Pajamas For Mamas That Are Both Chic AND Warm



Ok Mamas.  You asked for it…here are my fav pajama finds for staying warm and cozy…without going the sexless and dowdy route.

Classic Flannel PJs

If you are a fan of Zooey Deschanel in New Girl (and YES.  Yes, I am)…you're probably falling in love with quirky flannel pajamas.  If you google images for "New Girl pajamas" you can see her wearing…what?  50 different pairs?

In any case, her sleeves are often rolled up, which helps to keep the pjs from overwhelming her.  It's a good trick.



1. J.Crew Pajama Set in Flannel Gingham, $85 (currently 30% off and free shipping if you BUY NOW)

Another good trick?  Tailoring the pajamas to actually fit a woman's shoulders.  Novel concept, I know. These are the pjs I'm wearing in the top photo, and Mamas, I love them.  Even the bum isn't bad, thanks to the great fit.  I did have to size down and ended up in an XXS (wha???).  The sleeves are too narrow to roll – they are intended to be pushed up.

2. Three J NYC Jaime Pajama Set in Navy & Cream, $119 at Shopbop

Gosh I love the piping on these.  And the fabric is described as "lightweight flannel" which tends to drape better than the really thick stuff (but is just as cozy).

3. Hush UK Small Stars Flannel Pajamas, roughly $100

Do you know Hush?  They stick with fairly sophisticated prints…the stars were my favorite.  (I also like the dandelion print).  This set is the boxiest one I feature, but the prints make up for it.



4. Blush's Alicia Flannel Top and Bottoms, $32 each piece at True&Co

True&Co has the best selection of chic and cozy pjs.  Sadly, many are sold out. It's still worth a look – they have pulled a really well-edited collection together.  My favorite pjs (still in stock) are the bright poppy-red (with navy piping OMGLOVE) pjs from Blush.  So nice that you can purchase separate top/bottom sizes.  (They also have a sold-out polka dot that I hopehopehope comes back in stock…)

5.  Victoria's Secret The Dreamer Flannel Pj, currently on sale for $40

VS's flannel pjs aren't bad.  The tailoring isn't as good as J.Crew's…but they are half the price, and come in a variety of lengths, which I appreciate.

6. Eberjay Sleep Chic ZigZag Pajamas, $156

Eberjay creates their menswear inspired pajamas out of soft jersey, not flannel, so they have exceptional drape.  They may not be quite as warm as the others, but if you are really dying for something a bit sexier (yet still warm) these are probably your best bet.  They will look gorgeous on everyone. (Except for the awkwardly standing model pictured above. Weird.)  Eberjay makes them in a few solid colors, but missed the mark by going for hot pink and turquoise.  Sigh.  The chevron, however, is very cool. (Oh thank goodness.  PJ Luxe makes a black/white piped version for $98)


Thermal, Thermal Everywhere

Thermal knits are another cozy-and-cute option.  Thermals are so cute, in fact, that the only worry is getting too cute.  Here are my favs – they are all pretty gosh-darn cute…but I like to think these are, uh…chic-ly cute.



1.  Steve Madden Cozy-Up Thermal PJs, $58

OK – these might just be cute.  But I'm loving the girly fair-isle twist and the pops of neon.  Cuuuute.

2. Hue 'Huetopia' Thermal Pjs, $48

A taupe and cream striped pajama…these are, um, slightly elf-like, but ones that would be worn by a very sophisticated elf.  An elf with perfect eyebrows who might paint their nails greige.  

3.  PJ Salvage Brushed Thermal Sleep Shirt, $48

So cute with leggings and tall muk-luk slippers.  



4. Intimint Cozy-Up Romper, $60

I own this piece of ridiculousness.  But wait!!  Here's the thing:  Mike loves it.  It's shockingly sexy, given that it's not nearly as tight on me.  On really crazy-cold days I actually layer it under my flannel pjs.  Then, I can shed layers during the night as I warm up.  I also love this romper (owls!!).

5. Victoria's Secret The Fireside Long Jane Pj, on sale for $40

If you have the body, these are drop-dead sexy.  And they do fabulous things for your bum.  I actually had a pair a few years ago….now I can't remember what happened…I probably chucked them in a fit of post-partum rage after baby #2 was born.  Bummer.  I'd like to think that someday I'll be able to pull these off again….


Ok – but here's the thing, Mamas:  PJs, on their own, aren't really all that warm.  When I wake up in the morning, even flannel-clad, I need more layers.  Sometimes the romper works.  But my favorite over-pj layers are scarves, over-sized sweaters, thick socks/slippers and even armwarmers.  Hush UK does it best:


Fabulous, no?

Personally, I'm so looking forward to a little break.  At the end of the week, we're heading home for the holidays, I'm packing the Kindle, and plan to spend most of my time like this:




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  1. Maybe your counter is broken? ‘Cuz I just subscribed and it still says 3666. Anyway, love your blog. I don’t know why it wasn’t in my reader already!

  2. hi I am obsessed with the hush look on the upper left corner but I can’t it on the site- gray top red scarf. Did you get t off their site? thank you:)

  3. Shannon, do you know if any of these have long inseams? My problem with PJs is that they sometimes START long enough but once I have washed them (I never dry them, can’t afford to lose the length, they look like capris, so I’m back to a mishmash of the few yoga pants I own that ARE long enough plus some sad, sad tank tops. :/ Any intel on this?

  4. I really love the VS flannel pajamas. I like that the top isn’t as short as really cheap flannel pajamas. But they do run large. I’m in the beginning of plus sizes and I get a L. In fact, I’m still wearing my pair this morning. Another pair is also on my Christmas wishlist.

  5. I love the waffle scoop-neck henley tops that The Gap has at the moment. They’re cozy and comfy, but form-fitting and you can unbutton for nursing or extra cuteness. I still need to find the perfect pj bottoms to go with them though.

  6. Do you know of other tall slipper boots like this? Especially available for Canadian shoppers? This is on my wish list! My dream pair would have a soft sole, but be more than just a sock.

  7. Love Zooey Deschanel in the New Girl! And love the nursability of flannel pjs. Please share your Kindle recs–I am looking for something new to read over the holidays!

  8. Apparently if you buy pajamas from Victoria’s Secret, you must roll up the sleeves *and* unbutton all buttons save one.
    (Why must flannel PJs be so expensive? $100 for a set? I can get a flannel shirt for $20-25 so why is a set so much more? Sigh.)

  9. That is exactly what pajamas are for. They are there to keep you warm and cozy and most of all, comfortable. I don’t know how I could sleep without it, they are just that comfortable for me. That’s why every month, I buy a new one at so that I never run out of sleepwear.

  10. Shana! I don’t know if you will get this comment, as this post has been on for a while. But I discovered a sleepwear line that is eco, sexy, and warm! It’s a line called Snoa ( A friend of mine introduced me to it, and they are a smaller boutique brand, such nice stuff! They are just starting out, from what I understand, but it just seemed to fall in line with what you were reviewing here!
    I might be able to score something for you if you would be interested in doing a review of it?

  11. Hey S,
    Just found your blog! Just last week I started feeling very crummy about my clothes…right down to my frumpy flannel pjs! So here I am, looking for tips on how to be a more stylish mom and I found you! I have three children, a great hubby, and a goofy dog. I work only two days a week and spend the rest of my week looking like a slob while I cook, clean, pay bills, and clean a bit more. I will be visiting your blog often as I work to improve my wardrobe. Out with the old! Thank you for blogging about style and life as a mom.
    BTW, I’m from Mqt (’92) also but now live in Madison, WI.
    You look wonderful and appear very happy. I’m happy for you!I recognized you right away. You look amazing!

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