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About 80% of my beauty & makeup products are safer than what I was using before (like a pretty non-shitty natural mascara). Skin, lips, eyes...#protips

Everything I Put On My Face Morning & Night: My (Mostly) Natural Beauty Routine

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I quit everything, cold turkey. Meat. Dairy. Anti-perspirant. Heavy metals. I was very nearly vegan for...
Pink is happy & light & "supposed to be" for women. That's why they picked pink for breast cancer. But breast cancer isn't pink." That, + some fun fashion!

Weekend 11.16

Raines and his buddy E were discussing a recent assignment that Raines, quite frankly, didn't spend enough time on. The assignment was cool —...
Reliable go-to outfit + 14 fresh ways to wear it. We're styling jeans & t-shirts (think blazers, scarves, boots & layers). Same wardrobe, new outfit ideas.

How We’re Wearing T-Shirts & Jeans Right Now

If there's one combo that the entire TME team has in common (despite our different style perspectives and climates), it's a t-shirt and jeans....
Nursing-friendly clothing isn't the easiest closet staple to find. Here are the top 10 prettiest nursing bras—and bralettes—we've found for nursing mamas.

The 10 Prettiest Nursing Bras & Bralettes (Let Them Peek Out)

I nursed my first baby for 2 1/2 years. I didn't really have any strong feelings about nursing until after she was born, and...
We're catching up with our pre-mom, pre-Tamoxifen selves while running on the beachs (a la Chariots of Fire) & checking out some fun fashion. Good stuff.

Weekend 8.17

I started running again. I’m what you call a seasonal runner, so I start running again each June, and typically call it quits as soon...
Gorg scalloped edges & a girl-next-door vibe...Marysia swimwear has it... + a hefty price tag. We're giving it the #momlife test. 5 points from our review.

Marysia Swim: Worth The Splurge? (5 Things To Know Before Buying)

I've had my eye on Marysia swimwear for years now. I had yet to pull the trigger because, quite frankly, they're expensive. But oh-so-pretty,...

Weekend 1.26

Well, well, well...it's almost February, and yet this is my first weekend rambling of 2019.  I keep starting these weekend posts without finishing any...
Thanks to Science, a ton of info about women's health was solidified in 2018 — especially re: maternity & health disparities. Here are our top 8 issues.

A Journey Through The Top 8 Women’s Health Issues Of 2018

This is the time of year when we reflect. We remember what the past year has brought, and focus on what we're looking forward...

Colleen Rothschild Wants You to #KnowThyBoobs (and Her Fab Skincare is 25% Off)

Can we talk breast cancer for a sec? I promise to keep it both light and short. I know it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month,...

Weekend 4.13

Hey, Gang!  My mom has been visiting for the past week and it's been kiiiind of glorious.  I'd love to say that all our...