update 2020: If you’re looking for our most recent “what to pack for the hospital” checklist, it’s right here.


  1. Easy Nursing Bras: a definite must, especially if a couple guests drop in. I don’t want to have to get a real bra on (heck no), so it’s all easy, comfortable and whatever can le bebe on le boob asap. I’m a fan of H&M’s maternity underwear line.
  2. The High-Rise Hipster: …because there will be a lot going on down there and mama needs the coverage. H&M also has a MAMA 3-pack of hipsters. I had this pack and wore it during pregnancy and after! Very comfortable. I would consider going up one size, though, FYI.
  3. Nursing Tanks: I’ve had these for two babies and they are winners. Also, they come in a 2-pack. Can’t beat that.
  4. Relaxed Fit Pajama Set: when I finally get out of the gown, which I usually get around to doing the day after laboring, I want something soft, warm and unfussy. I can wear this set with a nursing bra underwear or even a nursing tank…whatever feels better at the time.
  5. Pretty Robe: I find that this is something nice to have if you have guests or a picture session in the hospital (or at home!). Easy to throw over what you have on. Plum Pretty Sugar has some of the prettiest options in robes.
  6. No-pull Hair Ties: easy hair. The end. I like the pretty color combo. Amazon also has a more neutral pack.
  7. Fuzzy Non-Skid Socks: my feet freeze every time I’m in the hospital. Can’t have that, now can we? Fuzzy, warm socks…the fluffier the better. Now, I think hospitals usually provide you with a pair of socks, but I like to have some on-hand anyways.
  8. Warm Throw Blanket: I hate sleeping at the hospital. I like my own stuff. It helps to have something soft to bring along that I can cuddle up with, though (aside from the baby, of course ;). There’s also this Sherpa Throw that is a little less froofy.


  1. Easy Nursing Bras: I prefer keeping it chill and loose for a while after having baby, so I usually go for soft cup, no underwire. I’m not usually trying to win any cleavage awards right after giving birth, so a nice bra that’s comfortable and does the job is okay by me…and awesome for throwing on under a nursing tank or whatever else.
  2. 6. H&M’s maternity underwear line:…that holds it all in, if you know what I mean. You’re pretty much still wearing a diaper when you leave the hospital, so sweet little undies that bare ass cheeks may not be the best thing to pack. H&M also has a 3-pack of maternity underwear, which I found invaluable during and after pregnancy. I think I went up one size while pregnant, but I gain it ALL in my belly and bum.
  3. 4. Nursing Tank: again with these, because they are so nice for layering under a tee…if need be. I’m a fan of the 2-pack MAMA tanks from H&M.
  4. Basic Tee: this one is a maternity top, but I think that’s a good idea for right after having a baby. Plus, you can get it now and start getting some use out of it now. Prime shipping, too!
  5. Jenna Maternity Joggers or Blanqi SportSupport Maternity/Postpartum Legging: Stretchy, forgiving bottoms. Oh, yessss. I’m already fantasizing about slipping you on at the hospital…after I lose the oh-so-sexy gown. What I like about both options is that either will make you feel cute and put together, but also won’t be too much. Ain’t nobody got time for that after giving birth.ASOS has this ridiculously darling lilac Sweatshirt + Jogger Set, too. I’m not certain I’d be confident enough to sport such a light color right after giving birth (ya know, while wearing a pp diaper and all), BUT I do think that it would be so nice to have for lounging in the comfort of your own home. OH, and Hatch Collection has a pair of Cashmere Joggers, which are so ridiculous….but I’m kind of obsessed over them. Imagine how soft and amazing they would feel on. Worth considering. Push present?!

FYI: I prefer Blanqi leggings over anything else. Seriously. Awesome company, awesome product.

6. Cool Sneakers: something to slip on. Gimme sneakers. This pair reminds me of the trendy Golden Goose style, which I have and adore. They’re just a more affordable option.

7. Baseball Cap: because…hairs. I don’t usually spend too much time on my hair (ever), so…right after having a baby it’s not any better. Hat it is! ps. This hat comes in several different colors.

8. Lightweight Sweater Blazer: I’ve heard great things about this one and now they have a lighter version. You may not need a layer, but if you do…this one would be great to throw on.

9. Weekender Bag: Yes, you can totally do a diaper bag, in addition to your own bag (I recommend Lily Jade), but honestly…I like to just have a travel bag for the hospital – for everything, if at all possible. I like that this Mason bag has a bottom shoe compartment! It could be used for all of babies things.

There you have it. That’s what I currently have packed in my hospital bag, which…wow. I actually have my bag packed BEFORE the baby starts heading out. This is a big deal for me, ya’ll. I’m trying really hard not to wear any of it until the hospital, because then…yehhhhh. I’ll find myself without a packed bag (again). That would kind of defeat the purpose, I suppose.

So. Story time! I legit thought I was going into the pre-labor phase the other night (ya know, the slight contractions and mucous loveliness, etc that you can experience right before getting time-able contractions) and was convinced baby boy was on his way, but…nope. NOPE. This pregnancy has really proved to be the most FUN in so many different little ways. har…har…ugh. It’s all goooooood. Baby will be here soon.

Baby will be here soon…baby will be here soon…baby will be here…