Hey, World Traveler! You’re Gonna Want This Top That Turns Into a Maxi Dress….


I once went to Paris – for three weeks – with only a carry-on suitcase.  I love packing.  My love stems in part from the excitement of the trip itself, but also because packing is the ultimate puzzle: suduko and jigsaw rolled into one. YESSS.

(Unpacking, however, UGH.  Don’t get me started.)

So I was pretty excited when my friend Bella, of NINOBrand, showed me this dress. I mean this top.  This top that – wait for it – turns into a dress.  And it’s not one of those tunic-length things where on short people it’s a dress, but on tall girls it’s a top – NO.  It turns into a legitimate dress, a maxi-length dress by way of some seriously inspired pattern engineering on Bella’s part.

That girl? She’s a genius.  (If you missed our profile on Bella last year, it’s worth a read.  And there are a ton of pics of her amazing line to get a feel for what she’s about.)

Additionally, this dress is also one of those dresses that feel super casual but look amazingly glam.  AND is machine-washable.  See what I mean?  GENIUS.

Keep reading to see The Miraculous Transformation From Top To Dress, info on where you can find Bella’s dress, and……

…a super secret surprise that Bella and I have been cooking up.

Oh Hi – I’m A Top


Behold My Transformative Power



Et Voila: A Glam (Yet Comfy) Dress

Outfit Details

dress: NINOBrand Liv Dress  (wearing a size 1, for reference) – note the cool hem.  The flare at the bottom looks good even if it hits higher up the leg (for the tall mamas).

shorts: Frame denim (size 25 for reference – these are high-waisted, btw)

sunglasses: Warby Parker

clutch:  Madewell vacation clutch

bracelet:  Chan Luu wrap bracelet

shoes: super old – but these are similar


Also? I have a secret.


Bella’s Liv dress retails for $490.  Which…..considering that you get two versatile pieces, it’s machine washable and made in the USA….

….but still.  I wanted a more affordable version.  And Bella loves a challenge.  So.  In these last few pics I may or may not be wearing a prototype of a dress with a few design tweaks to keep costs down, in a special collaboration between NINOBrand and TME.



We’ll see.

And anyway, if it was said prototype….it wouldn’t actually be launching until later in June, so just….keep a lid on it, wouldya?



More soon. (promise)



All pics by the oh-so-talented Redfield Photography.



  1. Oh please make this happen! I love the top/dress, I love to travel, but that’s a little out of my price range (champagne taste….). Beautiful and super smart!

  2. I much prefer the neckline on the prototype myself, more flattering on petite frames. Can’t wait to see more in late June!

  3. Makes me want to travel!! 😀 Want it. Will never get it. But it’s a fun idea. Would be nice if more clothing could be so multifunctional!! I like to see innovation at work.

  4. I love the fuller shoulder in the original…but I am sure the price point will be better with the remake…PLEASE!!!xoxo

  5. Canadian gals! Check out Encircled clothing for transforming pieces like this – ethically made! Super comfortable, and not $500 ( our exchange rate is just so, so awful right now Shauna 🙁

  6. That is beautiful and GENIUS! You just raised the bar, I mean, I am thinking how many things in my closet are beautiful and genius? It looks great on you Shana. I can’t wait to see the final collaboration.

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