Paper Thin Cover-Ups for Cooler Summer Nights


IMG_0316When you gotta, go, you gotta go.  And my girlfriend's daughter, Aubrey, had to go.  Poop, actually.  Which she pointed out to her mother in a very matter-of-fact voice that only a recently potty-trained three year old can muster.  After an initial moment of panic, "You have to POOP?  Now?" Aubrey's mum, Sarah, recovered and dug a hole in the sand.  Aubrey looked hesitant.  "It's a sand potty." Sarah reassured her.  Then, in a whisper to me, "What will I do with the poop?" 

There are so many things I love about this picture.  The sand potty itself, Aubrey sitting there enjoying the view, and the fact that she is dressed in nothing but a tshirt and winter hat.  Welcome to summer in Marquette, MI.

Sarah and I were both born and raised in Marquette, MI, and try to get back there every chance we get.  It's one of the most wild, beautiful places in the world, but the 80 degree summer days are often tempered by a string of 50 degree days.  And once August hits, you can count on even cooler nights.  Ugg boots have always made perfect sense to me – it's COLD on the beach. 

So.  As the dog days of summer give way to chilly nights, what is the best way to show off your tan while avoiding goosebumps?  Try a paper-thin cover-up.  Ideally, you want a cover-up in a color and style that goes with most of your summer staples.  Throw it on over your tanks tops, shorts, summer dresses, etc.  My current favorites are below.

Goddis Milk Chocolate Naples Wrap Sweater Gncnyn

I'm loving (along with Kate Hudsen, Heidi Klum, and Jennifer Aniston, according to the Goddis website) the Goddis Naples Wrap Sweater.  The sweater is hardly budget friendly (the fab Milk Chocolate one at is $219) but a little eye candy never hurts.  And you could wear it with everything.  Everywhere.  Well into Winter!  With tall boots, slouchy bag…I'm mounting my argument now.  Even better, I found a Goddis wrap in Canyon (the turquoise pictured above right) on sale at Harmony Lane for $109. 

Splendid Rugby Cardigan LA Made Moto Jacket LAMA-WO73_V1 is the best source on the web for laid-back, California cool.  So I wasn't surprised when I found three very cool paper-thin cover-up options.  Above left is the Rugby Stripe Loose Knit Wrap Cardigan by Splendid, $128.  Above right is the Moto Cotton French Terry Jacket, on sale for $75, and the Shawl Collar Jacket, on sale for $47, both by LA Made. 

(NOTE:  Revolve Clothing offers both free shipping and free return shipping.  LOVE that.)

  Scotti  J. Crew Tissue Silk Trim Parlour Cardigan

Alternative Apparel is one of my favorite sources for tissue-thin basics (including cool stuff for the little ones), but I especially love their tissue-thin hoodie.  The hoodie website photo doesn't sufficiently show the tissue-thin fabulous-ness, so I had my sister send me a pic of hers (above left).  I ALSO love her grumpy expression – it was 10AM, and she bartends all night.  Thanks, Chicky!  What a good sister!  The hoodie retails for $40.

After I cleared J. Crew out of their Tissue Tee's last month, I swore to myself that I wouldn't be tempted back so soon.  But seriously.  J. Crew added to the mix a little, silky soft Tissue Silk Trim Parlour Cardigan, $40.  Cotton so soft that it's the only thing I can stand on sunburned skin.

(NOTE:  We never found the poop.  Whatever.  It's organic.)



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