New (Surprising) Fav: Paperbag Shorts


Confession: I’m not much of a shorts wearer, like at all. I guess it’s not really a secret because I mention it EVERY Summer when shorts season is no longer avoidable. It’s not that I don’t want to wear shorts…I’m just super self conscious of my legs, and my curvier body type makes it difficult to find truly comfortable shorts that don’t ride up or give my thighs rug-burn. The only shorts I’ve absolutely loved were a pair of old, already worn-in Levis that I cut up myself. Usually in the summer, you’ll find me in a skirt or dress.


I think I’ve found a pair that I’m willing to wear:  they’re high waisted and NOT booty shorts.  



tee – J.Crew Salut! Tee, $32.50. My favorite graphic tee of all time. Seriously. The quality is fantastic, it’s lightweight and comfortable and well, blue is my favorite.

paperbag shorts – BDG High Waist Paperbag Shorts from Urban Outfitters, $49.00. These are the shorts that made me back into a shorts believer. I can’t get over how comfy they are. They have the perfect amount of stretch in them. Plus, I’m always all over the place and they keep their shape so well with minimal wrinkles. They also come in dark green.

wedges – Dolce Vita Wedge Lace Sandals at DSW, $89.95 I’m super happy with these Dolce Vita wedges. They are very comfortable and it barely feels like I’m wearing a heel at all.

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Summer Approved Graphic Tees


Hope you’re out enjoying the sunshine!




  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, your legs are fabulous! I think those are a hard style to pull off if you have curves, and you look great!

  2. Jess I have a very similar body type to you, and I just appreciate your approach to your style, and everything about you! p.s. you look amazing!

  3. Ok, you are killing it in those shorts! I hate shorts season, try to hide my thighs in dresses which for some reason I’m ok with lol. But wow, those paper bag shorts are a great shape and you look fantastic so maybe I need to revisit my shorts embargo! What shoes are you wearing in the pics? They look super cute and I think different to the ones pictured in the article? Oh and do you have any recommendations for flattering summer ankle jeans? Thanks!

    • yes, yes, yes girl! To all of this. The shoes are sold out at DSW, so those were the closest I could find, but I’ll dig a little deeper. Also, I’m glad you asked about ankle jeans.. I am on the hunt for a pair as we speak. But just to clarify…are you looking for skinny cropped ankle jeans?


      • I’m looking for more skinny than loose, but not so much that the balance looks off and a lighter wash- so, you know, unicorn ankle jeans! 🙂

  4. These are adorable! Can you tell me how the sizing runs (on the shorts)? Big, small, or true to size? Thank you! Oh, and same question with regard to the shirt. 🙂

    • The shorts are pretty true to size, if anything the run just a tiny bit big, but maybe I’m just used to shorts that chaffe and ride up! Lol. Same with the tee, I went with my usual medium and it fit nicely.

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