Paige Bootcuts For Curvy Girls (let’s call them flares) and a Sweatshirt Jacket to Die For




If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you may already know that I’m (ahem) a bit cheaper when it comes to clothes.  I am willing to spend a little more on items here and there, but they need to be worth it.  I think reader Shannon put it best: “…If I’m paying $150+ for jeans I want my ass to look like it’s being cupped by the hands of god.”  LOL I’m totally with you, Shannon!   When I was searching for the perfect pair of jeans, I kept reading about how awesome Paige Denim jeans were for asstastic curvy girls.  The reviews raved about how these jeans would stretch around your curves without creating muffin-top or having that waistband gap like so many jeans do.  I decided to try them . . . and, ladies, these jeans are worth it.  I paired them with my new favorite “jacket” that is super-ridiculously comfortable (spoiler alert:  it’s a sweatshirt!!),  but still looks polished thanks to a little faux leather on the sleeves.











BLANKNYC Drape Front Mixed Media Jacket (I’m wearing it in ivory, also available in green, grey, olive, maroon, beige or light grey)

Paige Denim TRANSCEND Bootcut Stretch Jeans (also available in petite, which I would probably get if I could do it over)

Gigi NY Le Marais Tote in Taupe French Calfskin Leather, c/o


I loved the bootcut style of these jeans . . . such a flattering cut for those of us who have a little booty.  For those of you who are shorter (I’m 5’4″), I’d recommend getting the petite length . . . these are much longer than I expected and I have to get them hemmed even if I want to wear them with heels.




  1. Was the waistband on these stretchy too? I dislike jeans that are super stretchy in the leg and butt, but much stiffer and tighter in the waist – they never fit right.

    • Kim, I know exactly what you mean!! I hate that . . . a waistband that doesn’t stretch can totally ruin an otherwise great pair of jeans. The waistband on these stretches like the rest of the jeans. I was shocked that it didn’t have the gap in the back but it also didn’t create muffin top . . . that’s hard to find!

  2. Love love love Paige (although I prefer a higher rise). Kim W., I think the waistband is moderately stretchy — and on some of the high raise, it’s also slightly higher (think two buttons instead of one) which is great for keeping you all tucked in. 🙂

      • I have this jacket in black. I am 5’8″ and usually a size 4 or 6 in tops, with a bit of a pooch and hips. I wear a medium, but that was all they had. The small olive one did fit me as well. Hope this helps!

          • Meg- sorry, just saw your comment! I have cleaned it: once! But mine is in black. I took it to our green drycleaners in town and they are able to clean just about anything. My boys are older though, and the jacket is in black, so I have lucked out. But I have had it awhile and it lasts!

  3. Scotti those jeans are gorgeous on you! This whole post is beautiful!!! You look like you have legs for days in those jeans. I love Paige but haven’t been able to pull the trigger on a bootcut/flare pair. You are making a good argument for doing so! I have that jacket in black and LOVE it. I just put the cream one in my cart. Before I purchase that, what are you wearing underneath it? Your top/tank is the perfect complement to the jacket. LOVE THIS!

    • YAY! Thank you! That is an old cami that I had in my drawer . . . it’s a bit looser so it’s more flattering than the typical tight tank top!

  4. Oooh, want this jacket so bad!!! If our dumb Canadian dollar wasn’t so bad right now I’d buy one this minute. You look gorgeous.

  5. I got this jacket via stitch fix and loved it when I had my nursing boobs rockin’. But now that my boobs are back to normal (real tears) the drapey fit isn’t so flattering… Do I need to size down? Or let’s just be honest, everything looks better woth boobs. Sigh.

    • Margaret, I have this in black in a medium- I am super flat chested…I did try the small and it worked better but they didn’t have it in black. So I am thinking you might need to size down. I also found having a scoop neck drapey tank under it seemed to help. Lots looked better when I was nursing (years ago) but one upswing is I can wear low necks and somehow it seems to balance it all out.

  6. I have that jacket ! I got it last season in black. It is a favorite of mine. But joe I want it in another color! It’s the greatest!

  7. I’m a relatively new convert to Paige jeans as well … and they are curvy girl approved! I’m 5’3″ and 160 lbs and they are so, so flattering. So far I’ve only tried skinnies, but now you’ve got me seriously considering the bootcut. You look amazing!

  8. So…can I say I’m unhappy with the Paige denim? I got my first pair at the Nordstrom sale that happens late summer and didn’t really start wearing them till further into the fall. I loved them for a month or two, but then they got really stretched out and saggy…I’m not sure that I did anything horrible in the wash or anything, they just didn’t last very long at all. Maybe I should have gone down one size? They ARE super stretchy.

    • Oh no! I’d try contacting Nordstrom to see if you could exchange them for a smaller size. They’re SO good with customer service, I’d be surprised if they didn’t do something to help you out! Let us know!

  9. I love, love, love Paige jeans! I am 5’9″ so finding a pair long enough off the rack without the super long crotch area that usually accompanies “tall” jeans was the reason I fell in love. The bonus was the fit everywhere else. Mid rise at the waist and just enough stretch to hug the mom curves and hold them in. I can usually find them at Rack, but would totally pay full price for them. I haven’t found that they stretch out with repeated wear like my Gap jeans do.

    • Exactly. I have lots of jeans that seem to fit fresh out of the dryer and then I’m pulling them up by the end of the day. These fit and stayed put! 🙂

  10. I love Paige jeans, I will have to check these out. I also love the ivory wrap sweater you are wearing in the very first picture. Where is that from?

    • I’m so glad you asked! That is actually the jacket . . . just zipped up! I normally hate moto jackets once they’re zipped but this one draped nicely so I was happy with it! 🙂

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