Packing For Paris: Pretty Finds From Walmart 


I’m always looking for pretty pieces that don’t break the bank. So, when I heard that Abby was 1. doing a Walmart haul and 2. was specifically looking for options for her trip to Paris? Let me tell you, I was way too excited for this video

I was shocked by Walmart’s online selection of pretty pieces and hello, they carry Tory Burch now — another fact I’m just learning! You’ll see the amazing piece that I’m extremely jealous of that Abby picked from that brand (it’s seriously perfect in person, too). And the outfits she came up with has me dreaming of my own Parisian outfits…(that I’ll be wearing here in Philly). 

A Parisian-Inspired Walmart Haul

So, if you’re going on a trip or even just looking to upgrade your summer wardrobe, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Abby’s finds. But, I kinda new that she would manage to find the prettiest pieces that go together so nicely. She’s just good like that! Thank you, thank you, Abby for the inspo. I can’t wait to hear all about the trip!

Psst — curious about everything Abby tries on? You can find this latest video here on our Youtube channel. Just click “More” in the description and you’ll find allll of the shopping links.


Danielle & Abby


  1. Next spring I will be taking a trip to Italy to visit my college-age daughter who will be studying abroad in Rome. I’d love a version of this post / video for spring in Italy, instead of summer in Paris, at some point!! 🙂 I’m assuming the weather (as well as norms for dress at religious sites), and thus the clothing needs, will be different from that above. Just an idea! 🙂

    • Well, that sounds like an amazing trip! Luckily, Shana just shot a packing for Italy video. It does skew summer, but the base will be in there. If you have more q’s after seeing it, pop them in the comments in the video. You can subscribe here so you’ll know when it goes live:

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